The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/2/02

By Matthew

After Deacon showed up at Brookeís place in Paris, he explains to Whip that either he or Brooke is coming with him. If Brooke wonít come, then Whip will, dead or alive. Whip calls Deacon a little baby, but pretends to go along with Deacon but then turns around and tries to sucker punch him. Big mistake, because Deacon does his karate kick move and knocks Whip to the floor. The two fight some more and Whip gets some pretty good punches in. Finally, Deacon knocks Whip out, but doesnít look so good himself.

Brookeís listening to some cheesy music in the tub and thinks about the disgusting video Whip had her watch. Then she thinks about Deacon and how much she misses him. After she gets out of the tub, she hears a noise and sees Deacon. She tells him he has to leave now, and at first he complies, but then he comes back, picks the pregnant Miss Logan up and lies her on the bed. The two proceed to get it on.

Back in LA, Kristen and Tony discuss Zendeís social life and if heís into girls yet. Well, heís only 12. Tony jokes at first and says Zende probably already has girlfriend, but admits he doubts that is true. They go to pick him up from chess club at school.

Erica covers and says that she is teaching assistance there to help Miss Benton, the woman wanting to know why she is there. Itís pretty lame how much she got away with in this scene and makes me think just about anyone can get on to school property and stay there. The teacher gives her some papers to grade and all Zende can do is smile. Erica notices how Zende looks at her and realizes itís probably his first crush. During their second game, she asks him about his parents and stuff and why his last name is Dominguez. He tells her he was adopted and that both of his parents are fashion designers. Erica is floored when she learns that his mother is a Forrester and asks him about his family, specifically Amber. He tells her about the pizza party Rick and Amber have planned to celebrate the success of Amberís line. Erica thinks to herself how Zende could be her ticket into the Forrester family. She even tells him heís going to get an A on his paper. Okay, how long can she really get away with this? She isnít even on the payroll, not to mention she is committing like 20 felonies probably. Kristen and Tony pick up Zende, but before they leave, he introduces his parents to Erica.

See ya later.

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