The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/25/02

By Matthew

Well, I had a great time during Spring Break, but I guess its back to the ol’ grind. Whoa! Was last week an exciting week on the show or what? Also, this past Saturday was B&B’s crystal (15th) anniversary. The CBS site is doing a tribute to the show by showcasing all the weddings we’ve been subjected to since 1987. It’s also hard to believe I wasn’t even 6 then. Here’s a quick recap of what happened last week.

Sally finds out from Mass that Stephanie left Eric and Mass was present during the whole thing. She realizes he has been playing her like a fool and is livid. She storms over to Eric’s to tell him the truth about Ridge and Mass. Stephanie and Mass head her up at the house and Stephanie pleads with Mustang Sal to show a little mercy. We get a lot of bitter talk from Sally, but she doesn’t tell Eric the truth. In exchange, Stephanie has to be her personal maid, including a uniform, at her house. Oh I can’t wait to see that. Ridge refuses to come back to Forrester and although his hand doesn’t have much scarring and he can move it, he can’t hold a pen and totally flips out.

Deacon gets into his promotions job at Forrester and somehow works out Bob Barker and his beauties to come visit the design house, on Friday, in search of new outfits for models Nikki (hubba-hubba) and Claudia. They are particularly interested in Amber’s new designs that some other models (see a previous recap) had been wearing around LA. The three “Price is Right” stars all played themselves on B&B as part of the 15th anniversary celebration and dammit I wish I could have seen it. Bob Barker rules! Also, on Friday’s “Price is Right” the models (all three of them) displayed some of Amber’s new designs. Get the connection between the two shows here? Pretty cool.

On to today’s show. Stephanie is in the maid’s outfit at Sally’s place. She says she has played her game, but now it’s time to sit down and talk about this. Sally reiterates that this isn’t a game, but rather a lesson that Stephanie needs to learn. She wants her to know how it feels to be tired and have back aches from hard manual labor. Stephanie says she knows how that feels. Well that maybe true, but it isn’t anything compared to what Sally has had to go through. She tells her to shut up and get to work if she wants her secret to be kept.

Stephanie wants to know what this all supposed to accomplish. Will her wearing a maid’s outfit take away the pain about Massimo or Macy? The only thing she is doing is hurting herself. Sally retorts that she doesn’t need to do that as long as Stephanie is alive. Stephanie wonders how she got to be this bitter. Hmm, well all the bad crap that has happened to her might have played a role in it. But geez, be bitter with Brooke about Macy, not Stephanie. Sally tells her she should be terrified.

Stephanie she knows what it is like to be hurt and betrayed, but that Sally can’t let revenge take over her life. Sally notes how condescending she always sounds when she talks. She tells her to shut up and get back to work. She wants her to wash all the linens and make the beds in all the rooms. There’s only room that is off limits and she had better not catch Stephanie in there.

Wow, what an odd shot. The next scene starts off with a zoom in shot of a door knob that we can Stephanie’s reflection in. She’s eyeing the forbidden room and almost goes in, but holds back for a sec.

Brooke sits down to rest in her office and is wearing something hideous. It’s black maternity wear with these big white cuffs on the sleeves. It looks better suited for a clown. Megan checks in on her and reminds her about the ultrasound appointment for today. Brooke wants to go alone, i.e. without Whip, but Megan tells her to let Juliet watch her desk and she’ll take her. Brooke says she has to get used to the fact that she is going to be raising this baby alone.

Brooke flashes back to one of her nights of passion with Deacon where he told her there’s some man out there for her. Coming back to reality Brooke says she always believed that Ridge was the man for her, but he wasn’t. Instead it was Deacon, but they can never be together. Hmm, this all sounds so familiar. Whip overhears some of this and looks hurt or worried, hmm or maybe pensive?

Whip comes in the office and tells Brooke if she needs to talk to someone he’s there. He offers to take her out to lunch, but she explains she has a doctor’s appointment. He offers to come with her but she doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. She thanks him anyway and before she leaves, she tells him to check with Megan about some great music selections for the promo. They’ll talk when she gets back. Whip seems a little PO’d about the rejection.

Brooke goes to her appointment and tells the nurse she is alone. She sits down on the bed with the paper that always crackles and that’s it. Back from the break, Brooke has changed into her doctor’s office gown and is lying back getting ready for the ultrasound. The nurse leaves but not before asking if Brooke wants to know the sex of the child. Brooke isn’t sure yet and the nurse says she can understand that; after all, Brooke would want the father to be there. Yea….

Deacon and Whip are discussing something involving promotions and models. Whip wants to discuss models and not music first because he thinks that former is the most important part in all of this. Deacon argues that the music will set the whole tone for the “Ambrosia” Line. Oh god, they’re really calling it that? Barf. Moving on to more sensitive topics, Whip reminds Deacon that he is dating Brooke and having a child with her. Deacon clues him in that that only applies in front of the camera, but Whip thinks that he is getting Brooke to open up to him. He wonders how long she is supposed to wait around by herself in that big house, alone. Deacon says he and Brooke will never be an item.

Megan comes in Deacon’s office looking for Whip. Deacon doesn’t care as long as he stays the hell away from him. Megan thinks Brooke could do worse and she is really lonely right now. She explains Brooke’s doctor’s appointment and how she is all alone. Deacon is visibly affected by the mentioning of the ultrasound.

Taylor puts another pen in Ridge’s hand, encouraging him to try again. Too bad he can’t do crap with it and the pen slides out. Ridge wonders why it’s so hard for him to close his hand. He asks the doctor to tell him what’s going on. The doctor explains that he’s going to near physical therapy and that injuries of this nature just don’t fix themselves. Ridge asks him if this could be permanent. The doctor admits that he expected a greater range of motion (yeah greater than no motion), but with therapy and time things could improve. Ridge tries, unsuccessfully, to make a fist again.

The doctor says things will improve and that maybe he could learn to use his other hand. Shyea right, at his age? It’s like trying to write with your other hand. I’d be better off using my feet. Taylor is upset and asks the doctor to give them a minute alone. She tries to calm him, but he blames Rick, Amber and Deacon for crippling him.

Taylor tries with Ridge again to make a fist. He becomes frustrated and wonders how long it will take to get back to normal. He laments his career is over. Ridge becomes very upset and that notion and Taylor does her best to comfort him.

Stephanie goes in the forbidden room. Big surprise, its Macy’s room. I can see a school paper’s on a bulletin board and a recent picture as well as a baby picture of Macy. Stephanie picks up the recent picture of Macy but Sally suddenly grabs and demands to know what she is doing in there. She tells her to get out at once!

Deacon shows up at Brooke’s appointment. He says he’ll leave if she wants, but he wants to be there. She tells him she is glad he is there. Aww.

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