The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/18/02

By Matthew

Taylor and Ridge show up at the hospital.  Taylor is proud that Ridge is being there for his brother.  Ridge just hopes he and Amber appreciate their being there.  Taylor is sure they will.

Back over to Mystic, man that location print is tiny.  Erica is freakin’ out over Amber’s hospitalization.  She wonders what has happened to her and the baby. 

Alisa says Erica is overreacting and that the latest report says Amber is in “good” condition.  Erica doesn’t see how she could be good if she is in the hospital, to which Alisa replies famous people get hospitalized for trivial things all the time.  Erica gets a little too snippy with Alisa after that comment for my liking.  She’s right, they collapse because they have been sleeping enough and stuff, but they’re always okay.  However, in reality, the thing with Amber is not trivial.  Alisa wants to go to the mall, but Erica wants to go to LA to do something.  Huh? 

Alisa says Erica’s mom will kill her when she finds the plane ticket charged to her account.  Erica replies that she won’t even get the bill until next month.  Hmm, but won’t she notice you’re gone?  Alisa asks when she’ll be back, but Erica says never.  She’s finally blowing this town, and even though she has been saying that for year, she’s really gonna go through it this time.  It’s time to grab her dreams by the horns and go for it!  I don’t know about you, but I’m oh so pepped up to go to LA now!

Erica slowly tiptoes down the stairs in her house with Alisa.  Apparently, Erica knew her mom would be asleep in the chair in front of the TV because she’s been pulling double shifts all week.  Alisa goes to get her car and leaves Erica to apologize to her mom, well the arm that is sticking out of the shadow of the chair.  Nice hand.  She has to get out of Connecticut. 

In the hospital cafeteria, Stephanie and Eric discuss how Rick and Amber have a tough road ahead of them, but they’ll get through it.  Stephanie says she’ll be there for Amber.  Eric asks if that’s true for only when she isn’t with Mass.  Stephanie doesn’t want to get into it, but Eric wants to know why she is spitting up their family by living with him.  He wants an explanation and he wants one now. 

Eric continues to pressure Stephanie to tell him why she is living with Mass.  Stephanie says she is protecting the family, but Eric says they are talking in circles and he wants to know the truth.  On cue, Mass enters and says he’d like to hear Stephanie’s explanation as well.  Stephanie looks extremely annoyed. 

Eric wants to know why Mass is there.  Mass says he didn’t mean to interrupt, but he wanted to say how sorry he was for the family’s loss.  He says that the car will be waiting when Stephanie is ready.  Stephanie goes to leave with him, but Eric stops her.  He begs her once more to stay with the family, but all she can say is she’ll call him tomorrow.  Fun. 

Rick tells the doctor that Amber is still in pain.  She needs more pain pills.  The doctor says he’ll take care of it.  By the way, Amber looks pretty rough.  Just then, Taylor and Ridge come in as the doctor leaves.  Rick doesn’t look to pleased to see them and wants to know why they are there.  Ridge says they want to offer their condolescenses.  Taylor asks Amber how she is doing. Amber doesn’t really look at them, but does respond she is tired.  Taylor says if they need anything they can depend on them.  Rick responds that they’ll be fine.  Taylor says that no matter what has happened between Ridge and Rick, they are still brothers.  Amber complains about the pain some more and Rick goes to get the doctor.  Ridge leaves with him as Taylor stays to have a chat with Amber. 

Rick says he doesn’t understand any of this.  Amber was so proud of her line and everything was going so well.  Rick gets a little angry and says that Ridge thinks Amber deserved this.  Ridge says he doesn’t think that and just came down there to say he was sorry, but he isn’t going to apologize for what has happened between them.  Ridge leaves for the car and Rick huffs a little. 

Taylor tries to make Amber feel better, but slips when she says that Amber has a lot to be proud of, referring to her line and the reviews it got.  Amber becomes angry and says she doesn’t give a damn about the stupid line, she just lost her baby! 

Taylor tells her it’s okay to let other people know she is in pain.  Amber yells at her to get out.  They go on for a while with a lot of psycho talk.  Finally Amber breaks down and says she let the baby down.  Taylor can’t get very far with her and with finish out the scene with Amber sobbing, again.   

Erica comes out of her house and says goodbye to Mystic, for good.  She tells Amber not to worry, she is coming. 

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