The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/5/02

By Matthew

Woo-hoo Friday is here at last!

We start the show off at Cafť Russe, right when Amber is having tummy pains. Thankfully, itís just the baby kicking and the pain subsides. Their lovey dovey talk continues on and on and they profess their love and stuff. Amber says there is way she can show Rick how much she loves him. Mmm-hmm.

Amber takes to the stage at Russe. She sings him a thank-you song. Yay, entertainment! It sounds like an old song and Adrienne Frantz does a damn good job at it. Yay for Amber! The two kiss, with a little tongue (snicker), after she finishes.

Amber says for the first time in their marriage, she feels like they are a team. This is her dream relationship.

Kristen congratulates Bridget on being the lead model for Amberís line. Kristen jokes that Bridget needs to remember to keep her cheeks in, butt out, and to pout. Kristen tells her to talk to Brooke, but Bridget wonders when sheíll be back. She wonders why Brooke would run away like this.

Amber and Rick talk about how life will be when the baby comes. Aww, one sweet family. Amber starts to get really bad tummy pains and Rick calls out for someone to call an ambulance. All Amber can do is cry and lay her head down on the table. Oh no!

On the jet, Brooke sits quietly. Whip tells her that Deacon probably didnít tear up letter; so sending it to him was a mistake. He says itís only a matter of time before Bridget figures it all out, unless they do something. Brooke says she knows.

Whip reads the letter Brooke wrote to Deacon, and congratulates her on getting rid of Deacon. She grabs the letter from him and tells him itís personal. Whip says she is an exceptional person for what she has given up. You know Iím tired of hearing about Brookeís sacrifices. A normal person wouldnít have gotten herself into a situation like that in the first place. What Brooke is doing is accepting the consequences of her actions, kind of anyway, and for that I must tip my hat to her.

Whip hopes that one day he and Brooke can be together. Brooke canít think about any of that right now.

In his office, Deacon reads Brookeís bye-bye letter. Itís narrated by Brooke, nice touch Michael Stich (director). Brooke drones on about how Deacon and her shared a wonderful love, the most wonderful of her whole life. No one has ever gotten to her like he did. Yeah, does she have this speech memorized by now because she has used it on every guy? Anyway, Brooke says she canít escape their love, and adds she doesnít want to. Theme. This confuses Deacon who says she told him to stay away, but then she says she doesnít want to forget him. Deacon keeps reading and cries, well itís a fake cry, but still. Brooke continues to say they need to make a clean break. Okay now heís reading this all aloud with the door open. He finishes the letter and says he canít forget about Brooke. Turn to alcohol Deacon that might work. Anyway, he shreds the letter in the nick of time, because Bridget walks in and asks him if he is ready to go home.

Bridget realizes Deacon is upset. He makes up that his problems are with what everyone expects out of him. He goes on to say that Bridget is his number one priority from now on. Deacon and Bridget sit down to talk. He admits he has been preoccupied lately. He promises to cherish her like never before. But didnít he screw her mom just that afternoon? Oh gosh, this show has gotten cheesy lately. Anyway itís supposed to be a somber scene for Deacon, but whatever.

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