The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/30/02

By  Matthew

Hey it's almost all over folks.

All right. Well I forgot to mention yesterday that Brooke and Whip talked about marriage again. Well it was mostly Whip that talked, but Brooke did make it clear she didn't want to be married. She confides in him how worried she is about the threats Ridge made to Rick, but is calmed by him. Whip says that even if Ridge goes out and starts a company, it will take years for him to make it into something that would resemble competition to Forrester.

I also forgot to mention that as Erica left Amber and Rick's (Brooke's) house, she says that some way, some how she will be apart of Amber's life. Now that I'm completely frightened of her, I guess I should start with today's recap. Oh yeah if you get the chance you should watch the show and see if you notice how funny Erica looks when she is looking off into space. It's really really strange looking. One last tid-bit, she told Amber yesterday that she had a dream about Amber's babies. Can we all say "BULL SH**!." It's really really scary.

Stephanie heads over to Marone after Ridge calls her. She is stunned to learn that Ridge is back in the fashion industry and even more surprised that he bought Spectra. Ridge explains his plan for "redemption." Stephanie warns him not to underestimate Deacon and Amber; after all, they did a pretty good job for their first time in the fashion biz. At any rate, Ridge has her full support. Stephanie does get this panic look when while talking to Ridge, Mass uses the word "son." But it's all good.

Rick tries to get Amber to come to work with him. Today there is a board meeting at Forrester and everyone is going to look at how Amber's line is doing in the orders department. Amber is a little curious about it, but doesn't feel up to going. Rick tells her that the kids wouldn't want her to grieve for something that wasn't her fault. He leaves for work, and she notices that she doesn't have any pain pills left. In a panic, she calls the doctor who is reluctant to give her anymore and suggests she come in to the office, because the pain shouldn't be so bad anymore. She agrees to do that, but begs for another refill. He agrees to give her one more refill. Amber gets off the phone and presumably heads for the nearest CVS.

Deacon is staring off into space as Megan is telling about reviews she has found on the Internet. His attention is caught when she mentions Paris. She tells him he has got to let go of Brooke. He wants to call her, because he is worried about her being there with Whip alone. Megan doesn't think Whip is such a bad guy and says that if Whip can make her happy, he has her blessing. Deacon uses the damn "If I thought he could make her happy, I'd leave her alone in a second.." excuse. Yeah, hmm sound familiar? Brooke gave that excuse to Macy when talking about Thorne and Taylor when talking about Ridge. I think it's a dumb reason because in this case, how does Deacon know Whip can't make Brooke happy? What, because he and Brooke have chemistry and love each other? Or because he doesn't like Whip? Whatever the reason, it's dumb, but I'm not surprised by it.

At the board meeting, Thorne gets on the computer to get the latest numbers on the orders for Amber's line. Kristen wonders if Rick and Amber are going to show up. Eric knows Rick will be there and hopes Amber will make it. Kristen hopes the numbers for Amber's line are good because she needs the good news right now. Rick shows up and says Amber will not be coming today. Everyone looks around in disappointment.

Deacon shoos Megan and Bridget (who had just come in to get them for the meeting) away so he can make a phone call. He calls Brooke who thinks his call is out of line but appreciates it anyway. They talk about how they love each other and stuff and how they've never felt this way about anyone. Deacon questions Brooke about Whip. She says she can handle him, which sets Deacon to think he has pulled some stunts. Whip overhears part of the conversation and sees Brooke write down Deacon's new cell phone number. He tells her to call him if Whip ever does anything.

Deacon joins the board meeting and just after him, Amber comes in. Amber is a little shaky, but has made it and everyone is happy to see her. They tell the two of them how there is a large number of orders for Amber's line. She should be so proud. The news isn't exactly hitting home with her right now. Whip calls Deacon on his cell while he's in the meeting. Deacon moves away from everyone so he can talk and after a few nasty comments from Whip about how he felt Brooke's abdomen, Deacon yells out for him to shut up. Everyone turns around and wonders what is wrong. Deacon covers that there is a problem in marketing and excuses himself to the hallway. Out there, Deacon tells Whip he better not touch Brooke. Whip agitates him more by telling him he's going to get in the sack with Brooke tonight and that he is a sucker. He's living his life, with his woman now. Oh please, all this for Brooke? Whip laughs into the phone and Deacon hangs up. Megan comes out to check on Deacon who says he needs the jet pronto. She goes to arrange it and Deacon tells Whip to be ready for him. He's going to kill him when he gets to Paris. Oh boy!

See ya tomorrow, the first day of summer! (and May Day!)

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