The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/25/02

By Matthew

One more day of class!!!

Ridge is talking to Taylor on the phone, I assume, because he says, "I love you" to the person on the other line. He finds out Amber is home and wants to send flowers over to their place. Aww how sweet, right before he destroys Forrester. He guesses that Rick won't even see his move coming. Just then Mass comes in and says he wants him in his office to see the Admiral who has made time in his schedule to talk to Ridge. Ridge has another appointment though so he says he can't. Mass wants him to let go of the fashion industry, but Ridge tells him he will soon enough, after his revenge is complete. Muwa hahahahaha!

Over at Spectra, Sally has the hangover of all hangovers and mixes some kind of concoction and has some aspirin to dull the pain. Tony comes in and says the sewing department is about to walk. Oh no! Sally doesn't know what to do about that. Darla comes in and is a little too perky for that early in the morning. She needs Sally's John Hancock for Tony's fabric purchase order. Sally says she took care of that last night with Clarke, but nope Darla had these locked away all night. Sally is mystified and wonders what the hell Clarke had her sign.

Back over at Marone, Clarke comes in Ridge's office with the signed contract. He refers to Ridge as his boss because he got Sally to sign the contract. Ridge is delighted. Clarke goes on this long deal about how Sally has lost her fight. She used to love being the under dog, but since Macy died; she drags herself into work and just goes through the motions. Clarke couldn't bear to watch it anymore. Ridge is angry when he finds out Sally was crunk (drunk) when she signed the contract. Although they would lose in court, this gets Ridge's foot in the door and now Sally has to take him seriously.

Ridge has to use both hands (how sad) to sign the contract, but he does look a little better with the old lefty. Mass comes in and is introduced to Clarke. Ridge says he needs Mass' signature on the bill of sale of Spectra. Mass can't believe Sally would sell her company and doesn't want any part of it. Ridge says that by buying Spectra he can enact his plan faster because he doesn't have to start from scratch. Spectra is already up and running, although not well. Ridge promises that when he has whipped Spectra into shape, he'll move on and run Mass' company. Mass signs the contract. Clarke calls Sally and tells her he is bringing some people over: investors. Sally is happy to hear that, but is annoyed that Clarke hung up on her before she could ask him about what he had her sign last night. Sally starts to panic a little and calls Darla in through the intercom. She tells Darla about Clarke's news. They are both overjoyed.

At the cemetery Rick and Amber look at the two plots laid out for their dead babies. This is apparently the Forrester family plot and they'll all be there one day. Rick instructs Gary, the funeral dude to bring the kids out. Amber begins to sob as they bring the very small caskets out. They're white and the same size, very small. Gary puts flowers on both on them.

Tony is filled in on the good news and is equally excited. Sally sets up her office really nicely with refreshments and everything. The investors arrive and Sally is stunned to see Mass and Ridge. Sally tells them to get the hell out. She's angry with Clarke too. He informs her that they want to buy Spectra. She tells them to slither on out of there. Clarke shows her the contract she signs last night. Sally is horrified.

Bridget is babysitting Little Eric at Brooke's place and Eric calls to check in. She tells him what Rick and Amber are doing and he wants to go over to be with them. Bridget says Amber would definitely appreciate that.

Amber continues to sob at the sight of her two dead babies. Of course she hasn't looked at the caskets yet. When she does look at them, she drops to the ground in massive sobs. Man I need a Prozac. She finally calms down and stands up. It's a very teary scene that seems to last forever. Amber begins to sob again with her head up against the casket. Then we get an aerial shot of Rick and Amber sobbing at the gravesite.

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