The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/26/02

By  Matthew

Hey everybody!  Oh yeah, I saw Marissa Tait (ex-Becky) on that show “Baby Bob.”  Yea I know I said it looked stupid, but it wasn’t that bad.  She plays a babysitter and it looks like she has lost some weight.  How nice. 

Amber is totally freakin’ out a Forrester because she can’t find Deacon.  Whip says they don’t need him, but Amber thinks picking out the models is the most important thing.  No matter, the models are here so let’s get this show on the road.  The models are experienced but when they come out, they look like death.  They’re pale, skinny, and expressionless.  The all have dark blue circles around their eyes.  Woof.  Amber says she doesn’t want them, but apparently all the other models there are the same. 

Amber doesn’t know how to describe the model she wants, but she’ll know her when she sees her.  Bridget comes in looking for Deacon, but Megan says he isn’t there right now.  Whip eyes both of them like he has an idea for the new lead model. 

Whip suggests that Bridget could be their new lead model.  She’s smart, but not a nerd, sexy and beautiful without knowing it, and has a sense of humor.  Hmm.  Does everyone in the family have to be apart of the company?  Why can’t someone go out there and be an engineer? 

Brooke and Deacon get ready for the ultrasound and are holding hands when the Doctor Whitney comes in.  They let go of each other and Brooke introduces Deacon to the good doctor.  She doesn’t seem to phase that he is her son-in-law.  They get started. 

The doctor puts some goo on Brooke’s tummy and begins the ultrasound.  Brooke doesn’t want to know the sex yet, because she needs something to look forward to.  Deacon is amazed at the ultrasound.   Things are going well, but she seems to have a problem and Deacon flips out that something could be wrong with the baby.  Well, I can’t blame him for that, but it wasn’t smart.  Ah, everything turns out fine after all. 

The doctor shows Deacon the baby’s head, heart, and spine.  The doctor makes an alarming “Hmm?” at something on the ultrasound.  Doh!  Deacon and Brooke are alarmed.  Nothing is wrong with the baby after all.  The doctor was just surprised because the baby is smaller than expected.  She tells Brooke to push her due date back a little.  After the doc leaves, Brooke apologizes to Deacon because she forgot she had told the doctor she got pregnant in Paris.  Deacon is okay, and says that Brooke is the missing piece of the puzzle in his life.   

On to Macy’s room.  We get a more detailed look at her room with some very melancholy music.  There are different pictures of Macy from different times (short hair, long hair, cd cover) and even some from her childhood.  Adam, her dad is in one of those.  I even see a picture of Saul.  There’s a piano, sheet music, and stuffed animals as well.  Oh yeah and don’t forget the wedding pictures.  Stephanie notices that Sally hasn’t changed a thing in Macy’s room.  Sally says she isn’t crazy and tells her to get out.  Stephanie complies, but notices that a picture of Thorne and Macy is still there as well and wants to know why Sally kept it.  Well, Macy was very happy then.  She had her life ahead of her: dreams, a marriage, and children.  Stephanie tries to reach out to Sally.    

Stephanie says she thinks about Macy all the time and loves her.  She admits that Thorne is ashamed at how he treated her and knows what he has lost.  Finally we get some background on CJ.  Sally explains that she was able to get CJ out of this nightmare so he could get on with his life and be happy.  After all the tragedy he suffered she was able to do that.  However she wasn’t that successful with Macy.  They were around each other all the time, but in the end Sally failed her daughter and couldn’t protect her.  She says Macy was the one thing that kept her fighting and now she’s lost her and doesn’t think she can go on.  Moving on to Mass, Sally accuses Stephanie of stealing him away.  She couldn’t compete and now she’s lost the last thing she had to hold on to.  Ouch…how sad. 

Stephanie says Sally has to take some responsibility with the Mass thing.  She had to know how it would end.  Back to Macy, Sally says she was the one person who loved her, understood her, and knew her and without her she is totally lost.  Songs, memories, and flashbacks: the true way to make your audience cry. 

See ya tomorrow! 

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