The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/4/02

By Matthew

Well things went from bad to worse on Friday. Not only was Ridge voted out of the company, but to add insult to injury, his hand was severely cut in a brawl in his office involving Deacon and Rick. Ridge hasnít had very good luck when it comes to fights. You may remember how he self impaled himself (yes, itís possible) last fall in a fight with Massimo. Anyway he survived that so hopefully that will happen this time.

I didnít mention on Friday how there was actually a piece of glass stuck in Ridgeís hand. Barf. Rick tells Whip to get some fabric so they can wrap it. Ridge doesnít want to go anywhere with them, but quickly changes his mind once he realizes that he canít feel his hand. Oh lord. Amber goes to get the car while Rick, Whip, and Deacon help Ridge up.

Ironically, the next scene starts off with a hand doing a sketch. Itís Antonio! We havenít seen him in a while. Geez his hair is getting long. He needs to go in for a trim all ready. Sally joins him and by the way they are at Spectra. She wonders why he is trying to change so many things with his design. Apparently, he has a lot on his mind and is getting distracted. It has to do with the Forresters and Sally isnít surprised. They have a million problems and neither choosing to side with Brooke or Stephanie will result in a positive outcome. Antonio says he thought they could forage peace out of this, but after what Kristen told him about the board meeting today, the Forrester family is at its worst.

Stephanie tells Mass about how Eric voted Ridge out of the company. Mass tries to use the whole situation to his advantage by telling Steph that in the long run it will be better if Ridge and everyone know the truth about his paternity. He says that she should leave the company and Eric and start over with him. He knows Eric and Brooke will destroy each other and why should she be taken down with them? Mass says that someone should call Ridge because he probably wonít leave Forrester quietly. Stephanie realizes that he has a point and calls Ridgeís office. Over in Ridgeís office, Amber gets an employee to bring in some cleaner for the carpet and glass. The phone rings and she answers. She tells Stephanie about Ridgeís accident. She immediately hangs up and Stephanie and Mass leave for Cedars.

Rick drinks some coffee as he waits in the hospital. The doctor tells him there was significant bone and nerve damage and it may not heal. The doctor reiterates he canít make many predictions except that Ridge is going to need a lot of support. Yawn. Same old doctor crap like usual. Rick goes in to see Ridge who looks pretty wiped. He isnít happy to see him. He tells him to leave, but Rick wonít until he knows he is okay. The doctor comes in and asks if Ridge can feel any tingling in his fingers. Nay. Apparently the radial nerve was severely severed. Ouch and there was a lot of bone damage. Yeah we already know. The doctor says itís too soon to make any calls about Ridgeís hand. Rick says there is hope in that, but Ridge tells him to get out and this time he means business. The doctor tells Rick he better leave.

Sally doesnít find it possible Ridge would leave Forrester. Sally wonders where they could go, but then realizes, to herself, that Ridge and Stephanie could leave Forrester and join Massimo. She wonders if things would play out that way.

Amber watches the worker clean up the glass in Ridgeís office, as Eric comes in. Amber explains how there was a fight and Ridgeís left hand was badly cut. Eric realizes thatís Ridgeís drawing hand! Oh no!!

The doctor tests Ridgeís nerves by asking him if he feels pin pricks on his fingers at different places. Nay, again. Ridge tries to move his hand and his fingers, but has little success. Just then Stephanie and Mass run in. She asks if he is all right and hugs him.

Sally wants Tony to keep Kristen away from all that mess as Forrester, as best as he can. Well, why? She tells him that Forrester Creations is about to go down, hardcore. Something worse than all of Brookeís scandals may soon be revealed. Theyíre about to lose their greatest asset forever. Oh get the double meaning? She means Ridge is leaving the company, but it could also be taken with respect to Ridgeís accident and the paralysis of his hand.

Although it would level the playing field, Sally admits she would be sad to see Ridge leave Forrester. Yeah, but only because then she wouldnít have Mass anymore. Actually admits her reasons have to do with Massimo. Sally explains how Massimo wants Stephanie and something else, but she canít spill it. After today though, the whole world will know the truth.

Stephanie wishes she had been there. Mass asks the doctor to leave for a minute so they can talk. Stephanie says Amber told her he had an accident, but Ridge views it differently. He explains how he got into a fight with Rick and Deacon, but has washed his hands, no pun intended, of them all. Mass feels this is something to celebrate, but Ridge wants no part of that. Mass tells both Ridge and Stephanie how sorry he is about what happened. Ridge wonders why Eric would turn on them like that. Mass says that Eric chose his other children to defend this time. He tells them itís time for Ridge to start looking elsewhere for their future. He promises them he would never betray their trust and turn against them. His purpose in life is to see that they are both happy. Okay, a little cryptic there. Just then, Eric runs in. He laments at how Ridge is hurt, but Ridge just glares back at him.

Amber says Deacon is probably in trouble. Eric wants to see him when he gets back from the hospital. Whip lashes out and says that violence is not how they solve things at Forrester. Thatís true; Deacon hit both Whip and Ridge in a two day span. Amber tells him to shut it. Deacon hopes Ridgeís hand will be okay. Amber wonders if Ridge can forgive Eric for what he did.

Eric takes full responsibility for what happened. Heís going to make Deacon leave the company for what happened and he promises to get Ridge back in the company. Wow! Ridge wonders how that will happen. Eric says that with a little time it will all work out, but Ridge has heard that before. They start arguing about the company. Eric is confident that after a while Brooke will think it wise to put Ridge in a position of authority. Mass jumps in and wonders why Brooke would do that. Eric politely tells him to butt out. Ridge thinks that is a fair question. Eric isnít sure how theyíll do it, but they will. Eric wants to take Ridge and Stephanie home and goes to talk to the doctor. Ridge stops him and says he isnít going home with him and heís not coming back to Forrester, ever. Stephanie says she isnít going home with him either. Eric, surprised, says they have made their point, but itís time to go home and settle this. They donít say anything and Eric looks at Mass. Mass says they are going home with him. Major look of horror on Ericís face! Oh wow! This is terrible!

See ya tomorrow.

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