The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/15/02

By Matthew

Have you done your taxes??? And more importantly, is Amber okay??????

Dr. Wilson starts off the show today.  He’s in the room with Amber who is unconscious.  He wants to find Rick so Amber doesn’t wake up alone. 

Well, Kristen, Tony, Zende, and Thorne are all talking about what’s going with Amber.  She’s okay and so is the baby, but the poor girl has a kidney stone.  Ouch!  That kind of pain could explain why she passed out.  They’re going to do a CAT scan on her.  Tony scoffs about how Brooke hasn’t been around very much.  Kristen seems a little bitter about how Stephanie isn’t around and refuses to call her at Massimo’s.  If Stephanie wants to stay in touch, the ball is in her court.  Just then Stephanie comes in asking where Amber is.  Hmm? 

Stephanie asks if Amber is at Cedars.  Kristen is very abrasive with Stephanie, especially when she wants to go see Amber.  Kristen feels that Stephanie going over there will just stress out Rick and Amber more because everything that has been going on.  Stephanie basically ignores her and leaves for the hospital.  Touchy, touchy. 

Kristen is on the phone with Deacon and says she’ll take Amber her reviews.  Zende tells Kristen that though Amber is in the hospital, she won’t mind if her baby is safe.  Kristen agrees. 

Rick, Bridget and Eric are off talking together.  Rick is going crazy with all this waiting.  Eric says at least the baby is all right and that Amber’s problem was just a kidney stone.  Rick was afraid, at the time, that Amber was going to give birth to the baby and that it would be too soon though Bridget’s friend Laurie has a niece that was born at 26-weeks.  Apparently that mother and baby are doing fine.  Eric makes sure it was okay for Amber to be doing the preview. Yep.  Rick wouldn’t have allowed her to do it otherwise.  Finally, the doctor comes in.  He tells Rick that Amber will make a full recovery. 

The doctor explains that Amber actually didn’t have a kidney stone, but something far worse.  One of her arteries ruptured in her kidney causing it to shut down. She had massive internal bleeding as well, eh.  They had to do emergency surgery to save her life.  Here’s where it gets bad.  The baby died during surgery.  Oh no.  Wow, what a downer.  Rick flips out that they shouldn’t have done the preview, but the doctor assures him it had nothing to do with that.  Bridget and Eric try to comfort Rick as he figures out how to tell Amber the truth.  This sucks. 

Stephanie shows up at the hospital and Eric informs her that Amber lost the baby, though she is all right.  Stephanie is devastated. 

Amber wakes up and the nurse informs her she had emergency surgery, but is gonna be okay.  Well, kind of wakes up.  She then lapses into a dream world and dreams she actually had the baby, a girl.  This scene looks awfully similar to the blurb we got last Friday.  Man, they totally tricked us.  I hate them.  Anyway, Amber semi wakes up and I’m sure will be heartbroken. 

Rick goes into Amber’s room.  She wakes up and asks what the press though of her.  One track mind here, folks.  Rick says that press loved her and that they say she is the best thing to hit Forrester in years.  She wonders why he looks so sad and asks him what’s the matter. 

Well, tomorrow should be a fun day to recap.  See ya then.    

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