The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/12/02

By Matthew

Amber is dolled up in a nice dress.  I guess it’s the big day.  She’s in the showroom and tells the baby that she’s going to tell him every single detail about the day.  Yeah, well he may be here for part of it.  Megan comes running out on stage and tells Amber they need her backstage pronto.  Back there it’s a total chaos, a hair stylist needing this and that.  Eric asks Amber where the accessories for the show are. Rick has them, but no one knows where he is.  Deacon congratulates Amber who runs off to find Rick.  Bridget walks out in some kind of number. It’s very revealing and she has the body, but the outfit is butch.  Man some kind of jazzed up version of the theme song “High Upon this Love” is playing in the background.  Sounds kinda weird but cool.  Deacon says Bridget looks awesome.  She shares in his enthusiasm, but wishes Brooke were there to see it.  Eh, whatever. 

Amber runs in to Ridge’s office, well old office looking for Rick.  Rick says he already sent the stuff down and to look at the office door.  Oh, it has her name on it.  I guess Ridge is officially gone.  Hmm, I wonder if Mass’ words yesterday had anything to do with that?  Amber and Rick get all kissy face after he gives her flowers. 

Over at Ridge’s, Stephanie says she can’t take her mind what is going on at the office.  Ridge doesn’t understand why Eric would go along with this.  Stephanie thinks Eric is trying to make due with what is left of him.  Just like this hasn’t been easy for Ridge, it hasn’t been easy for Eric.

Stephanie explains that Eric always wanted Ridge to take over the business and now he isn’t even apart of it.  Ridge sarcastically remarks that Eric is very lucky to have Rick then, to do all that.  He goes on a rant about Amber, but Stephanie doesn’t blame her.  She explains that Amber is a starry eyed kid.  She’s even happy for her and wishes she could see her face.  Ridge wishes he could see her fall flat on her face right now.  Ouch. 

Whoa the opening had some sexy saxophone intro I haven’t heard before.  Sounds like something from LA Law. 

Whoa it’s Zende!  I guess it’s okay to show him now that his feature film has debuted.  He, Kristen, and Tony are looking around the show room.  Every one is dressed nicely except Tony who isn’t wearing suit or even a tie.  Zende is better dressed than him, but I digress.  Of course, Zende is in awe of all of this.  Eric greets them.  Zende says this whole thing blows his mind.  He asks about Stephanie and if she will be there, but no unfortunately she won’t.  Kristen apologizes to Eric, who is okay with it and takes off to finish some other things.  Kristen and Tony give each other looks.      

Amber says a few words backstage to thank everyone.  She goes on this talk about successes and failures in life and this makes all the failures seem worth it.  Amber thanks Eric when he walks in and gets some applause for it too.  He tells them that the faces of Forrester may me different and young, but they are still the best of the best and he wants them to go out there and show everybody that.  He seems a little sad as he talks about the changing face of Forrester. 

Eric goes out on the runway and introduces Amber’s line.  The music starts and Bridget comes out in this hideous cowboy/leather get up.  Like I said she looks hot, but where the hell would you wear these things?  Clubs?  Man, it would get ripped right off of her.  The other models come out and I like there outfits better, but again where would teens where these things?  Amber is overjoyed and we slowly fade to Ridge’s house. 

Ridge wonders what Bridget and Rick are doing.  Stephanie says they are just kids playing out a fantasy like Amber.  She says Eric is the only person with the experience and wisdom over there, but for some reason he has chosen to go along with this.  Ridge remarks that Eric will realize that this is not his vision during the show today.  Although he would like to say Eric has it coming to him, he feels for his father today.  A lifetime of work down the crapper.  Okay, let’s be a little more dramatic, shall we? 

Back to the show, Eric looks distressed as he sees the models leave the runway.  The reporter (the one who tried to talk to Bridget but Eric shooed away) comes up and tells Eric the designs are hot and they will really get a younger audience with these things.  Kristen congratulates Eric and says thing are great.  Although the shoot is different than normal, she thinks that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Eric is unconvincing with his “yes” and nod to me, but it’s enough for Kristen who goes back to her seat.  Ding, round 2!  Some other models come out and although I like their clothes, the things around their head!  Woof!  Again, though I wouldn’t see teens wearing these numbers to school.  Rick comes out and introduces Amber they share the stage for a second.  Amber is all smiles. 

Amber introduces the next set of clothes and says they are her favorite.  She begins to sing “Mr. Right” as the models all come out in their numbers.  Bridget comes out in this turquoise number with pants and a cute top, but she looks like a Las Vegas showgirl with that hair thing in.  Better yet, a peacock.  The song ends and everyone applauds.  Rick, Amber, and Eric all bow.  Things start to go in slow motion after Megan hands Amber her flowers.  All the voices slow down too and the music turns a little more ominous.  Crap, something is about to happen.  Amber gets a crappy look on her face and drops flat on her ass.  The crowd is full of “Oh’s!”  All I can see is this big huddle of people around Amber and of course Bridget’s boa type thing in her hair.  Rick yells for someone to call an ambulance!

Well, I guess I was right and the CBS site was one day off.  Monday I guess we’ll get more answers.  Coming soon: Rick says to Amber, in the hospital, that they had to do emergency surgery on her.  She wants to see “her” right now.  These what happens next things explain nothing. 

All right, y’all have a good weekend and enjoy all the extra daylight we have been paying for all week.  Hope your weather cooperates better than mine has! 

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