The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/10/02

By Matthew

Hey I got some news. I was randomly checking out the CBS site and according to their casting news, two twin actresses will play ďA New BornĒ on Friday. Now, I guess we have two choices, either Brooke or Amber will give birth, but I think itís obvious: Amber! I guess the producers want to raise a little curiosity in everyone, but donít be surprised if it isnít Friday when it happens. They usually seem to be a day off; at least since a news update in October preempted that dayís show. Other news, hope everyone is enjoying Daylight Savings Time and not having as much trouble as me getting up in the morning. When itís still dark at 7AM you know how early it really is.

In Paris, well at least I assume that since Brooke and Whip are in this scene. Brookeís been staring out of a window for a while and Whip tries to comfort her. Yeah, yeah. Moving on, Whip suggests they have dinner. Yes, eat.

Whip serves Brooke some more sparkling water. Woof. Nothing like carbonated water to get the taste buds working over time. Brooke calls herself a loser. Hah! Whip and Brooke discuss getting old and how it sucks. Lost dreams and all. Whip says Brooke isnít old and she can have anything she wants. Whip wants to be the love Brooke needs, maybe not what she envisioned, but what she needs.

Back in LA, Amber and Bridget finally find Deacon, well presumably from the ďThere you are!Ē Bridget gives Deacon. Deacon wants to know why Amber is there. She notes he is starting to sound a lot like Rick. Hah! Burn Deacon! Anyway Bridget confesses that they kinda put everything on hold after Amber got sick the other day. Doh! Deacon apparently made the decision all by himself. Okay, why does Amber need to be apart of everything. Brooke modeled and created a collection, so Iím sure she couldnít have been involved in everything. Anyway, Deacon says they are going to cancel the preview, but Amber flatly says no.

Amber tells them to stop worrying and that she is fine. They canít disappoint everybody like this. This is their chance to shine. Anyway, that convinces everyone and they all get started on getting the show going. This canít end well.

Amber finishes some more designs, but Bridget warns her to not push herself. Amber says with her as the lead model, she wonít have to. Bridget gives her a hug and leaves. Amberís getting tummy pains again, but I guess they suddenly go away.

Mass shows Ridge into the ďmystery room.Ē The damn door has another M bulls eye like Massí office door does. Tacky. Oh, wow itís an office. I liked seeing Macyís room better. Ridge notes itís an amazing office and itís brand new. Ah, it has a liquor table/cabinet. It also has a great view! Wow alcohol and a great view! What I want to know is, where is the computer. Does Mass even know what a computer is? It is a lot better than my 5íX 3í piece oí crap plywood desk. Mass says the office is for him and Ridge sees a painting on the wall of Ridge. Creepy music ensues and it fits perfectly. What a freak! Ridge is a little freaked out too.

Ridge wants to know what all this about. Mass says Ridge can angry and bitter about the fact that 2 college kids, a bartender, and a waitress are in his office planning a fashion show. Ridge reminds him he helped them to do that, but Mass says they would have eventually because he doesnít own enough of the company. I wish Ridge would remember how he almost took over permanently, but because of Rick and Massí interference Brooke made it back in time. Anyway, Ridgeís other option is to use Marone industries to get back at them back. Ridge doesnít believe that. Mass says he wonít only be using it, heíll own it. Mass clarifies that Ridge will be his sole heir to his estate. Ridge wants him to tell him why he is really doing all this.

Mass says the only payback he needs is making him proud. He says it will all be in writing and heíll be trained to run a mammoth company once Mass dies. Then he can pass all this on to his own kids and forget about his problems at Forrester. Sounds like a pretty nice deal. Ridge looks at his painting again and says that Mass manipulated him. He is a cunning and guile man. But then, Ridge all the sudden changes his mind, or he was just being a little bitch and says yes heíll accept it. Mass hugs Ridge and does a little aside in his head about how this moment had been something had been waiting for his whole life. His family is united at last. Haha, I canít wait for them to blow up Forrester. Wonít that be cool?

Brooke thanks Whip for all his support, but she canít be what he wants her to be for now. Whip is very understanding. He tells her goodnight and leaves. Brooke goes to call Deacon who happens to walk into his office at the right time. Heís overjoyed to hear from her.

Brooke tells Deacon she loves him, but she canít see that anymore. They have to end things now and she says goodbye forever. Deacon cries on the other end after she hangs up.

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