The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/8/02

By Matthew

Three more weeks of class, 3 crappy finals, and then I am outta here!

We start off todayís show with Amber in a hospital room.  Sheís in bed and is feeling better now.  She hopes the pain was just something she ate.  Shyea right.  She feels silly for getting upset over indigestion.  Rick has to wonder if it was something more serious, like something that involved the baby.  Mmm-hmm. 

Amber says the kidney problems she has back in the desert didnít feel anything like this.  Eh, just wait for the doctor Amber.  The doctor finally comes in and Amber immediately tells him to tell Rick that all she had was a little food poisoning.  He says he knows for sure it wasnít food poisoning.  Doh! 

The doctor isnít sure what the problem is, but knows it isnít food poisoning.  He wants to do more tests.  Rick wonders if it is possible it has to do with Amberís kidneys.   The doctor responds that given her history that is a big possibility.  Amber says she feels great.  Just then Bridget and Deacon show up and we realize Rick called them.  Amber says is perfectly find now.  No one else in the room is so sure about that. 

Rick basically tells Amber he wants to cancel the preview so she can come in for tests.  Well geez how long do tests take?  Canít they do them right now?  She can stay the night at the hospital and work half days for a while.  Itís like all or nothing with these people. 

Amber promises not to work to hard, but isnít canceling the preview.  The doctor tells her to take it easy, but ever she gets dressed they can go home.  Amber gets up and goes to change in the bathroom.  Bridget says theyíll all keep a close eye on Amber and make sure she is all right.  Rick blames himself for this, since Amber did give him one of her kidneys.  Recall, Rick, why you needed that kidney in the first place??  Amber was too drunk to drive. 

Over to the big mansion now.  Eric is having a cocktail and looking rather distraught.  He looks over to see Stephanie there.  She apologizes for not calling.  He wonders why she is there, but not meanly or bitterly or anything.  She says she stopped by next door to see Lon and Dorrie.  Hmm, random neighbors?  I donít recognize the names, but the show has been on a while.  But truthfully she missed him.  Eric says he misses her too especially tonight.  Stephanie doesnít know what he is talking about, but he figures she is just playing around.  He walks off and she suddenly remembers it, but not aloud.  The eyes can tell a lot, you know.  Eric asks Stephanie to come back to him, but to not answer that until tomorrow night after dinner, their anniversary.  Tonight would have been his bachelor party.  Anyway, he says heíll cook for her and itíll be great.  Eric sits her down and starts to tell her some bad news about Massimo. 

Eric tells Stephanie that Massimo caused all the events with Ridge to happen by coaching Rick.  Although Stephanie seems a little surprised, Iím surprised she doesnít have a stroke upon hearing that news.  He tells her Ridge knows and he thinks that any closeness Mass and Ridge were having is gone.  Eric then asks Stephanie to stay the night after their dinner tomorrow night.  He wants them both to have a new beginning.  Stephanie doesnít think things can ever be the same way between them.   Eric gives her a big hug.  They smile at each other and then Stephanie starts to leave.  As she is walking out, Eric tells her to tell Mass that she is coming back to him (Eric). 

Massimo thanks Taylor for coming over, but she says he has got to stop calling their house.  All Mass wants to do is talk to Ridge, but Taylor says if she were him, sheíd stay as far away as possible.  She goes on to say that he doesnít have a leg to stand on, rationalization or not.  He turned Rick into a ďcorporate mercenaryĒ which led to Ridge being thrown out of the company and hurting his hand with his fight with Deacon.  Mass asks her what she would say if he told her he was going to name Ridge his sole heir to all his money.  Taylor gives him this ďWhat the hell are you thinking?Ē  look. 

Taylor wants to know why Ridge is so important to Mass.  Well, he needs someone to take over the company once he retires and then dies.  Taylor knows he has no family, but why not leave it to nieces and nephews.  Mass retorts he has been estranged from his family for years.  Wow.  He wants her to help him get a meeting going between him and Ridge.  She says he wants to use her now, just like he used, Ridge, Rick, and Stephanie.  She calls him a cold and calculating man and that she doesnít want him anywhere near her family.  She stomps out; adding that she will see to it that Ridge and his relationship is over, because it is very destructive.  Strike 2 Massimo.  

Massimo decides to drown his problems in a drink.  No one drinks beer anymore, all hard liquor.  And straight for that matter too.  Iíd like to see Massimo walk out with a screwdriver or a rum and coke or something.  Ding-dong!  Guess who?  Itís Stephanie.  Heís glad sheís there.  He says the time has come for Ridge to know the truth about him.  She tells him it isnít an option.  She knows all about what he did to Ridge, but understands his reasons.  It still doesnít change the fact that Ridge canít know the truth.  Mass says Ridge is strong and he can deal with it over time.  Stephanie asks him if he has really thought this through.  She adds that she isnít that strong and says this will destroy her. 

Stephanie isnít sure she can survive after Mass goes public with the paternity info.  She says sheís going to look a major hypocrite after how she exposed Brookeís secret and then lo and behold she did the same thing all those years ago.  What will the fall out be?  Mass says he has to one of them, either Ridge or Stephanie.  Stephanie asks him if he will settle for her instead.  Oh no!  They passionately kiss and Stephanie leaves.  Hmm, now what? 

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