The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/16/02

By  Matthew

Matthew: ďBye-bye Winter!  Well, Summer what ever are you doing here so early?  Whereís SpringĒ Summer: ďSpring is taking the year off, so get used to me.Ē 

Rick and Amber are together in the hospital room.  He holds her hand, but she says she can barely feel him because her body is so numb.  She apologies for scaring him, but he says it wasnít her fault.  Amber tells him not to worry because she can rest now and focus on the baby.  Rick breaks down in tears. 

Rick comforts Amber who still doesnít know what happened.  Amber wants everyone to know that she has something to offer and that she isnít a gold digger.  Amber says this is just the beginning; the next thing she has to offer is a baby.  She canít wait to meet her.  Amber notices that Rick is really crying a lot now and wants to know what is wrong. 

Amber tries to remember everything that happened before she got sick.  She tells him pretty much everything that Rick already knew before he got the bad news.  She tells him her dream about having the baby already.  Rick is trying to keep it all together while she recants it.  The music is rather creepy throughout all this.  Amber finally notices Rickís profuse amount of crying after she goes on and on about having tons of kids.  Oh yeah did I mention the doctor alluded to Amber never being able to have kids again?  Iím not quite sure what the story is on that.  Amber quickly takes her hand and feels her abdomen, or lack there of compared to what it was earlier.  She freaks and wants to know where the baby is. 

Amber says itís way too soon and becomes hysterical.  Rick explains she was bleeding to death and the baby wasnít getting enough of oxygen.  He explains what was really wrong with her.  Amber calms down because she thinks the baby is okay, though born early.  Rick says the baby was a girl.  Amber says she must be so tiny and asks how serious it is.  Then by his look she realizes the baby is really sick.  She starts wailing.  Amber says she wants to see the baby right now, but Rick says he canít.  Then, as Amber keeps screaming for her baby, Rick screams back that the kid didnít make it.  That shuts Amber up big time.  In fact I think it takes the wind out of her. 

Amber is in a bit of shock now.  Rick makes sure that Amber knows it isnít her fault and that working too hard didnít cause this.  All Amber can do is sob and say why.  Then she says she is such an idiot.  How many times does she have to lose a baby before she realizes it isnít going to happen for her?  First the boy and now this baby.  Amber says she gets the reality: other people are allowed to be happy and want things, but when it comes to her, sheís outta luck.  She sounds like me when I used to get upset as a child and say totally rash things like that.  The rash talk and crying continues and all I can do is be sad for them. 

Bridget is in tears out in the waiting room.  She says she feels like she wants to be in there for them, but then again is afraid as well.  Stephanie tells her that is understandable.  Itís going to be very difficult and painful to tell Amber what happened.  Stephanie asks Eric how Rick took the news.  He says it was hard for him to hear the news.  Bridget laments at how sudden and unexpected this was for them.  To add to that, now the two of them have lost two babies.  Gee, sounds awfully like Morgan.  In fact, Bridget sounds about the same as Morgan did when Stephanie took her back to the beach house after she lost her second baby.  Stephanie feels someone should be in there.  The two of them have lost a child and they are children themselves.  Eric says they wonít be kids after this.     

Bridget and Eric are hugging as she wishes Brooke were here.  Stephanie recalls what it was like to be pregnant.  She says she felt like it was such a privilege and almost as if the unborn child chose her to carry him or her into the world.  Then when something crappy like this happens, who do you blame?  She says there is no one to blame.  Because of that, the mother often blames herself (perhaps in Angelaís case) that she wasnít good enough for the baby.  Amber will probably blame herself no matter what they say.  Bridget adds the doctor did mention something about Amber not having kids anymore.  Stephanie is taken aback.  She wonders how this could happen to such a caring and loving person.  Then she becomes worried that Amber will give up on life all together. 

Eric says that Amber will get over this in time and Stephanie points out that at least the marriage is strong.  Bridget adds she has Little Eric and her career.  Stephanie gets up in a little bit of a huff after the mentioning of Amberís career.  Eric says that she has come a long way and Stephanie would be impressed.  Eric adds that Amber is a fighter and will come back strong.  Stephanie wonders how many times you can knock someone down before they lose all hope. 

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