The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/11/02

By Matthew

Itís almost show time! Well tomorrow anyway. The show starts off with a look at the Ambrosia Line logo. Its just Ambrosia written in some kind of weird font. The models and Bridget are going over their moves and stuff. Deacon says theyíll be in there all night, but promises Amber theyíll be ready tomorrow. Amber canít believe that she, the lowly Amber Moore, is a fashion designer. Yeah, I canít believe it either.

Amber, Bridget, and Deacon get all giddy about the show tomorrow. Deacon tells Amber to go home, but she still has to do the sound check. She waltzes over to do that. Deacon is worried about her, but Bridget knows she realizes her limits.

Amber does a sound check and everything is good. She gets really excited and breaks out into song on the runway. Oh my god. This is too funny. Amber finishes her song and is given a standing ovation, well sort of.

Amber is about to leave, but wants to say a few words to all the models and workers. She thanks all of them and says she they are going to rock the fashion world tomorrow. Amber is about to leave but gets more pains in her abdomen. She doesnít say anything though, knowing any medical problems will delay her line. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Amber.

Changing gears, Stephanie looks at a picture of Eric at Ridge and Taylorís place and says aloud, that she is doing this to protect Eric and Ridge. Sheís referring to her decision to move in with Massimo. Taylor comes back in with the tea and is ready to talk. Apparently, the kids are all out with Thorne at a movie. Oh god, 3 kids and one grownup! How did my mom do it? Taylor wants to hear about their anniversary dinner, but Stephanie would rather hear about Ridge and her. Well, the pain has subsided in his hand, but he canít draw. However, Taylor is glad he is out of Forrester. She refers to Forrester as ďDysfunction JunctionĒ because of all the scandals and illegitimate children everywhere. Anyway, Taylor changes the subject back to the anniversary dinner. Stephanie slowly admits that they didnít have dinner and that she and Eric are not going to reconcile. What gives?

Taylor canít believe what she is hearing. Stephanie says Eric will always be special to her, but because of what happened at Forrester, she canít go back. Taylor and Stephanie proceed to finish each otherís sentences for a while. Taylor wants to know why Stephanie has really left Eric, but she isnít saying much. Stephanie even slips and says she is doing it for Ridge, which confuses Taylor. Quickly covering her ass, Stephanie adds that she didnít want to go back to Eric and all those people at Forrester with Ridge being outcast. Taylor thinks thatís a pretty lousy reason to leave Eric and is even more shocked when Stephanie says she has moved in with Mass. Just then Ridge comes home with flowers for Stephanie and Taylor. Yeah, that kinda breaks the conversation up.

Ridge says he went over to Massí place. He explains what happened over there. Taylor is shocked to hear that Ridge will be the owner of Marone industries. Stephanie is shocked into silence. Wow there is a first time for everything, right? Taylor wants to know why Mass would do that. They both ask Stephanie for some answers. She just kinda looks around for a sec to buy some time.

Ridge says that Mass told him he thinks he is the man for the job, but really didnít say much else. He thinks Stephanie knows what it is. Stephanie says she is not involved in this at all and assumes Ridge will decline Massí offer. Damn, I wouldnít. Iíd at least give it a shot. What are we talking about like billions of dollars? Be smart, man. Ridge reveals that he accepted the offer and not just because he is angry with Eric. Stephanie is none too pleased.

Eric is climbing up the stairs when there is a knock at the door. He hopes it is Stephanie, but alas itís Mass. Eric is a little less than thrilled to see him. He begrudgingly lets him in. Mass blurts out that he feels for Eric. Eric becomes angry, but Mass says that he and Eric and Stephanie were all victims. However, Eric says he is a predator and that for some reason Stephanie is with him. He retorts they may have sex, but after a look from Mass, he realizes that the two have not shared a bed as of yet. Eric says Massí problem is that he thinks he has power, but money doesnít get you people. Mass agrees that he used to not have a family to call his own, but now he does. He has Stephanie and Ridge. Angry looks from Eric ensue.

Eric says he has no hold over Ridge. Mass says that at least they are talking right now, but Eric doesnít think Ridge will ever trust or forgive Mass for his treachery. Eric is about to show Mass on his way when Mass reveals that he has named Ridge his sole heir to his company and wants him to run it as well. Eric is stunned.

Eric thinks that is pretty desperate. He also thinks Mass is a liar, but he says that the agreement is iron clad and cannot be changed. As Mass leaves, Eric grabs him, much like in the hospital room and asks Mass why he is doing all this. Mass coldly replies he is providing for Ridge, Stephanie, and Taylor, which is something Eric failed to do. Ouch.

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