The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/11/02

By Matthew

The dinner from hell is about to begin! Also I saw Dan McVicar on another ďOrbitzĒ commercial. Iíve been seeing him more on commercials than on the show as of late. Oh yeah and one more thing. If I have to see another damn promo for ďBaby Bob,Ē probably the most retarded ĺ of the season replacement, Iím going to throw up. Poor Adam Arkin.

At Cafť Russe, mmm food, Bridget wants to know more about Whip. One thing in particular she wants to know is how he and Brooke ended up together. Whip leads her to believe it was a hidden romance kind of relationship and Bridget notes that she and Deacon started out that way. Whip jokes that she and her mother have a lot in common. Warning! Double meanings will be very prevalent tonight!

Bridget slips and says that the only she knows about Whip is that he is the father of Brookeís baby and that Brooke loves him. Whoops, Whip didnít know that and Bridget takes her foot out of her mouth. Bridget eggs Whip on to say he loves Brooke. Then they smooch as Bridget says this is soo sweet. Deacon gobs some more liquor down and his rage builds. Whip talks about Paris and how wonderful it was. She wonders what changed things. He tells her he always been attracted to Brooke and itís made him a workaholic. You know being around Brooke who prances around in underwear all day. Bridget jokes that she understands why Deacon has been working so hard. Whip adds to that and says he hadnít thought about it from his perspective. I mean gross, your mother in law? Haha. Good one Whip. Anyway Whip finally noticed Brooke as a woman and got ďdeep inside of her.Ē He stumbles not meaning it literally, but Brooke is offended, though Bridget cracks up. Umm, eww. Bridget says its okay, because they all know they did more than hold hands. Haha. Funny. Whip meant to say he got to know Brooke and says he knows things about her that would shock Bridget, but he canít give her any details. Heíd be in the dog house with her. Whip notes many men would kill to be in his position right now, as he looks at Deacon.

Taylor and Stephanie are sitting outside on the balcony, but I donít know where it is. Maybe Ridgeís? Taylor says it has to be strange for Stephanie to be away from her home. She says she cannot go back. Taylor says she can understand why Stephanie is so angry and in fact Taylor is disappointed in Eric, but canít she see his side of things? Stephanie says she understands his point of view but doesnít accept it. All the years they were married and even while divorced, she respected him, but not anymore. Hmm, I thought she said they should split up before they lost respect for one another. Oh well, Taylor wants to know how much olí Mass has to do with this. Stephanie says it is odd she would still have feelings for him after all these years, but thinks heís always been apart of her. Just then, Ridge comes out. They hug; Ridge asks her if she has talked to Eric. Nope. She doesnít want to because she is afraid she will go running back to him. She wants to go back to him, but how many times can she forget about what he has done to the family and the company? Ridge doesnít understand why Eric wonít fight for anything because he, of all people, has the most to lose. Stephanie speculates itís easier for him to do this because peace, for him, is easier even though in reality he may lose a lot. Taylor objects that Eric isnít happy and she doesnít know why Stephanie would question his love for her. Stephanie responds with a question of her own: why wouldnít she question that? Hmm. Before Taylor can answer that, Thomas (they are at home) calls Taylor into the living room. Steffy and Phoebe are fighting over some toy and itís making Thomas go nuts. I would always go to my room if the girls had it out. Anyway, Steffy (with a lisp) says that Phoebe wonít share. Taylor responds that is her toy and she should let her have it and offers to read with her. Steffy responds she doesnít want to read. Stephanie helps out by offering to a puzzle with all 3 kids. Thomas knows something is up and wonders why Stephanie is staying with them and where Eric is. By the way the twins are wearing matching outfits. Yawn. Stephanie says she is staying with them to feel better and says its working. Just then a knock at the door. No it isnít Eric, but Mass. He smiles at the family in the living room. Man their living room is so organized even with all the games on the table. Our living room looked like a war zone with papers, books, toys, and yes even shoes, much to my motherís dismay.

Rickís on the phone with Amber I think, who wants him to bring home doughnuts and pork rinds. Nasty. Whatís she want next, beef jerky? Heís at the main house and Eric is there too. Rick offers to hang out with him more, but Eric tells him he is all right. He notes how quiet it is around there and realizes how lonely it must have been for Stephanie around there. Rick leaves and gives him a big hug as he leaves. Eric glances at a picture of Stephanie from at least a few years ago.

Eric wonders how Stephanie made it through all the years of being alone in this house. He flashes back to a whole of lot of different times he and Stephanie were together. Some were recent some were a long time ago. Coming back to reality he says he isnít about to lose her.

All the kids have to go to bed and Thomas says goodnight to Mass. Taylor and Ridge cart them all off to bed. Mass notes they have a beautiful family, meaning him and Stephanie. She tells him not to say that because someone could hear them. Mass doesnít think it would be a bad thing to have the truth out, and states heís going to tell Ridge the truth when he comes down there. Stephanieís like ďOh I donít think so.Ē

Stephanie tells Mass she isnít ready to let the truth out and knows her marriage to Eric would be over if that happened. So? Just then, Eric calls her and Stephanie picks up thought Mass isnít happy. He tells her he misses her and so does she. She tells him she canít come home. Eric tells her he has two families and itís a constant balancing act when it comes to loyalties. He admits he hasnít done a great job of that lately, but promises to do better. He only has one wife. He begs her again to come home.

Whip jokes that what he and Brooke have is as solid and real as what Bridget and Deacon have. Double meanings! Deacon gets Whip back by referring to him as ďWhippleĒ which Brooke didnít know was his full name. They laugh, but then Whip gives it right back to him by saying itís a family name, and heís considering passing it off to his son. I mean ďWhipĒ is a cool name and contemplates naming them all that. Argh. We find out Whipís grandfather worked on the railroad fixing bridges and stuff. He would be the first Whipple Jones of the three.

No big revelations today, folks, but hey itís all good. See you tomorrow!

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