The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/29/02

By Matthew

Brooke’s in the bathroom and has got some cheesy music playing again. She sits down and thinks about Deacon and what he does to her and she uses the “something feels so right is so wrong” line..again.

Outside, Whip’s got the candlestick in hand and Deacon is lying on the bed with a gash on the side of his head and blood coming out. He’s out or dead. Whip feels for a pulse and by his reaction I think there is one. He seems relieved and realizes what a nasty mark the blow will leave. Whip reiterates that Deacon should have listened.

Whip carries Deacon over his shoulder out of the bedroom and out of the apartment to somewhere. All he says is that they are going on a little ride.

Brooke comes out of the bathroom and says calls out to Deacon to wake up; they need to talk. She realizes he isn’t there and wonders where he could have gone. She’s stunned to learn that Deacon left, but then remembers he has to go home to Bridget. Oh boy let the guilt and waterworks fly. Oh how could Brooke have done that!? Then the phone rings and Brooke answers it with a “Deacon?” Hah! It’s Bridget who actually wants to know where Deacon is. Brooke back peddles some and says she was sleeping and saw the caller ID on the phone and thought something had happened to her. Oh please. Bridget believes her but still wants to know where Deacon is. Brooke is sure he’ll call her soon enough.

Oh lord, some how someway, Whip got Deacon onto the Forrester jet. Okay folks, how believable is it that a man can carry another man on his back into an airport and walk right through like that? I mean, where is the jet, on some abandoned runway that you can just walk onto? Bleh. Deacon’s starting to wake up. The pilot comes out and asks about Deacon. Whip covers and says he had too much to drink and his cuts on his (Whip’s) face are from a Parisian strip club. Apparently, they are very wild. He says that Deacon is the only one returning and asks him to keep this low key. Okay…Marty the pilot goes to finish up some papers. Whip talks to a half awake Deacon and says he is a virus, a cancer, but Whip is the cure. Deacon tries to get up, but Whip gets him in a chokehold until he passes out. He leaves him to fly on home to the wife.

As the plane flies on, Deacon wakes up and realizes he has to tell the pilot to turn around. Just then, Bridget calls him on his cell, but they have a bad connection. They don’t get much of a conversation in and Deacon wonders what the hell he is doing. I guess he’s going to go on home.

Brooke lies in bed crying when Whip comes in. She doesn’t seem to notice his banged up face. All she can say is she doesn’t know what she is doing anymore. Brooke admits she and Deacon had another sex session. Brooke sobs about how she lied to Bridget over the phone again. Whip asks her to trust him and let him help her stop this cycle of giving in to Deacon and then feeling guilty. Brooke says she’ll do anything he asks. They hug each other.

Back in LA, Rick and Amber are in their bedroom. Amber seems to be in better spirits. She appreciates all the things they have done, but it’s going to take a lot more than a pizza party. She does realize that this isn’t the end of the world and she has to concentrate on the positives. She gives credit where it is due and acknowledges that Rick has been saying this all along, but it’s finally starting to sink in. She says she has a responsibility to Rick, Eric, and to Forrester. She’s decided to start concentrating on those things including work now.

Rick tells her to take it easy and to not be disappointed if her next lines aren’t as successful. She asks him to come to bed, but he wants to go get coffee, unless that’s a problem. She says it isn’t a problem and he leaves for the coffee place. Hmm, Insomnia?

At Insomnia, Rick gets come coffee and see Ridge working and being a dumbass, goes over to say hello. Basically he and Ridge are both complete asses and children throughout the scene. Ridge reminds him that Mass once was once his teacher too. Rick says if he wants to waste his life being bitter, then to go ahead. Ridge says he won’t be bitter much longer, but Rick says he is out of the fashion business and to forget about Forrester. There is nothing he can do to them now. Hmm…

Have a good night!

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