The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/3/02

By Matthew

Yay the first weekend of the summer!

Okay the pizza party has started and despite the fun of pizza, soda, and good reviews, Amber is still rather despondent. She moves away from the group (Kristen, Tony, Zende, Bridget, Rick, Thorne and Eric) and pops a few pills. Bridget tells Rick that he and Amber have got to move on and focus on the future. Yep, same thing they’ve all been saying for weeks now. Amber comes back to the party and talks to Zende about his interest in chess. Hmm, can we see a subtle tie in to Erica? I should be a writer. Hehe.

Ridge and Sally butt heads at Spectra. Ridge wants Sally to treat him with respect because he is the CEO. Sally informs him that unlike at Forrester, Spectra is a democracy. Ridge reminds her he owns the company so she better shut it. Then, Stephanie comes and tells Ridge to give her a minute alone with Sally. Sally thinks she has come there to apologize but guess again Red. Stephanie says she had no idea about Ridge’s plan to buy Spectra, but tells her to not think of Ridge as the enemy, but to remember Brooke is the true enemy. With Ridge’s help, they will be able to get justice. I still think Stephanie and Ridge going after Forrester is kinda like them cutting off their nose to spite their face. I mean, basically they’d be destroying a company Stephanie helped to found. Seems kinda childish but okay whatever.

Ridge meets with Clarke in the sewing room and Ridge notes how disgustingly unorganized it is in there. That’s true, but the foundation is still strong at Spectra, Clarke notes, all they really need is money. Ridge tells Clarke he isn’t their money cow but admits this whole plan is really to get revenge, not to better his name. Clarke already knew this, but doesn’t care. He just wants Spectra to be on top for once.

In Paris, Deacon and Brooke enjoy some after sex pillow talk in the bed. They say the SAME thing they always say. Brooke says she loves him, but this is wrong and Deacon wonders how something could be wrong but feel so right. Yawn and BARF. Outside the bedroom, Whip wakes up from his knock out fight and looks around. He gets up and goes to the bedroom door and hears Brooke and Deacon laughing. Back inside the room, Brooke and Deacon kiss some more and Deacon says he refuses to feel guilty about loving Brooke. Later on, Deacon is asleep and Brooke gets up goes to the bathroom.

As soon as the bathroom door shuts, the bedroom door opens and in walks Whip with a rather large candlestick. He walks up to the bed and says to Deacon aloud that he should have stayed away like he told him too and this was a huge mistake. Uh-oh, wait I hate to interrupt but how did Deacon not wake up? He must be a heavy sleeper and that trait is going to cost him big this time. Whip lifts the candlestick above his head and (BAM!) knocks the hell out of Deacon, presumably. It’s off camera, so we can’t see it. But in my opinion, Deacon’s lights are out. We’ll see how this wraps up Monday.

One personal note, I think this would have been the day to have one of those “What happens next?” things for Monday. Personally this is more exciting then Ridge vowing to bring down Forrester, which is going to take months anyway.

Have a great weekend and enjoy Cinco de Mayo, even though it is on a Sunday.

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