The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/29/02

By Matthew

Yay! Itís Friday!

Hereís a quick recap of todayís events:

Whip sets up a dinner table in Brookeís office for Brooke. Although she is reluctant to eat with him, hunger gives in and she sits down. It looks like just salad to me, and I bust out laughing when Brooke takes a bite of lettuce and maybe broccoli and remarks how good it is. I mean how difficult is it to get good lettuce? She clarifies that response for me and says the walnuts and olives are yummy as well. Whip made it all himself. They joke with each other but it turns more serious when Brooke admits Deacon came with her to the doctorís office.

Brooke doesnít want to talk about it and changing subjects, Whip tells her about Bridget being the new lead model for Amberís line. Brooke is pleasantly surprised. Changing subjects back to Deacon, Whip tells her if she ever expects to get over him, she has to cut him out of her life, completely.

Brooke admits that she isnít disgusted by Whip anymore. He offers to give her a massage, Brooke tells him he can do the neck and shoulders but nothing else. She isnít afraid. Hmm. Weird. Whip turns the lights down and the sexy music on and begins working on Brooke. He then turns her around and tells her to let go of Deacon. If she can do that, he will take good care of her (and theyíll have sex). Itís a win-win situation right?

Eric looks at a picture of him and Ridge and then one of Rick. He knows that someone coached him to take Ridge down and thinks he knows who it is. Rick comes in and Eric becomes serious with him and asks him who has been coaching him. He had better tell him right now. Rick tries to cover and say he had been studying the company for years. Nope. Try again. Rick eventually admits it was Massimo that coached him. Rick doesnít believe that Massimo took advantage of him, but we all know thatís true. Eric tells him not to be grateful to him; heís the enemy. Eric storms out to confront Massimo.

Mass apologizes to Ridge about his condition and tells him his offer to use the yacht still stands. He feels that if Ridge takes a year off with his family, he will come back refreshed and anew. Yeah go for it Ridge! Ridge wonders what Mass would want in return for that. Nothing at all. Ridge finds that odd. Mass explains he feels some kind of connection to Ridge and likewise from Ridge. Ridge wonders what has happened to his life. He wants to find out who helped Rick bring him down. Mass tries to get him off that notion and asks him what he can do to help him recover from this.

Mass almost convinces Ridge to take the year off, but before Ridge can decide, Eric storms in and isnít happy to see Ridge there with Mass. He tells Ridge that he has news that will make him hate Mass. Uh-oh!

Yíall have a great Easter!

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