The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/17/02

By Matthew

We start today off with Amber lying in her bed alone. This is major de ja vu from Morganís whole deal. You ever wonder what happened to some of the characters involved from that? Like I wonder if Norita, the scared babysitter lady that Morgan hired for about two days before firing is still sitting at home worrying that the psycho red head will come after her. Anyway, Amber laments at how she lost her baby and recalls Dr. Wilsonís cautioning to take it easy. She wonders what she has done and why she didnít listen to him. She feels sheís at fault for the babyís death. We get a shot from the ceiling before completely changing scenes and locations (and coasts for that matter).

In Mystic, Connecticut, we see a shot of a harbor including a boat and a few houses. Then we go inside one of those houses and see a colleague of newspaper clipping, magazine covers, you name it of Forrester themed things. Thereís one cover of Rick and Amberís wedding (though I canít tell which one, Rick looks pretty young, so I think itís the first one), that Eye on Fashion cover of Ridge, an article about Eric, and a Brookeís Bedroom line card. Whew, can we say obsessed? I donít think I know anyone obsessed with a design house, but this design house is weird, so maybe it makes sense. I hear the familiar clicking of a keyboard and then this girl named, Alisa comes in and asks this other girl, Erica, what is taking so long. Theyíre both pretty good looking and Iím wondering what theyíre doing at home on a Friday night (assuming itís Friday). Erica says that the site is jammed, apparently the Forrester site. Alisa wants to go back to their game of chess (okay are they painting these girls as nerds or what?), but Erica is determined to get on the site. Alisa becomes really excited, thinking Forrester is selling clothes on the web, nope but they are doing a preview of Amberís new line. Okay, so both of them are obsessed, thatís great. Alisa doesnít see what the big deal, Erica already has lotsa fashion shows on tape. (Loser!) Apparently, Erica is more obsessed with Amber now, then Forrester. She says this is a big deal, but Alisa just thinks itís a major scandal. Erica defends Amber and Rick and says they arenít taking over the company, but rather ďshaking things up,Ē contradicting what the Inquisitor says. Erica exclaims the page is finally loading. She says that Amber must be so happy right now. Yea.

Amber sobs some more and then Bridget comes in. Bridget tells her how sorry she is and breaks up a little. She tells Amber they all feel bad and that she didnít deserve this.

Rick hugs his dad out in the waiting room. Stephanieís still there as well. Eric tells him if he needs anything then all he has to do is ask. Dr. Wilson shows up and talks to Rick for a minute. He discusses the depression risks for Amber and that they all need to be aware of that. Eric says they will keep an eye on her. Okay the doctor leaves without mentioning permanent damage to Amber and if she can or canít have kids. Argh.

Amber laments that her abdomen feels empty now. Her baby is gone. Bridget says she isnít alone and that they are all there for her. Yeah and Amber has Erica Lovejoy. Haha, what a rip off of the Simpsons. Hehe. Anyway, Amber says she is really tired and Bridget asks her if she wants her to go. Yeah. So Bridget takes off. Bridget does tell her to not lose faith.

Back to the obsessed girls. They look at Amberís collection. Alisa says they are ďhot.Ē Ooh, but she adds they will never be able to afford them. Erica says that Amber designed them for people on a budget like them, but again I ask, where in Mystic, Connecticut would you actually where those things? Erica explains that Amber knows a lot about being poor. Thanks to a magazine article with Amberís bio, Erica knows a lot more about her now. Hah! The article has a picture of Amberís trailer in Furnace Creek. Alisa is surprised. We get a little character info her. Alisa says that this whole thing sounds like Erica, well the single mom, no dad thing. Whoa. Erica sure looks pretty well off to me. Erica says she isnít as strong as Amber and adds Amber lived on the streets in Atlanta, hey thatís near me, for a while and then moved back to Cali to be a singer. Alisa is tired of this and wants to go to the mall, but what about chess? Erica admires the Forresters, hah! Erica, take it from everyone else, youíll only do that until you meet them. She says they are doing some cool with their lives. Erica says that what happened to Amber could happen to anyone. If you want something bad enough, youíll get it. Gee, sounds like Brookeís motto. She adds to not let anyone tell you no or get in your way. Oh god, sheís like a little Brooke! I mean, yeah if you have no rules to stop you or morals and you donít give a crap about anyone else in your life, and then yeah you can get far.

Bridget comes out to the waiting room. Stephanie wants to go in and see her. She goes in the room. Back in the room, Amber recalls more of Doc Wilsonís warnings. Stephanie comes in and Amber tries to act brave, but Stephanie can see it in her eyes. She tells Amber that if she were in her shoes, sheíd probably blame herself too.

More Internet fun! Erica reads another boring review about how good Amberís preview was and how she got a standing ovation. Alisa comes over and finishes reading the review and is shocked to read that Amber collapsed on the runway. Erica flips and wonders what happened to the baby.

Rick laments that this was supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives, but insteadÖall this happened. Eric says it would probably be a good idea for them to talk to someone. Bridget wonders if Amber would really blame herself. Eric wasnít just talking about Amber as he looks at Rick, who breaks down in sobs. Okay, this is brutal, all this crying. How moving.

Back in the room, Stephanie wants Amber to understand that she will get through this and that she didnít do anything wrong. Amber wonders why it has happened twice. She gets a little hysterical but Stephanie calms her and gets her to say this was an accident and it wasnít her fault. Amber continues to sob as the show ends.

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