The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/4/02

By Matthew

It’s night time at the Forrester House of Fashion and Sex. Kristen tells Amber her designs are good, but she could pare it down even more without losing any drama. Gotta love dramatic clothes. I wouldn’t characterize my clothes as dramatic, more well, anyway Eric thinks the designs are eye catching but wonders if this is time to introduce a new line. He suggests pairing them with the few Ridge had before he left, but Rick says their styles are way too different. Thorne agrees, prompting Amber to ask them if they like them, nervously. Yes they like them, they’re just different. Kristen says that with a little guidance, Amber could be a top designer. After the exposure from “The Price is Right,” Forrester has been getting phone calls about the dresses. Deacon joins the meeting and when Rick tries to call Brooke to get her input, Megan tells him she has left for Paris. Eric wonders why she is going to Paris.

On the jet, Brooke paces around. Same ol’ stuff, “I’m a terrible mother!” Whip says she is doing the right thing by distancing herself from Deacon. She wonders why he is with her. Well, she needs someone to talk to and someone who knows what sacrifice she is making. He butters her up and says Deacon better realize it’s over.

Brooke is writing something that she wants to fax and Whip is oh so curious about it. He becomes agitated when he sees she is writing a love letter to Deacon. He tells her to make a clean break, but she tells him she has to do this and makes him leave her alone. All Whip can do it sigh and roll his eyes.

Theme song time, okay the changes they have made in the past few months to the opening shots have bothered me. The pictures of Eric, Stephanie, and Ridge all look weird, almost less airbrushed than before, so they look older. Someone changed the model shots at the beginning too and it looks weird, and whenever they open with a sad scene and do a quite intro, rather than the elephant saxophones, all the pictures seem a little ahead of where they should be, like ½ second. Yeah the last thing isn’t a big deal, but geez they could get it right.

Megan says that Brooke is probably in the air now. Thorne thinks there might be a problem at International, but Megan doesn’t know. Well, she knows what the real deal is. Rick says they can check up with Brooke after the meeting. Rick is sure that Brooke will be behind Amber 100%. He wants to show the press prototypes to get an idea of how their key demo will react. Eric is finally convinced to do a test shot. He does say that he wants Kristen to help Amber and that he wants them in there working at 8AM every morning and updates at 12 and 4 each day. Rick will set up the tests run for the press and Deacon will promote it. However, everything will have to be approved by Eric first. Amber is thrilled. Deacon is a little distant, but Bridget doesn’t have a clue.

Brooke finishes her letter and begins to read it to herself. Hmm, Whip says Brooke has to get Deacon out of her life once and for all. Hmm, what has he got planned.

Rick takes Amber to Café Russe. Ginger congratulates Amber for her new line. Ginger says she is living a dream. Yeah, she was fantasizing about this like 2 months ago. How sick it is. Rick hopes fame won’t change her. Her fame will not have anything to do with being a Forrester, but because of her talent. They share a very special moment. Aww! Then Amber begins to clutch her abdomen, but doesn’t say anything to Rick. Uh-oh.

Back at Forrester, Bridget and Deacon are talking in his office. She realizes he is being quite and hopes he isn’t mad about her modeling. He tells her he is worried about Brooke, but Bridget tells him not to worry. She thinks Brooke may have left with Brooke, after all she did catch them making out in the office earlier. Bridget leaves Deacon to recall watching Brooke taxi down the runway. Back to reality, the phone rings and its Whip. He tells him Brooke is sending a fax down, but won’t let him talk to her. The fax comes through and Deacon begins to read it.

Coming tomorrow, will Brooke’s goodbye letter be Bridget’s wake-up call? Probably not. That won’t happen until August.

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