The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/26/02

By Matthew

Will Sally go along with the sale of her company? Me thinks she has no choice.

Sally is livid with Clarke for going behind her back to sell her company. Could you expect any less from that asshole? And yes, folks, he is an asshole. A kinda whiny one at that. Anyway Sally calls him a traitor for his actions. Massimo becomes fed up with all the arguing and tears up the contract. He feels they should just start over and negotiate buying Spectra. That way it can be all fair. I'm sure he still feels guilty about what happened before with Sally. Trying to convince Sally to sell, Ridge slips by saying Macy wouldn't want Spectra to die a slow and painful death. Nah, just a fast one like she did right? Blowing up in a car is rather fast, right? Bad move Ridge. Sally doesn't look at the good side of that comment.

After some angry comments by Sally, Massimo manages to get her back into the idea of selling by explaining how Ridge wants revenge against Forrester Creations. Hey any sentence with "revenge" and "Forrester" in it is of interest to Sally. With that, Sally considers to sell her company to Ridge. We'll see how it works out Monday.

At an apartment complex, we finally get to meet Ziggy, oh boy these names: Mass, Whip, Deacon, and now Ziggy. Even Erica is kinda coincidental considering both Rick and his father are named Eric. Anyway, Ziggy explains to Erica that he'll need the first and last months security deposit (i.e. a good amount of money) before she can move in. The place isn't bad, but I know things are more expensive out there than here. Erica tells him she is good for the money, in fact she has cash. Ooh, Erica, got that cash eh? Later on, she calls Alisa to fill her on what has happened since she last talked to her. Alisa does the same. Erica then has this crazy idea to go to Amber's babies' funeral. Wait, how did she know about that? Maybe I wasn't paying attention before. At any rate it's a good idea to Erica, but it gets her to thinking about why she is really in LA. For Amber, or for her? Well, I thought it was to make her life better and go after her dreams. I feel sorry for Erica's mom, she has got to be wondering what the hell is going on.

Moving on, Eric gives Stephanie a call and tells her about the funeral. Kristen, Thorne, and Stephanie head over to the funeral. Before they leave, Stephanie thanks Eric for the call and I have to appreciate the nice words they share. There is so much turmoil on this show right now. Dump Mass Stephanie, it's not worth the lies. Sorry, sorry already broke into the liquor. Anyway Taylor joins the other three to go to the funeral and Rick appreciates them all coming, even Taylor. Erica, being the shifty girl she is snoops and watches the family from afar. How did she even know where to go? Argh. Anyway, I think it's all a little weird, but I'm still interested in Erica and Ziggy. It's fresh material for me, you know?

Hey to let y'all know, John McCook (Eric) will co-host a CBS special tomorrow night that celebrates the 50th anniversary of Television City. This is the place that most CBS shows are taped in Hollywood, including Y&R and B&B. The other soap co-host will be Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) from "The Young and the Restless." I'm sure there will be some memorable scenes from the two soaps and maybe some others so it may be worth watching. I believe it airs Saturday night at 9PM. Enjoy and have a great weekend, oh and think good thoughts about my exams! Bye.

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