The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/7/02

By Matthew

Deacon wonders what Whip is really after and proceeds to start looking through his desk. He opens up Whipís address/date book and rifles through it. There are some autographed pictures from models Karrie, Jenny, and Cindy. Hmm..okay? Deacon thinks that Whip is a loser for that, but I donít get the connection. Then Deacon stumbles across Mr. Jonesí long term goals. Hereís where I think Whip is a loser. His long term goals arenít like about getting married or having kids or even finding himself spiritually, no Whipís long term goals include getting a beach house in Malibu, an Italian sports car, and a yacht. Better talk to Mass about that one. Next Deacon starts looking through Whipís files, and the one he goes through is his tax return. Ooh, naughty Deacon. He laughs at how Whipís full name is Whipple. Yeah, kinda lame, but címon your name ainít so great, Deacon, I mean isnít that a religious person or something? Deacon doesnít care what his name is, because if he tries to scam Brooke, heíll be sorry.

Bridget catches Deacon looking through Whipís stuff. She laughs that Whipís name is Whipple, but doesnít see the harm in appreciating nice things, like yachts. They donít know anything about Whip, so thatís why she set up the double date thing with the 4 of them. Deacon is immediately against it, but feels a little better when he finds out neither Whip nor Brooke can make it. However instead of saying heíd like to go out with his wife, he says he doesnít want to either. Bad move buster. Bridget becomes agitated that Deacon is putting her off, when it comes to going out and having sex. She says itís been 27 days since they did the old nasty, and is offended when Deacon, in so many words, says heís too busy. She becomes even angrier when it seems he didnít even notice that it had been that long. She storms out.

Brooke accuses Whip of blackmail. Whip goes through how he took a huge risk for Brooke. Yeah yeah, weíve heard all this before. He says that like it or not, they are in this together.

Whip explains he wants all these things so the press wonít think Brooke is dating someone beneath her on the social latter. Hah, not a bad one Whip. Itís still blackmail. Whip gets a little closer to Brooke who eventually agrees to the new car and the raise. Whip promises to treat her like a lady. Just then Bridget comes in and saves Brooke. She apologies for interrupting, but Brooke says Whip was just leaving. Bridget says she is sorry Whip canít make it to dinner, but this is the first Whip has ever heard of it. He doesnít tell Bridget this though and says the thing that was keeping him from dinner was cancelled and now he can come. Brooke starts freaking out a little, but has to go along with it. Bridget is thrilled he wants to go and he offers to set everything and get a limo. He exits very happily. On to a more serious note, Bridget wants to Brooke about her lack of a sex life, since she is the all time expert. Instead of being there for her daughter and just sucking it up and talking to her about sex, Brooke claims she canít deal with this right now because she is too busy. Okay, Bridget realizes Brooke is uncomfortable about talking about sex involving Deacon, címon Bridget, put it all together. She doesnít, but is majorly hurt Brooke wonít talk to her and leaves sadly.

Brooke does a little more crying and sighing and finally Deacon joins her. I say finally, because heís always with her. Itís only a matter of time before we got another long scene between the two. He says itís been a hell of a day. He says it could be worse because they could be having dinner with the Whipster. Hah! But we are Deacon! Brooke informs him they are going out to eat with together. Doh! Deacon has had it! He wants to do something to get Whip out of their lives. He storms out as Brooke tries to stop him. Oh no what will Deacon do??

Rick carries Amber, who Iím sure is heavier than normal, up to their bedroom. Oh please, no sex scenes, please. Wasnít it bad enough for them to be all kissy face at work? By the way she is in too good a mood for a pregnant person. My mom had very little energy or patience for any of us while she was all ďpreggersĒ with my lilí sis. He puts her in bed and says she needs to rest. But from the looks of it, they arenít going to be napping. Rick ďwhipsĒ off his shirt and hops in to bed with her, stating heís taking the rest of the day off. Lovely. Cue in the sexy music (you know the whining saxophones) and Amber and Rick to start making out and then roll the credits. Oh man, when the credits end, we go from a black screen to a major close up of Rick and Amber kissing. Itís so zoomed in that it looks like Amber is kissing skin. Okay, thereís Rickís mouth. Amber is little worried Brooke will be POíd that they cut out early, but letís be serious, she doesnít really care. Rick says Eric is still AWOL. Wait, heís AWOL? I would think that would be more appropriate for Ridge, because Eric isnít leaving the company. Anyway Amber hopes Rick took his vitamins because he is in for a workout. Itís just a 30 minute show. Itís just a 30 minute show.

Amber is moaning in passion as Rick does something to her lower half off camera, no this ainít porno; heís just giving her a foot massage. Amber wonders how much longer their ďgood spellĒ will last. She also tells him how grateful she is he forgave her way back when for the Deacon thing. They kiss some more. Ahh, Iím all warm and fuzzy! Rick says he could be CEO at Forrester, but it wouldnít mean a thing without her and the kids. Smooching continues. Hot and heavy!

Whip goes into his office and notes Deacon isnít there. He realizes someone, namely Deacon, has been looking through his stuff, in particular, the date/address book. Deacon storms in and says they need to talk. He warned Whip not to cross the line with Brooke but he did anyway. Well, yeah you wanna make something of it? Deacon knocks something off the table and says heís going to pay! Whip looks a little less than scared.

Another fight tomorrow? I wish they would do one of those ďWhat happens next?Ē things, but the only one I saw was for ATWT.

See ya tomorrow. FYI: B&B will be preempted next Thursday March 14th and Friday March 15th for the NCAA Basketball Championships. Yep, itís March Madness time folks! Bye.

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