The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/28/02

By Matthew

Deacon is pretty adamant about Bridget not doing the modeling gig for the "Ambrosia" line. I don't really understand why Deacon is so hostile about this. Whip says this was his idea and Amber and Bridget both want it. So there!

Deacon says Bridget is a pre-med student not a model. Bridget gets a little insulted when Deacon says that they can't have some amateur rolling out the new line. Suddenly Deacon knows everything about Forrester and says they are investing millions in it. Well, technically they're investing some of Bridget's money, since she is apart of the family. Anyway, Deacon apologizes but wishes he had been consulted. Bridget reminds him he was supposed to be there earlier and wants to know where he has been all day.

Uh-oh. Bridget asks Deacon, again, where he was. He covers that he had some appointments. He says that this job isn't for her. She admits she wants to do this because it'll give her the chance to be a bad girl. Rick suggests they test her and Megan and Bridget go off to change. Deacon says that Bridget will only embarrass herself and he's going to hold Whip responsible.

Megan helps Bridget pick out a test dress to model. Bridget tells Megan she needs her help to get ready and will explain everything later. Out on the runway, Deacon is convinced Bridget will only make a fool of herself. Rick starts to agree, but before they can talk about it much more, Megan gets on the mic and introduces Bridget. The music starts and the lights start going and we go to commercial. Bridget comes out in a hippie like, but very sexy, outfit. She almost looks like she is doing a strip tease to "Bad Girls." Whip definitely likes this and even Deacon smiles. Bridget is having a good time up there. Everyone loves Bridget. Amber declares her the new lead model, and even though Deacon smiles, he gets a nasty look on his face.

Brooke goes into Ridge's office that still actually has his name on it. His stuff is in boxes and she looks at a plaque that was given to Ridge by the International Design Council in 1995. She recalls some better times with him, even one when she was still a chemist. She comes back to the present and says things can't end this way. She leaves, probably for Ridge's house.

We see a layout of some sketches, presumably Ridge's. He's looking through a scrap book of different pieces of history at Forrester. He notices one picture of him and Brooke with the BeLieF logo below. He says things between them will never be the same.

Ridge attempts to draw with his right hand. He has major problems and throws the pencil down in frustration. Just then, the door bell rings. Oh I wonder who it could be. Of course it's Brooke. He reluctantly lets her in, but wants to know why she is there. She wants to talk to him. She asks him about his hand, but he doesn't reveal very much. She admits that she misses him at Forrester and his friendship. She asks him what he would have done if he was faced with the ultimatum he gave her. He says it wasn't a power struggle, but rather a question of quality. While the bedroom line was successful, giving Amber a line is a mistake. It's going to cost them millions. He says that Deacon is terrible and Rick is just a puppet. Someone is coaching him, but Brooke doesn't know who it is. Ridge thinks that whoever it is will want something in return. Moving on, Ridge doesn't understand how Brooke could hate Deacon so much before, and now consider him such an ally.

Ridge refuses to come back to Forrester and Brooke becomes a little upset. He asks her about her pregnancy and she tells him the baby has a clean bill of health. He questions her about the father of the baby, Whip, and if she really loves him. Ridge says the whole Whip story doesn't add up. Brooke says she could never be in love with someone as much as she was with Ridge and wonders if the same is true with Ridge. Ridge doesn't answer, but says it's been a long time since they have talked like this. Brooke says she misses this.

Ridge says they had some good times. He eventually admits that his hand is screwed up and he may never design again. Brooke says that she will not let this destroy him. He will always be an artist. The two share a special moment.

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