The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/6/02

By  Matthew

You know there are times when this show actually moves me.  Yesterday was one of those times.  When Stephanie and Ridge told Eric they were leaving with Massimo, the look on Ericís face was nothing short of perfection.  He had a look of shock and incomprehension rolled into one and the music really added to that.  I wonder if they can top that today. 

Bridget is a little less than enthusiastic about Amberís head designer aspirations.  She says she has talent, but it took Ridge years to gain enough experience to run things.  And because Amber is not Ridge, it could take much longer, hah!  Burn Amber!  Bridget apologizes for the harsh comment, but sheís worried about her family.  Amber retorts that Ridge is responsible for the problems at Forrester and the sooner he leaves, the better.  Gee, thatís nice.  Bridget counters that Ridge is one of the best designers in the world and if he goes what will they sell?  Some of Amberís designs?  There was a strong sarcastic tone to that last question.  Just then, Josh from the cutting room, or maybe Amberís assistant, comes up to retrieve some finished designs.  He looks a little less than thrilled with what he is doing. Amber asks if her first piece is finished yet.  Yep, just got out of the cutting room.  Bridget jumps in to ask how everyone feels about Amberís first design.  A nasty look from Amber turns into a slightly worried one. 

Bridget smirks that she really wants to know the truth about what the sewers think about Amberís design.  Truth be told, they love it and already want to buy it.  That smug look on Bridgetís face slowly fades to embarrassment and Amber couldnít be happier.  Okay, the director told Josh to look annoyed when he came in to make us think he didnít like Amberís stuff.  I say thatís like bait and switch or something to trick us, the viewers.  Anyway, Amber doesnít rub it in too much after Josh leaves.  She says she hopes Ridge comes back, but she thinks the company will survive if he doesnít. 

Ridge assures Eric that Mass is not behind this ďcoupĒ they are forming.  Eric wants to talk to them alone, but Ridge tells him isnít getting it.  There arenít any issues to discuss.  He chose Brooke over him and now he and Stephanie have made their choice.  Heís leaving the company.  Ridge tells Eric to accept their decision to leave the hospital with Massimo. 

Eric canít believe both Ridge and Stephanie are leaving with Mass.  He tells him how impressive it is that he has gone after his wife and now his son.  Stephanie reiterates that Mass had nothing to do with this, but Eric is doubtful.  Mass says Eric is more responsible for this than him.  Ridge says he and Eric have totally different opinions when it comes to how to deal with the company.  Ridge wants to fight Brooke, while Eric wants to appease her.  Thatís why he and Stephanie have to leave.  He wishes it was different, but this is how it has to be. 

Eric doesnít know what else to do.  He said he would talk to Brooke to get her to share power with Ridge, but that isnít good enough for him.  Ridge says he would only share power with Eric, but even now he doesnít want to do that.  Eric sees how angry Ridge is, but Ridge says he isnít really angry or resentful anymore.  Heís been let down so much, he just feels empty inside.  Okay, drama queen.  Well heís being a little melodramatic.  I mean itís not like Eric actually abandoned him.  It has to be hard to choose between your kids.  Eric tries to explain how he was trying to do what was best for the company, and he tries to get out that he didnít want Brooke to run things, but there was no alternative.  Ridge says he has accepted what Eric decided to do and now he must accept his and Stephanieís decision.  Eric doesnít believe that Ridge would work some where else.  He wouldnít have nearly as much design freedom, but Mass says he would.  Eric deduces Mass offered Ridge a job, but Ridge tells him again this has nothing to do with Mass.  It has to do with him and what he wants for himself.  He goes on to say he should have left sooner after Brooke took over the company.  He should have seen this whole thing coming, especially after Eric and Brooke had children.  Then, Ridge goes through a long speech about how Eric was the best teacher he ever had.  He taught him everything he knows and he wants to thank him for that.  Eric starts to tear up a little. 

Eric looks to Stephanie for some kind of hope he still has a chance to get through to her or Ridge.  Just then, a nurse comes in to tell Ridge she has his release papers.  Ridge asks Mass to come with him so Stephanie and Eric can have some time alone.  The nurse offers Ridge a wheelchair but heís okay to walk.  They leave.  Eric begs Stephanie to not let this happen to them, but she says itís already done.  Itís over.  Damn, straight to the point.  Eric says this isnít what he wanted and Stephanie agrees, because she still loves him.  Eric sees hope in that and wants to try and work things out.  She says they canít do that.  She says there were once very good for each other, but now they are two completely different people and the time has passed for them to be together.  Stephanie starts to lose it a little as she talks about how they started a successful business and raised a wonderful family, but the mistake she made was thinking it would last forever.  They were so young and had so many dreams, some of which came true, but others that didnít.  She talks about how she loved the way he felt about art and about his dreams.  The truth is that the thing with Brooke has never gone away, even after all these years.  Itís always been there and now itís affected Ridge, and now she wonders about when it will affect Thorne and Kristen.  Eric says she is making too much of that, but she disagrees and says she could never make too much of Brooke.  She goes on about how they havenít grown very much as couple recently and that they need to make the decision to walk away.  She also says that Eric having kids with Brooke has caused the problems.  They own more of the company than Stephanie does and Eric, as a result of them, has two families.  She only has one.  She loses it even more when she says she shouldnít have expected him to treat them the same as the other kids, but Eric stops her.  He asks her again not to do this.  She refuses. 

Eric is standing in a corner as Stephanie sits on the bed.  Ridge comes in, dressed with Massimo.  He asks him if she is ready.  Yeppers. Stephanie walks out with Ridge, but Eric says he wants a moment alone with Mass.  Oh boy.  He tells them heíll meet them at the elevator.  Eric knows that Mass planned this and wonders what he offered Ridge.  Mass says that Eric has a lot to learn about Ridge, but Eric says that he will not take Ridge away from him.  Mass said he never had Ridge, but Eric warns him that he had better not hurt either one of them.  He knows he is just using Ridge to get to Stephanie.  After a few more lines, Eric begs Mass not to tear his family apart, but Mass says heís already done that. He leaves and joins the other two at the elevator.  Eric walks out and as the doors are closing he stops them with his hand.  He asks Stephanie and Ridge, again, not to leave him, but when they look away, he lets the doors go.  Eric paces around the hospital ward for a minute and finally burst into tears.  We slowly zoom away from him and the ward and it almost looks like either heís on a stage or in this bubble because outside of the small portion of the screen that is the hospital ward is total darkness.  Weird and really sad.  Now Iím all depressed. 

Well, have a good evening.

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