The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/29/02

By Matthew

Yay! It's the last week of school! Only 2 more exams left to go! And by the way, think positive thoughts while my 446 teacher grades the exams. Heh.

Okay well what happened on B&B today? First off, Rick gets home from the graveyard ceremony, but not with Amber. She wanted to stay with her babies and couldn't bring herself to leave. Rick tells Bridget that he appreciated the family being there at the burial and thanks her for letting everyone know. They talk about Amber and how she's doing. Rick explains she is still emotional, but hopes the burial will help her get some peace. He knows she is blaming herself for what happened and guesses that she feels everyone is judging her even thought that isn't the case.

At the graveyard, Amber is surprised and a little angered to see Erica there. Erica tries to cheer her up, but Amber isn't in the mood for a pep talk and lashes out at her and tells her to get lost. Erica kinda wonders off feeling a little hurt I guess. Well, girl geez, you don't think maybe you're getting a bit obsessed here? Amber later apologizes for what she said, but reiterates that Erica should not have come. Erica says she just wants to help her and offers to give her a ride home. Okay, so she could afford to buy a car, but she couldn't buy her own plane ticket? Also, she has enough money to put down for rent, but she can't buy her own plane ticket? One more thing, where is she going to work? Or is she going to be a moocher? Argh.

Rick asks Bridget to baby-sit for a little while longer because he has to go back to the grave yard to get Amber. Just then, she and Erica walk through the door. Amber complains that she needs some more pain medicine and Rick helps her upstairs. Bridget introduces herself to Erica and thanks her for bringing her home. Erica sees herself out and once outside, marvels that she was in Amber's house. Hmm, okay, actually, it's Brooke's. One more thing, shouldn't she be sad that Amber is in so much pain? I mean I thought that's why she was doing all this.

Across town, Sally, Clarke, Mass, and Ridge argue it out over whether Sally is going to sell. Darla offers Ridge and Mass "a pig in a blanket." Hah, get the joke? Slowly, Sally is convinced to sell her company. As part of the contract, she'll be on the board of directors and get a say in the company. Ridge wouldn't have it any other way. Sally doesn't like the idea of changing the name of Spectra to something else. Ridge explains that his plan will only work if it is known that he is the driving force of the company. But wouldn't everyone know that regardless if there was a press release? Maybe, maybe not. I'm not a PR person.

While trying to decide what to do, Sally flashes back to Macy's accident. Somehow, she knows exactly what happened though she wasn't there. I don't quite get that, because the scene is exactly how it happened. I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I watched that. Brooke is pleading with Macy to slow down and pull over. You'll recall, Macy had grabbed Brooke's keys after their confrontation at Big Bear and drove off in Brooke's Jaguar, after Brooke jumped in the passenger seat. Macy tells Brooke that she won't pull over and that Thorne will see what kind of a woman Brooke is. Brooke tells Macy that she and Thorne love each other and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them from being together. Macy gets a psycho look in her eyes and then we see headlights flash and hear a truck's horn blow. Brooke tells Macy to get back, but Macy just stares ahead, and Brooke screams like there's no tomorrow. AAAHHHHHHHH! Then there's this fast forward kinda thing happening that shows the actual crash and then the Jaguar blowing up, with Macy in it presumably. It's very surreal. Sally snaps out of it and asks Darla what she thinks she should do. Darla tells her that she has been fighting by herself for years and now maybe it's time to get some help with it. She says if Macy were there she would help her. Darla goes on to say that maybe Macy sent Mass and Ridge there to help. Okay, not literally, but you know what she means. With that, Ridge and Sally shake hands and make the deal official. Wow.

Have a good night.

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