The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/29/02

By  Matthew

Massimo is pretty happy with himself after all the "progress" he made with Stephanie last night. Remember, the two shared a smooch that Stephanie started. He knows that someday Stephanie, Ridge, and him will be a family. He flashes back to the kiss. I guess he really liked it. He sits down at his desk and realizes he has to get Ridge out of the Forrester business before any of the "togetherness" can take place. Yeah, Stephanie will really love you once she finds out about your "mentoring." He wonders what Ridge is doing now and what his strategy to defend himself from Rick will be.

Rick comes into Mass' office with a bottle of wine thanking him for what he did. How did he get that? Steal it from the wine cellar in Forrester? Folks, unless Rick had a b-day, he's still 20. Rick tells him he blew all of them out of the water at the meeting. Everyone was impressed, but Ridge, who sees him as an enemy now. Rick feels he has just cause to be a board member now. Massimo tells him not to act too cocky, because if there is a way to get him out of Forrester, Ridge will find it. He needs an ally, perhaps Bridget. Well Bridget will own half of their mom's stock (hehe 1/3 you mean), but she isn't interested in being involved in the company. Well what about her husband? Hehe, that produces a painful look on Rick's face. Deacon as an ally? Not!

Rick isn't comfortable with teaming up with Deacon. He explains the history between them. Mass says a man like that could be useful, but Rick feels it isn't worth it. Mass warns him that the last meeting was a wake up call for Ridge and it won't be so easy next time. Well, Rick still has Massimo to guide him. Mass knows that Ridge knows Rick is being tutored. But, he doesn't know that Mass is the one doing it. Mass stresses that Ridge can never know that. He feels Ridge is taking steps to counter them. But what steps is he taking? Rick wonders how Mass knows all about Ridge like this. Mass advises him to make a friend in Deacon. Rick gets fed up and starts to leave, but Mass tells him not to let his guard down for an instant! Rick questions why Mass wants him to run Forrester as much as he does. We get shifty looks from Mass and then Rick leaves.

Ridge is in bed looking over some contracts for Forrester. He seems to be having trouble concentrating. Taylor walks into the bedroom stating that Catherine is getting the kids to school. I always wonder why people where shoes (not slippers) with their night gowns. That's exactly what Taylor is doing, but boy is that a nice nightgown. Ridge wants no distractions, but Taylor wants a little action. She tells him to move the stuff off the bed, but Ridge feels this stuff could determine who runs Forrester. He's worried about Rick of course. Taylor manages to distract him with a kiss.

After his romp with Taylor, Ridge is back to looking through his files. Actually, it's the Forrester by-laws. He's trying to find a way to stop Rick, but Taylor feels it's Brooke who needs stopping. Ridge thinks she's totally out of the picture. Suddenly Ridge finds something he thinks could stop Rick. Oh boy!

Brooke added an addendum when she took over Forrester. It says if she can't exercise her voting rights due to mental or physical problems, then the person in Section B #2 of her power of attorney has those rights. Ridge doesn't know who she assigned, but he knows he must find that document so he will know. Whoever this person is controls her stock, the board of directors, and Ridge. Taylor and Ridge start frantically looking through all the papers on the bed for some clue as to who this person is.

Ridge wonders where Brooke would keep that power of attorney file. Taylor suggests at her house. Hmm, maybe? That would be bad because Amber and Rick wouldn't let them search the house. Eh, break in when no one is there. Taylor tries to brainstorm who the designee might be. Who was Brooke close to back then? She realizes that Brooke was in love with Ridge back then, but he thinks it's a stretch. I don't know, sounds rather Brooke-like to me. Ridge suddenly has an idea where the power of attorney file might be.

Ridge talks to himself about how Rick probably feels good about himself. If things turn out the way he thinks they will, then Rick's days of Forrester are over. If Ridge is that person and he can prove that Brooke is incapacitated and he can do all this before she transfers her rights to Rick then it'll be true. I'd like to see that happen, because I'm tired of Brooke and really I'm starting to get tired of Amber. Rick isn't nearly as cocky as everyone else, but face the facts, he's 20 and he's too young to run the company.

We get a close up shot of a picture of Brooke where she looks pretty good. Deacon grabs it and thinks about how intoxicating Brooke is. Bleh. It really disappoints me how mellow he's become. I like the days when he was more of a bad-ass. Stupid Bradley Bell, changing around characters..grrrr. He wonders how he'll forget about her. Knock at the door (we're at the beach house) and it's Amber. It must be cold in LA because she has a turtleneck sweater and jacket on. Amber thought someone was with him because she heard him talking, but Deacon says he was just talking to himself. About what? Deacon says it's private and Amber speculates he was talking about the Vegas trip. Nope. Well that makes sense because there was no Vegas trip. Doh! Amber knows and Deacon knows that she knows. He lied about this to Bridget. Deacon turns around with a sly smile on his face. (Wha?)

Amber what's to know where he really went. She informs him how Alex knew nothing about the trip and neither did Hank, his boss. Deacon tells her to keep her mouth shut. He tells her it isn't what she thinks it is and to give it a rest. She shuts up and changes the subject to the infamous board meeting. Rick really blew them away. Deacon laughs thinking he didn't have it in him. Deacon asks her for a favor. He wants her to help him mend the fences with Rick. He's going to need allies. Deacon lies and says he has a new found respect for him after the board meeting.

Amber greets Rick at home. Amber goes on again about Rick being CEO and stuff. She tells him she went over to Deacon and Bridget's, but she wasn't there. Something weird is going on because Deacon wants to mend fences with him (Rick). Rick is puzzled by this, but Amber thinks he feels like they are all in the same boat: them vs. the Forresters. Wait, but they are Forresters as well. Rick thinks that it's a shame the family is fighting from within so much. Amber says they are going to get what they deserved. Devious Amber says that Brooke could transfer her voting rights to Rick if she doesn't want to come back and then he'll run everything. Then Ridge will have to go back to designing dresses. Ouch. Sounds like a race against time to me. Rick tickles Amber (is that a good idea?) and they fall on the couch laughing.

Tomorrow is another day..

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