The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/24/02

By Matthew

Ridge lets Clarke into his office and wants to know what he can do for him. Wait, didn't Ridge tell him to come over? Anyway, Ridge says he has a business proposal for Spectra. He wants to buy the company from Sally. Ooh boy. Ridge must like Clarke kissing up to him. Ridge says Clarke has 24hrs for Sally to sign the contract that would sell her company to Ridge.

Stephanie visits Sally at Spectra and Sally is a little inebriated. Hehe. Whiskey will do that. Stephanie says she is worried about Sally, though Spectra has never been something for her to worry about, business wise. Sally is really drunk by the end of their talk and really bitter. Stephanie reminds her that sometimes when a door closes, another even better door may open.

Brooke calls Rick and has no clue about Amber losing the baby. All she had heard was the show was a success. Rick informs her of their loss and Brooke is so sorry. She wants to come home, but Rick says they need time alone right now. Brooke talks to Amber over the phone, but we aren't clued in on that. After the phone conversation, Rick gets Amber some water for another pill and warns her those things are addictive. Amber states she wants a funeral for her two dead babies. She wants to exhume their son from the desert and bring him back to LA to be buried with his sister. Rick doesn't think it's such a good idea, but Amber is adamant about this.

Clarke sneakily tricks Sally into signing the contract by lying and saying it's PO for Tony's cheaper fabric. Sally is none the wiser and Clarke reminds her he always has her best interests at heart. Shyeah. We'll see.

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