The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/12/02

By  Matthew

Only 3 more days ‘til SB baby!

Eric and Stephanie’s phone call continues. He wants to know if she will be coming home. She says she needs time, but he wants her home now and around her family. Her family is what will give her strength, not Massimo. Massimo tells Stephanie to hang up and Eric hears his voice. He demands to know if he is there. Stephanie gives Mass a “What the hell are you doing?!” look and covers the receiver.

Eric can’t believe that Stephanie trusts Mass who obviously has an agenda to break up their marriage. She tells him Mass isn’t the issue. The issue lies with Eric’s decision to support Brooke and Rick instead of her and Ridge. They argue about the merits of his decision. Eric finally says he needs Stephanie and they can’t solve their problems by walking away. They’ve invested too much in their marriage and family to do that. He wants to come over and see her, but she says she isn’t ready. He says that is fine but he will be waiting for her at home.

Taylor and Ridge come out wondering if that was Eric on the phone. She tells him he basically said that he feels he made the right decision about this whole thing. Ridge doesn’t want to hear that, but Taylor tells him not to take this out on Eric. It seems unfair because he’s the one taking all the blame on this. Massimo says this is a consequence of his actions, to which Taylor retorts he shouldn’t take too much pleasure in this after all, a family is breaking up. Mass says he isn’t trying to be insensitive but he is relieved the cycle of disappointment is over. He suggests they all go upstairs and pack a suitcase because they’re going on a trip. Stephanie says that is impossible, but Mass tells her to step through the door she opened (i.e. leave her husband and come with him).

Ridge thinks a vacation might be a good idea, but Taylor isn’t sure. She says they can’t go because Ridge has doctor appointments and may need more surgery on his hand. Mass suggests he and Steph go ahead and then they fly over later. Nope, the kids are in school and Taylor has her patients. Mass chuckles at how he and Stephanie don’t have responsibilities like that anymore. She refuses to take him up on the trip, but thanks him. Too many things are unresolved right now.

Mass says he’ll let them off the hook if they promise to start looking at what has happened as a good thing. Change is always good, right? Stressful? Yes, but good in the long run. Stephanie says she hears him but she can’t be happy right now knowing what Eric is going through.

Eric has a cocktail on the balcony and thinks to himself. He then sees some letters on the ottoman over Stephanie’s address book? Maybe? It’s a very nice address book with Stephanie’s name printed on the front. He opens it and finds the very old picture of Stephanie and Massimo from when they were teenagers.

Eric looks at the picture some more. He says that Stephanie told him she was fighting her feelings for Mass, but now he has found a picture of him in her day planner. Oh that’s what that is. He wonders what the real story is between them.

The comedy dinner continues. Whip wants to know how Bridget and Deacon met up. She explains to him how she snuck into the bar he managed on Sunset Blvd. (The Lair) and got caught with her fake ID. Whip jokes it is because she looked so “wholesome,” but Bridget says she wasn’t because of some tight leather pants, which after getting caught by Brooke, were supposed to be given to good will. Can you imagine some homeless person walking around in those babies? Turns out Bridget gave them to her friend Betsey, or actually loaned them. Brooke seems a little too shocked and a little hurt by this. Bridget says she’s going to tell her kids that she and Deacon met at a Bible study. Whip jokes he knows her secret and she wonders if he might blackmail her. Nah, nothing like that, just friends doing each other favors. Sound familiar? Deacon’s had enough and takes Bridget out to the dance floor after gobbling up all his liquor.

Deacon and Bridget dance as he gazes over to Brooke and Whip who have just entered the dance floor. Brooke protests she doesn’t feel like dancing, but he tells her to deal with it. Whip says Deacon makes him crazy, but she tells him not to give him such a hard time. Whip is less than sympathetic to Deacon’s situation. They change subjects to Bridget and Whip states Brooke should be proud of her. Brooke actually smiles and laughs a little. Hmm, warming up to Whip??

Whip says to think of him as a friend for hire. I mean she is going to need someone to talk to down the road. Deacon has his own problems and although Megan is good listener, they wouldn’t make a good couple. He jokes that if Brooke did decide to go that way, he wishes she would give him a call. Hah! Hot girl on girl action! Hehehe. Bridget is happy to see Brooke laughing and asks if she can cut in. Whip and Bridget go off and Deacon and Brooke dance. Deacon can’t believe Brooke is laughing with this guy. He knows Whip wants more than money from her. Over to Whip and Bridget. Bridget says the evening is turning out great. Whip says he is the lucky one is all this to have such acceptance from her and even Deacon.

The bill gets paid and they all leave. Bridget says goodnight to Brooke and Whip. Whip says bye to Deacon and says not to worry because he may be a little late getting into work tomorrow. Hah. Deacon swallows that remark down and they start to leave. Two steps away from the table Deacon says he forgot the credit card and tells Bridget to go get the car. Okay, normal people would just go back and get it or maybe just wait there while the other person gets the card. Deacon threatens to hunt Whip down if touches one hair on Brooke’s pretty little head. Aww..

Deacon and Bridget enter the beach house. She says she feels so much better about Brooke and Whip now. She says she has a surprise for him..hmm can we say teddy?...and jets off to go put it on.

Whip and Brooke are talking outside of her place. He tells her to move past Deacon and give him the chance to make her feel good.

Reminder, again, no B&B Thursday and Friday. So I guess my SB from this gig starts early. I saw one of those “What happens next?” things telling everyone that CBS daytime is going to be non existent Thursday and Friday and man it cracked me up. They had different characters saying things like “Why do you keep doing this to me?!” and “Whoa! Back up,” after the announcer mentions the missed shows. “Oh my god! No soaps for 2 whole days!” The horror! Later on.

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