The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/2/02

By  Matthew

Oh the betrayal, lies, and lust.  Itís another fun afternoon with B&B.

Thorne and Bridget share a conversation about Brooke and whether or not she really loves Whip.  While Thorne is suspicious that they share no chemistry, but Bridget thinks thereís something special about the two. 

Whip continues to try and convince Brooke that she needs to stop seeing Deacon as Deacon tries to accomplish the opposite.  Whip reminds her that Bridget could have walked in on Deacon and her doing something bad.  The only reason she hasnít figured this whole thing out is that she trusts them both so completely.  I still donít know why she trusts Deacon so much and even Brooke as well.  Whip really lays into Brooke and tells her to do the right thing and drop Deacon.  Sheís only betraying her own childís trust more and more each day.  The argument becomes heated and Bridget walks in on Whip saying sheíll figure out the truth soon enough.  Deacon covers and says they were discussing her modeling for Amberís line.  Bridget becomes angry when they start talking about marriage saying he should have come to her, not her mother.  Later she says she isnít mad, but misses her husband.  Whip takes her out of the office to let Deacon and Brooke make some important decisions.  Brooke calls Megan to get her the jet immediately.  Sheís got to get out of town and fast!  Deacon tries to convince this is not the way to solve their problems.  Then, in the sneak peak, Deacon basically says that Bridget will get over things and that telling her the truth is the best.  I canít wait for it to break, and then maybe theyíll all relocate to Paris.  Yay! 

Stephanie shows up at Sallyís place, but not in the maidís uniform like she was supposed to.  Oh, not this again.  Stephanie basically tells Sally that if she wants to tell Eric the truth then she canít stop her.  However, she does add that Sally has an awful lot of misguided anger in her and should focus on finding the right man for her.  Also, she should be angry with Brooke. After all, she is the one who ďdroveĒ Macy to such extreme actions.  Finally someone on the show says what Iíve been saying for months.  Iím so tired of hearing Brooke and everyone else say they are ďfollowing their heart.Ē   Thatís a pathetic excuse to do whatever you want and chalk it up to being honest with yourself.  Stephanie goes on to say that even though Brooke unintentionally ďkilledĒ (Iím putting the quotes because she really didnít kill her, but you know how I feel) Macy, itís always that way with her.  When she starts following the heart, everyone suffers.  Stephanie wants Sally to join her in getting justice when it comes to Ms. Logan.  Sally says she doesnít have anything to fight for anymore, but Stephanie reminds her someone else will always be hurt when it comes to Brooke, so they have to fight for justice.  Well said. 

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