The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/3/02

By Matthew

Whip goes through model shots and asks Bridget what turns her on and stuff. Bridget wonders why this all really matters and goes on to say that maybe this ďlead modelĒ thing was a mistake. I mean, Deacon doesnít think she can do it. This immediately sets Whip off on a rant about what Deacon doesnít know. Whip feels that he knows the industry and models better than Deacon and he can see something in Bridget, like nothing before. Of course you do, Whip. Bridget admits it felt like betrayal when Deacon went to Brooke behind her back. Whip says she should trust her instincts and move ahead. Bridget becomes defensive and wonders why he would say she shouldnít trust her husband.

Bridget wants Whip to cut Deacon some slack and realizes they shouldnít be talking about Deacon behind his back. After all that would be hypocritical. She wonders what is stopping Brooke and Whip from getting together, especially with the way Whip feels. Whip says itís complicated and Bridget admits her mom has been quite a few painful relationships.

OH lord did I forget to mention the impending love scene between Deacon and Brooke? They are both naked on the bed and they arenít just kissing. How did the ratings people let this fly? To me it borders on soft-core porn because of the panting, then the groans toward the end, the obvious climax, and Deaconís torso movements. Whew! How raunchy! The theme song gave me a minute to cool down. The two keep kissing and then the pillow talk starts. Deacon says it is meant to be for the three of them, including baby, to be together. They both lay down and then Brooke wakes up from ecstasy and realizes what she has done and gets upset. Deacon tries to calm her down, but doesnít have much luck.

Brooke says the whole tryst was wrong. Brooke says she is weak and a terrible person. Deacon isnít sorry and says they need to be honest with Bridget. Brooke is shocked. Deacon doesnít know what else to do and Brooke says he doesnít need to make that decision. Sheís going to go to Paris to live, because it would kill Bridget if the truth got out. She says if he canít let go of her for Bridgetís sake then to do it for her sake. Brooke leaves and Deacon goes after her. Yay! Fun in the hallway. Brooke tells Megan she is going to Paris and sheíll call her once she is there. Just then Deacon comes barreling out (he has a shirt on now) and tells her to wait. He kisses her and asks her to stay once more but all she can do is back into the elevator. It closes and Deacon is left alone.

I guess a little later on, Megan is changing the sheets off in Brookeís bed, umm eww, with no gloves. She was thinking and locked the door, thankfully, because Whip tries to get in Brookeís office. She comes out without letting him in and tells him Brooke has left for home, but is very unconvincing. He knows she is lying and runs into the office and sees the sheets rolled up. He becomes very angry and says this is it, like heís going to tell Bridget. Megan says she ended it after the sex and that Brooke is leaving for Paris. He runs out, presumably to go the airport.

At Sallyís, Stephanie tells her how amazing it is that Brooke spent her whole life chasing after Forrester men to fill some kind of void. Itís a terrible cycle. Sally wonders when it will end. Stephanie speculates that they may happen when she finds her true soul mate, but laughs at the notion. Sally doesnít think any man could really love Brooke after looking deep into her soul. I didnít think she had one. Wait, didnít Sally say that last year? Stephanie hopes maybe Brooke can find someone so they can all be at peace. Sally is saving her prayers for the manís wife that Brooke will devour on her conquest. Sally hopes that Brooke does find her man and he is everything she ever dreamed of, but then it is cruelly taken away from her. Sally looks at a picture of Macy and her while she talks about this. Stephanie hugs Stephanie.

Brooke gets on the plane and the pilot, Marty says they will be taking off momentarily. Brooke nervously sits down. Suddenly Deacon runs in and tells Brooke to get off the plane and come home. They have everything together and she canít run away from it. Then Whip comes running in. How do these people get on this plane? I mean isnít there airport security? Well, long story short, Brooke convinces Deacon to leave. Whip is going to stay on though and accompany Brooke to Paris. They sit down after the man of black leaves and Brooke looks out on to the runway (after the engine starts going) and sees Deacon. I canít tell you how unrealistic that is. They would have told him to leave long before. Also, the cheesy airport/runway backdrop is pathetic even for this show. All I can do is laugh. They sadly wave to each other and the plan begins to taxi.

28 days Ďtil redemption!

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