The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/27/02

By Matthew

Let the smooching begin in the doctor's office. Yes, it's Deacon and Brooke, the animals. Deacon tells her he wants her to come with her and that he needs her. Okay, what happened to moving on??

Whew. We see Brooke's naked thigh as the camera moves up to her and Deacon kissing. Better be careful, those nurses just run in and out without knocking. Deacon's talking like they're gonna do it right there. Yuck, but at least it's a sterile environment. Just then the nurse comes in and apologizes, thinking they had already left. The nurse takes the other woman to another room.

Brooke finishes getting dressed and Deacon helps her. Brooke says she doesn't trust herself right now and thinks Deacon should go. He says this is the only time he has ever acted on his feelings for her. They finish the scene with another kiss. He finally goes and very sadly I might add.

Amber and Rick think Whip is joking around when he suggests Bridget be their model. Nah, she embodies all the traits that Amber said she wanted. They argue with him, but he begins to convince them that Bridget would want to do this, especially to spend more time with Deacon.

Amber just doesn't see Bridget being their model. She's too inexperienced. Whip reminds them how everyone thought Brooke being the lead model for the bedroom line was a mistake, but it turned out to be very lucrative. He tells them the focus on the company is scandal, but Bridget is the only one in the family who hasn't been tainted. Bridget walks in with ink all over her shirt. Megan asks her what happened. Bridget was trying to change the ink cartridge in Deacon's printer and it broke. Hah! They start questioning her about Amber's line. Bridget says at first she was skeptical, but now she really likes her line.

Amber explains that they want her, Bridget, to be their lead model. Bridget is taken a back. Bridget doesn't know what to say. She slowly realizes how cool it would be and agrees, well after she clears it with Deacon. Right on cue, he enters. Amber tells him they have found the new lead model for her line. Hey reveal its Bridget. Deacon thinks it's a joke, but when he realizes it isn't a joke, is none to pleased.

Mass is furious that Sally made Stephanie dress up in a maid's uniform. She reminds him he had to cower to the "likes of Sally" earlier. Anyway, Mass says they need to tell Ridge the truth, but she says his life has enough chaos as it is. After all, his relationship with Eric is damaged, he won't ever run Forrester, and he may never draw again. Stephanie hates to think what that will be like for him. She also reminds Mass that designing is Ridge's passion. Just then, Ridge and Taylor come in. Ridge explains what happened at the doctor's office about how he may never use his hand again and goes for a drink. Yay!

Ridge fixes himself a drink and off on the balcony, Taylor tearfully explains Ridge's low range of motion in his hand and how he can't pick things up. She says this is happening at the worse time. Stephanie suggests that Mass go talk to Ridge. Ridge says if he had one more day's use out of his hand he'd put Deacon out for good. Mass says right now Ridge is his own worst enemy.

Mass tells him to stop wallowing in his own self-pity. He tells him to use all his anger, i.e. raw energy, to do something. Mass explains Ridge has other talents besides drawing. He tells him to design his life and show some creativity dammit! Massimo takes him up on the drink offer and Ridge becomes happier and thanks Mass. Taylor and Stephanie are watching and Taylor notes what an amazing man Mass is. Stephanie agrees.

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