The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/1/02

By Matthew

Hereís a quick May Day recap.

Deacon is on the jet and the pilot comes out and asks him how long heíll be staying. Just for a few hours and heíll be flying back with someone. Hah! Yeah right.

Over in Paris, Whip adds more of the humor this show needs. He decides to show Brooke a porno film to get her in the mood. Surprisingly, Brooke actually sits down to watch some it and is fascinated by all the inís and outs. Hmm..okay. I wonít go into the specifics of it, but you catch my drift. She may be intrigued by it, but she ainít turned on at all. She leaves to take a bath and kicks Whip out. Well, Whip being the little pervert he is, sneaks back in to take a peak at Ms. Logan. Just then, thereís a knock at the door and guess who it is? Deacon Sharpe ladies and gentlemen. Whip rubs salt in his wounds by telling him Brooke is waiting in the bath for him (Whip). Deacon is none too pleased of course.

Back in LA, Erica is wandering around trying to figure out how to worm her way into the Forresterís lives some more. Sheís already used Amber and doesnít want to push that button too much. She talks to Alissa who says she is avoiding Ericaís mom per her advice. Not having anything better to do, like a job, she wanders onto a playground near her apartment and guess who she happens to see? None other than Zende. Zendeís playing chess with some other kids and is kicking butt. Oh great, theyíve already nerded him up I see. I guess thatís what heís been doing all winter. Anyway, Erica asks him if she can play with him and liking the attention from the pretty girl, Zende is all for it. He sets up the chessboard. Iím not sure in Erica knows who he is, though this is still a crazy coincidence. After Zende beats Erica, they start another game, but then a teacher comes out and wants to know who Erica is and what she is doing there. Brad Bell you better not push me too far.

Kristen and Tony discuss a pizza party Rick wants to have for the family to celebrate the great number Amberís line is getting. They hope this good news will cheer Amber up.

Yíall have a great night!

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