The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/8/02

By Matthew

Praise the lord, it’s Friday, and a 70 degree Friday at that.

Whip picks up the remnants of his shattered lamp that Deacon, on yesterday’s show knocked to kingdom come. Deacon warns Whip again to stay away from Brooke. Cheesy line warning: Deacon says he has Whip’s number and he’s gonna dial it right now. Hahah! Stupid! I don’t get why Whip is visibly affected when Deacon reveals he knows his name is Whipple. Big deal.

Deacon makes fun of Whip’s name and has the gall to actually chastise him for taking advantage of a pregnant woman. Oh my god. Oh what is he the patron saint of high morals now? Please. I’m sorry, but I cannot take him seriously at all. Whip says that he isn’t making demands from Brooke, but he is negotiating and he isn’t interested in just cold hard cash. He insinuates that he’d like a little something more intimate. Whip threatens to kick him “up side the head” again for that one. Then I start laughing at all the little hints that are dropped that Sean Kanan was in the “Karate Kid”. Whip asks him if he’s a black belt and Deacon claims to have just taken a few lessons, here and there. Whip says he has taken some lessons and says although he took his job, he couldn’t take him. Deacon smirks at that remark, and says he isn’t here to start a war. More macho talk ensues. Whip makes me feel a little better by saying Deacon has no right to be so self-righteous with him. Thank you! He says he is holding the life of his child, wife, and lover in the palm of his hands, so he better show some respect, that is, if he really cares about them.

Whip warns Deacon the truth could just pop right out if he keeps pushing him. Whip finishes cleaning up and tells him to call maintenance to have them replace the lamp. He tells Deacon he’ll see him tonight at the Café Russe and leaves to go change.

Brooke paces around her office wondering what is going to happen. Megan comes in and wants to know what is wrong. She says she is loses control and everything is snowballing. She tells Megan about Whip’s demands, Deacon’s anger, and Bridget’s dinner plans. Megan figures out that Whip knows that Deacon is the real father. Brooke explains Whip’s demands and worries what Whip might tell Bridget. Nothing really new is discussed in this scene. Brooke catches Megan up on all of the chaos in her life. Brooke wants to just cancel the dinner, but Megan tells her to think. She explains that Whip wouldn’t jeopardize they whole charade by telling Brooke. He’ll want to milk this for all it has.

Amber pays Bridget a visit. Bridget says she needs some advice about her sex life, or lack there of, with Deacon. I can tell in Amber’s eyes that she keeps thinking about how Deacon lied to everyone about Las Vegas. Bridget can’t understand why Deacon is acting this way. They haven’t been married for very long, and she has a very bad feeling about this. Until 27 days ago, their marriage was great, but now. She explains how she invited Whip and Brooke to Café Russe tonight and also how Deacon reacted so negatively. Then when Whip cancelled, originally, Deacon still didn’t want to go out with her. Amber doesn’t think it could be necessarily a bad thing. He could just be in a slump. Amber advises her to take action, but Bridget it’s already on it. She has some steamy lingerie to show Deacon for dessert. She then calls his office to let him know that Whip and Brooke will be able to make it after all, but only gets his voice mail.

Amber walks in to Brooke’s office where Megan is filing. She’s there to drop off a sketch, but Brooke has already left. Amber says the dinner tonight is going to be wild. Megan’s ears perk up, thinking Amber knows something. Amber says the whole thing with Brooke and Whip is weird. Why would she keep secrets like that? After the Thorne fiasco, she thought Brooke was trying to be more honest. Amber starts questioning Megan about Brooke’s thoughts about Deacon. Uh-oh. Amber is just looking to find out why Deacon is acting so strange, but Megan can’t give her any viable info. Amber is a little less than satisfied.

At Café Russe, Deacon has some liquor and is joined by Bridget, who has a nice dress on. Deacon is wearing all black as usual. Deacon asks Bridget if she could not make a big deal about this so they could go home. Bridget thinks he’s excited to get home because of her stunning dress, but he doesn’t have a clue, but covers. They both resolve to forget about this afternoon. Just then, some photographers follow Whip and Brooke into the restaurant. The two join the others at the table. They all greet each other. Bridget says she has wanted to do this for a while and by the end of the night she is going to find out what is going on between Brooke and Whip. Whoopee sounds fun.

Time for baseball. Have a nice weekend folks!

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