The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/23/02

By  Matthew

Greetings from down South!

Wow, a scene at Spectra that actually has to do with designing.  Havenít seen one of those in a while.  Also, we get some special appearances by Sofia and Darla and hell Clarke too.  Sofia is modeling a hot dress Tony designed.  Both Clarke and Sofia agree itís hot.  Darla praises Tony on his fabric selection.  The music in this scene is that sexy saxophone stuff the show is known for.  Apparently though, Tony got the fabric from Exotica, which makes it really expensive, and Sally isnít happy about that.  Tony suggests they just price the piece appropriately, but Sally decides they should change the design, including the fabric.  Ouch.  He can buy the stuff at Material Planet.  Hah, the bargain fabric place?  On that note Sally pulls out the liquor as Tony tells her that he canít get that kind of material at Material Planet.  Well, Spectra has been having cash flow problems as of late and since Material Planet is the only place that offers credit, they have no choice.  Sheís kinda snippy about it too when she tells him this.  Clarke suggests Sally take the rest of the day off and rest.  Instead of doing that, she pours more alcohol into her glass and says that would do no good, because their money problems would be here when she gets back tomorrow.  Sally goes on a rant about how nothing has changed around there.  Running this company has cost her every romantic engagement or relationship she has ever had.  And now, all they can do is tell her to spend more money she doesnít have.  She downs the rest of her liquor and sits down in a huff.  She tells them all to get out.  I notice a band-aid on Sallyís arm as they all leave her to her liquor.  There has to be something in the works for Spectra.  Dammit, I thought bringing in Tony would do that. 

Eric appreciates what Ridge is trying to do for him by getting Forrester back; well I assume thatís what he meant.  Ridge says itís pay back time for all of them (Brooke, Rick, Amber, and Deacon) for how they made fools of him and Eric.  Heís going to bring hell to Forrester Creations.  Eric canít believe that Ridge is talking about revenge.  Ridge sees it as vindication.  He plans to destroy Forrester, or at least what it has become.  Eric doesnít want to be in this position between Ridge and Rick like this.  He reminds him that Massimo orchestrated Rickís takeover, but Ridge feels that he has been finished with Forrester since Brooke took over, years ago.  Mass saw that and he did something about it.  Ridge tells Eric to tell Rick that a storm is coming and he better prepared for the fall out.  Ouch, he just lost a baby Ridge.  Eric tells him there is nothing he can do to Forrester, but Ridge says heíll be back in the fashion industry soon enough.  Eric becomes angry and tells him he forbids this and tells him to get all this hostility out of system right now.  He leaves and Ridge just smirks.  This is getting interesting. 

Tony threatens to quit Spectra if they donít get some financing.  Damn.  Clarke says this isnít the time for ultimatums, but he will get Tony the fabric he needs.  Tony hopes so.  He doesnít want Spectra to go down, but he sure as hell isnít going down with her.  Ouch.  He and Sofia leave.  Darla is in a panic and doesnít know what to do.  Clarke says they need a miracle, but she says they are fresh out.  She wonders if this could be the end. 

At Forrester, Kristen and Thorne want to know how Rickís talk with Ridge at the hospital went.  Rick says that he played the usual victim routine and whined because he got screwed over.  He figures heís probably at home doing that now.  Eric comes in and says that isnít true.  He wants Rick to call Ridge and settle this mess before the family is torn more apart.  Rick wonders what he could say to revenge and isnít scared by the idea of revenge.  Thorne wonders what Ridge wants, besides revenge. 

Thorne and Kristen canít believe that Massimo hired Ridge to run things for him.  Eric tells Rick that as VP, he needs to take responsibility and get on the phone and diffuse the situation with Ridge, now before itís too late.  Rick doesnít buy into it and says there is nothing Ridge can go.  He leaves and Eric looks around at anger at a folder with the ďNew Face of ForresterĒ logo on it.  He throws it down in disgust. 

Sherman explains the basics of ships.  There are two types of containerships: liners, which have fixed schedules and tramps, which do not.  (Snicker.)  Containerships carry freight in large aluminum containers.  Get it?  Pretty easy stuff, but Ridge is so bored his eyes are barely open and Mass has to tell him to look at the map when Sherman refers to it.  Hehe.  Mass becomes agitated when Ridge fails to pay attention and wants to know what the problem is.  Ridge just has things on his mind.  Mass has a moment alone with Ridge says that he has another agenda.  It has to do with the fashion business, specifically Forrester Creations. 

Ridge says he has unfinished business there.  Mass says heís being petty about this revenge thing.  Ridge says he has been made a fool of and wants to get back.  Ridge says he has to do this before he does anything else and Mass has to live with it.

Darlaís playing with some tape at her desk.  Haha, sheís twirling the tape dispenser (the cheap plastic ones they come in).  Clarke vows to not let the company go down.  Just then Ridge calls the office and it takes a few lines for Darla to realize it really is him.  Hehe.  Thereís a recycle poster and bin in the office with an old picture of Sally from her shorter hair and skinner body days.  Darla goes to get Sally who comes out, a little drunk, and wants some ice for her glass.  She isnít interested in what Ridge has to say and goes back in her office.  Clarke handles it instead and Darla goes to get ice.  Ridge tells Clarke to come over to his office at Marone industries.  After getting off the phone, Clarke realizes this could be their miracle. 

Ridge makes another phone call.  He calls Forrester Creations and tells Rickís secretary (not Megan) to put ďthat pathetic little twerpĒ on the line.  Rickís buzzed and immediately answers.  Ridge says he wants to give him a fair little warning to watch his back, which is more than he did for him.  Rick seems a little unnerved by the phone call. 

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