The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/1/02

By Matthew

Let’s continue the passion in the office. Whip keeps coming on to Brooke and she sure is having a hard time telling him no. It gets pretty heavy, but then Bridget comes in. Whip and Brooke say nothing was going on, but Bridget doesn’t mind. She’s happy for Brooke. She’s also pleased that Brooke is being supportive of her modeling gig with Amber, but wonders why Deacon is being so difficult about it. Hmm. Because Deacon is stupid, Bridget. He’s dumb and jealous and wants everything!

Deacon bitches about how Whip is missing in action. Oh wait, so were you the other day. At least he is still in the building. Megan semi-defends him, which Deacon notices. Megan simply states there is no point in making an enemy out of him. Later on she says that Whip is exactly what Brooke needs since she and Deacon can never be together. Ouch!

Bridget, Deacon, and Megan meet up a little later on and she spills the beans that Whip and Brooke were going at it, eh, the sexual way. Deacon is livid and after Bridget leaves, storms up to Brooke’s office and pounds on the door. Brooke tells Deacon that she doesn’t need protecting, which scares Deacon even more. Whip says Deacon is being a selfish prick and needs to let go of her now.

Eric quickly tells Ridge how Massimo used Rick to get Ridge out of the company by coaching him. Massimo unsuccessfully attempts to explain to Ridge that he was only looking out for his best interests. Yeah, I knew that would fail miserably. Ridge becomes very angry and tries to go after Mass, but Eric stops him. After Ridge storms out, Eric tells Massimo to stay away from his son. Massimo goes ballistic and screams “Your son!?” We can all see where this is going tomorrow.

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