The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/22/02

By Matthew

One more week of school left!!!  Yay!

In Paris, Brooke eyes Whip’s engagement ring for her but begins with the familiar “Oh Whip, I’m soo flattered, but..” speech.  Whip doesn’t think it’s such a crazy idea.  Brooke says they hardly know one another and never even dated.  Although Whip tells Brooke to think of this as a marriage of convenience, for him it’s a lot more.  He promises not to pressure her and all he really wants to do is make her smile again.  I guess being married will help that?  They play some kind of sad, melancholy music during this scene which almost makes me want it to happen, but then my good sense comes back and I realize how incredibly stupid it would be to get married. 

Whip says he’ll be a good father to her baby.  Even though it is Deacon’s, who he doesn’t hate by the way, he’d still love it.  He also points out that if Deacon is still hanging onto the two of them, marrying Whip will erase that hope.  Brooke sighs and hugs him and weighs it in her mind. 

Back in LA, at Cedars, Amber changes into some real clothes and guess who is there with her?  Erica.  Erica looks a lot more dolled up than from when she was home.  I guess it’s LA or maybe she just had a really good time in the plane lavatory.  Anyway, she tells Amber the nurse dropped off a prescription that she can take when they get home.  Amber wants it now and pops a pill.  Amber thanks her, but Erica wants to know if she can do anything else for her.  She’s there for her.  Rick comes in and looks at Erica and Amber and Erica looks at him almost longingly.  Hmm, I can’t tell if it’s a “you’re hot” look or what. 

Erica moves off the bed so Rick can sit next to Amber.  Amber introduces Erica to Rick and tells her everything she did for her.  Rick thanks her and says maybe they’ll see her around.  Erica leaves them as Rick tells her to call him “Rick” not “Mr. Forrester.”  Erica gives him kind of a dirty look and then leaves. Erica better not turn into a slut.  Amber and Rick hug as Amber sobs some more.  He helps her over to the elevator.  After they get on the elevator, Erica comes out from the ward and looks at the elevator some more.  What is up with this girl? 

Back at home, Amber sits on the sofa and sees the “Flower Child” bag that has a baby girl’s dress in that she bought before the accident.  It obviously upsets and she begins to sob.  Again she says it was her fault.  She grabs the pain pills and realizes she just took one and it’s not working.  She can’t wait another 4 hrs and takes another one..or two…or three.  Doh!  Nah, this isn’t good, she downs them.  Ouch.

Ridge, Jonathan, Massimo, and Kevin (Mass’ lawyer) go over the contract for Ridge to work at Marone Industries.  Basically, Ridge will train under Massimo and then take over, with Mass hanging around for 3 years before retiring.  He will always be available for consultation though.  Ridge is getting paid 10 million smackers a year plus benefits.  Oh geez.  Damn, screw engineering; I should be a tycoon like Mass.  Jonathan says it’s a hell of a deal.  Then is even more shocked when he hears that Mass is leaving everything to Ridge.  He guesses Mass is worth over a billion dollars.  Jonathan thinks the whole thing is a farce and won’t let Ridge sign. 

Even though it’s all in writing, Jonathan (who’s last name is Young, in case you didn’t know) smells a rat.  Ridge says the will doesn’t matter.  He’s more interested in the job at the company.  Jonathan wonders if Eric knows.  Mass says he informed Eric who was not pleased.  Ridge reiterates this is all moot because he has plans for his position at Mass’ company.  Hmm, take down Forrester?  Hah!  Ridge makes it official with his John Hancock. 

Mass welcomes Ridge to Marone Industries.  He starts to give him a tutorial on the fleet the company has, but Ridge stops him and says he has to take care of some unfinished business.  Just then, a knock on the door, and Eric comes in.  Oh boy.  Mass gives them some privacy.  Eric says it is true that he has sold his soul to the devil.  

Ridge explains that Mass has given him power that he has never had before, but Eric says it will poison him and his family.  Ridge turns the conversation around and says that Eric is the best father he could have ever had and wants to give back.  He’s going to use Massimo, who doesn’t know it yet, to do that. Eric wants to know how he plans to do that.

Coming tomorrow on “B&B” Ridge explains he’s bringing hell to Forrester despite Eric’s argument that this is brother against brother.  Oh this should be interesting.   

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