The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/6/02

By Matthew

Hey B&B fans! What’s up? Well we’ve had a depressing set of events occur as of late on the show. Well depressing, unless you don’t like Stephanie and Eric as a couple. She left him yesterday. We’ll see how it all pans out today. Also, depressing for me, well maybe more terrifying, is that I just realized I know a hell of a lot less about my design project, which is due next Friday, (Gasp!) than I thought. So as you lament over the couple, you can feel for me too. Hah, yeah I’m sure you really care. On with the recap.

Brooke is filing or something and as Deacon, the rebel without a clue, enters she explains that Mass and Stephanie took Ridge home from the hospital last night. She explains that he is upset with everyone. Yep. Deacon actually says he feels terrible about what happened to Ridge. Well, Deacon did you need to hit Ridge the second time? You pretty much took care of him with that first kick. Brooke absolves him of any guilt and says the bigger problems lie with Whip. Deacon says he’ll handle him, but Brooke wants him to stay as far away from Whip as possible. They work in same damn office! How is that possible? She explains that the more he defends her against Whip, the more proof he has that Deacon is the father. Deacon still feels that he is bluffing, but Brooke says they need to act as though he knows and deal with him. Deacon still thinks that he doesn’t know the truth, but if he did they’d be screwed. News flash: he does know! Deacon wants to hang tough and keep on lying. I guess lying is less of an evil than blackmail, but man they should just spill it. It’ll come out eventually. It always does. She says they must protect Bridget at any cost. Deacon wonders how long that will be. The rest of her life? Well, just hire a hit man and kill her, and then there won’t be a problem. I kid. Brooke wonders how Whip could only care about himself. Like you should talk. They hug and then Bridget comes in and sees them. She looks a little hurt and surprised at the same time. Nah, she’s too ditsy to figure it out yet.

Bridget wants to know what is going on in there. Uh-oh. Of course Bridget is worried something is wrong with Brooke. They cover and say it’s about Ridge. Bridget tries to comfort Brooke and tells her this isn’t her fault. Deacon leaves to go downstairs, while Brooke wonders why Bridget isn’t in school. It’s SB baby! And instead of going to Cancun or Tijuana or hell even the beach, Bridget has decided to spend hers with Brooke. Oh god, how boring is that. Damn her, she probably has all A’s too, along with Rick, who is also spending his spring break (I’m inferring this) at Forrester. These people are too rapped up in their families! Bridget warns Brooke not to get stressed out or she’ll be back in Ojai. Oh fun. After Bridget bad mouths Whip for not being there for Brooke, she informs her that she made reservations at the Café Russe tonight for her, Brooke, Deacon, and Whip. Yay! A mom and daughter double date! Barf. Of course we know how difficult this will be, because 3 out of the 4 people at dinner will know the truth about Brooke and Deacon, but maybe it’ll have some comical appeal to me so I’m game. Brooke doesn’t want to do it, and wants Bridget to stop interfering, but she says she cannot let this go.

Joy, Whip’s mom, serves him some eggs. Apparently Whip has an appetite this morning. Yawn. Why would that be? He has a big day at work. She gets nervous when he starts talking about bringing in a lot of money. She hopes he has taken care of the mess involving Ms. Logan. Whip explains he is still protecting Brooke because the real father of her baby is her son-in-law. From Joy’s expression, it looks like you could knock her over with a feather.

Joy can’t believe that Brooke got pregnant by her son-in-law. She wants Whip to distance himself from them. They’re terrible! Joy also says Brooke needs a shrink, not a friend. She’s also suspicious of what Whip has planned. Long story short, he will keep her secret in exchange for a better lifestyle. Joy looks offended because she probably is proud of what she has. It may not be the best, but she definitely earned it. I feel a little sorry for her. She wants things to be better for them, but not like this.

Oh god, Rick and Amber are all kissy face in Ridge’s office. Maybe it isn’t his office anymore. She interrupts their tryst to call Josh to see if her designs are being made yet. Rick takes the phone from her and says there are more important things to be doing. Yeah, like screwing around in someone else’s office? They do the double entendre stuff for a while until finally someone interrupts. It’s Josh who says they are ready for him. He’s about to show some people in and Amber is pleasantly surprised, though we aren’t filled in on what it is yet.

Amber is shown her first three designs on models. They’re all bare midriff numbers. Okay none are appropriate for school. And I’m sorry but the last design looks butch. The black design is okay. In short, maybe people in LA dress that way, but normal people don’t and especially not to work. Plus, to pull off these designs, you’d need to have a flat stomach and some great abs, and also, sorry ladies, but you have to have a chest. Otherwise, these designs aren’t for you. Amber is totally overjoyed and I’m happy for her. She knows how her designs work.

Haha, the ad listed after “Production assistance provided by:” was the Snore Stop Extinguisher. It actually looks like a miniature fire extinguisher. Apparently, it gets rid of the old snoring woes. How tacky!

Amber asks the models how they feel. Model 1 really loves, no she REALLY loves it. Gigi (aka Model 3) feels like she is wearing a piece of fashion history. Amber tells them to go out and party in them tonight. She tells Josh she’ll have another design by the end of the day. Rick and Amber proceed to make out more.

Whip greets Brooke who asks him if he knows how to knock. Oh he sure does, after all he “knocked” her up. Bada boom. Lame, but a nice change. Brooke tells him she could fire him like that and he would be gone. He threatens that he would go to the press and they would listen to him. They get a little friendlier and Brooke asks him where they go from here.

Whip wants Brooke to be a little nicer to him. Then he asks her to sit on his lap. She doesn’t want to but he tells her to stop acting like the ice princess. That term sounds familiar? He then says he wants a raise. He wants his salary doubled and a new car along with a new house. She accuses him of blackmail. Whip says this isn’t just about money and reiterates they have to project an image of being a very intimate couple. She calls him a bastard but he points out he is trying to keep her child from being one. She tries to slap him, but he says they had better work together in order to make this work.

Deacon is writing or something when Bridget comes in and wonders what they will do about Brooke. She wants to make sure the baby’s father is in Brooke’s life to help her raise him. Hmm, I doubt Deacon really wants Whip around. Uh-oh. Inner conflict! What a strange and not so new twist. Bridget thinks it looks like Brooke is abandoning Whip now, which prompts Deacon to point out that they should respect her wishes. Well, Bridget doesn’t know for sure how Brooke feels. That’s the point. They know nothing about this guy or Brooke’s feelings. Deacon tells her she should stay out of this. Bridget wants to go talk to Whip, but Deacon warns her not to. He gets so in her face that she realizes he is threatened by Whip. She can tell something is up and I think Bridget is going to be even more determined to talk to him.


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