The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/9/02

By  Matthew

If anyone ever asks you take a class on ďAntennasĒ run away screaming for your life, unfortunately I didnít get that advice.

Anyway, speaking of frustrations, Ridge is trying to get his injured hand to draw.  It looks a little better than before, but he still isnít having much luck.  Taylor brings him some coffee or something.  Taylor tells him that she went to see Mass last night to try and get him to leave them alone.  Ridge canít understand what he wants.  Hasnít he screwed up his life enough?  Taylor told Mass to stay away, which makes Ridge feel better though he still canít believe that he was coaching Rick all this time.  Well, didnít Rick go and see him like once?  Or was it implied it was a continual thing, even after the infamous board meeting?  Anyway, Taylor offers to have a shower with Ridge, but he passes up sex to work on his sketches a little more.  Man, he must be frustrated.  In fact, so frustrated that after only trying to draw for about 3 seconds, he gives up and breaks the pencil, in one hand.  Iím more of a fan of mechanical pencils, but I know, this is art.  I say Ridge should run over Deacon like Eric did, except this time, break his head.  Ridge curses Massimo. 

Mass brings Stephanie some coffee.  Oh crap did she spend the night?  Bleh.  She did spend the night but nothing kinky went on, folks.  Stephanie explains to Mass that today is her wedding anniversary and Eric has asked her over for dinner.  Mass goes on to this long sob story weíve all heard before about how he had to live without Stephanie and Ridge all these years.  Hey, to clarify, Mass didnít know about Ridge until last November.  Now, Iím not taking away from Mass keeping that secret for 6 months, but címon it isnít the same as living without his son for 40 years, or however old Ridge is supposed to be.  Anyway, thereís a phone call and itís Ridge, who wants to meet Mass in his office right away.  Mass promises not to forget his promise to Stephanie as long as he has her.  God, this is like the Mass and Sally thing all over again, but with the roles reversed.  I donít think Stephanie really wants to leave Eric. 

Taylorís all dressed now and presumably Ridge has left, when Bridget makes a random visit to the house.  Taylor is a little surprised to see her there.  Bridget brought a gift for Ridge too.  What is that a ďsorry my husband crippled youĒ kinda present?  Taylor lets her in and lets her have it when Bridget tries to apologize for Deacon.  Taylor lays into her and says that Deacon has been too busy to come by and apologize himself and that Rick took away Ridgeís company.  Taylor adds she knows that Bridget knew about Massimo coaching Rick, but itís news to Bridget. 

Monique (Massí new secretary?) tells him that Ridge is there, but he looks dangerous and wants to know if she should alert security.  Nah, heíll be fine.  She shows Ridge in.  They begin to argue about Massí motives and what he actually did.  Mass wants to know if Ridge thought he had any future at Forrester, but Ridge says that is none of his business.  And to answer Massí question, I did.  If Mass hadnít coaching Rick, Ridge would have changed the company around to one that was run by the board, not the major stockholder. 

Ridge knows Mass is hiding something and wants to know what it is.  Ridge threatens Mass and says if he doesnít stay away, itís all out war, to the death.  Ouch.  Mass says heíll stay away if that is what Ridge wants, but he should wait to see what happens.  Mass wants to show Ridge something and he walks out to get it. 

Stephanie is out in the courtyard of the Forrester mansion and recalls Mass saying heíll keep quiet if Stephanie is his.  She walks in a door that goes to the kitchen in the mansion.  Eric and Thorne are there, but Thorne quickly leaves to give the two some privacy.  Eric this is an anniversary they will not forget.  Eric gives Stephanie an anniversary present.  Itís a necklace with two hearts connected.  Aww.  He wants her to wear it everyday to remind them of what they almost loss.  Stephanie stops him from putting it on and says she has decided to move in with Massimo.  Gasp!  Eric is stunned all over again. 

Eric is totally bewildered because when he and Stephanie talked last night, it sounded like there was hope.  Stephanie apologizes.  Then she completely talks out of her ass and says she thinks things will get worse if she moves home so instead Massimoís place is where she is going.  Ericís like ďWTF!? Things will be better if you move home not over there.Ē  True, true.  He wants to know what changed.  Stephanie feels itís just best.  Eric realizes this is about her feelings for Mass and becomes very angry and tells her if she wants to do that, then fine, but to get out now.  Stephanie complies and Eric takes out his frustration on a chair.  Poor guy. 

Mass shows Ridge the mystery behind a very special door.  Except we donít get to see it.  Doh!  Oh well, tomorrow then.

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