The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/28/02

By Matthew

Argh, Monday.

Massimo drops Sally off at her door, thanking her for the evening. He wants to go home, but she says he doesn't need that bleak penthouse tonight. He laments about Ridge dumping the champagne he sent over into the ice bucket. He was trying to say thank you to his son, but it blew up in his face. Well, Ridge is a big jerk right now so I'm not too surprised. She reminds him how the Forresters act. She has had plenty of experience in dealing with them. Anyway, if he wants appreciation then Sally's place is where he should be tonight. They hear a banging noise from within her apartment, which slightly alarms Mass. Maybe it's CJ?

Nope, it's Darla and some workmen. She really likes the workman and snake trainers doesn't she? Her hair is getting back to blonde now. She says it's all done, but we don't know what that means, yet. Sally thought the place needing spicing up. Darla says she made some "mojo" juice for them. Um, ewww. Brad Bell should really think about the implications of some of these terms. Sally thanks Darla and the workers and after some giggling from her, she and the boys leave. Massimo thinks this is an ambush. She pours him some "juice," and she thinks he'll like it. It's her own invention. However, it's really bad for you. Hmm too many calories? Eh, these people never eat so I think it's okay. Massimo wonders what she's up to and Sally says he can check up her sleeve or any other garments, yikes! Seriously though, this is all to get Mass to relax. Cheers! We get more sensual music at the beginning of the opening.

Basically, "mojo" juice is some mixture of rum and something else. Wow, sounds good to me. Mass likes the juice and says that Sally really revives him though he may have gotten more than he bargained for tonight. She says it is what he bargained for, but she has been getting the short end of the stick lately. She has been longing to tell Stephanie that she knows the truth about Ridge and Mass and can't wait to wipe the smug smile off her face. Massimo says not to kid around. Sally again says she won't spill the beans. She says he needs a woman to lay it all on the line for him. I think she means her. Sally tells him to stay put, she'll be right back.

Stephanie is trying to sleep, but she can't. She gets out of bed, where she was alone, and cuts on a light. She opens up a cabinet that has a particular box she is looking for. It's a pretty box. She opens it and inside is a corsage as well as other memories. Stephanie wonders why she keeps all these things. She pulls out what appear to be love letters from Mass as well as picture. She thinks about giving these to Ridge one day, but realizes how that can never happen. The picture of Mass and Stephanie is from a LONG time ago. I doubt the stars knew each other back then so I'm sure it's spliced together. Mass looks about like he does now, but with short black hair and of course no facial hair (late 1950's - early 1960's I assume). Stephanie looks about 18 years old with hair past her shoulders and a big smile on her face, in fact Mass is smiling too. As Stephanie gazes at the photo, the phone rings. I wonder where Eric is.

It's Sally of course who I know is bragging about Mass being with her. She gets Massimo to put on some music with Stephanie listening on in, though Mass doesn't know it. Steph is surprised that he is with her. Sally says she can understand that because Stephanie probably thinks he sits at home pining away for her every night. Sally tells her to dream a dream for her because she won't be sleeping much tonight. How pathetic. Stephanie hangs up and looks bewildered. Stephanie thinks it's pathetic that he is with her. Ouch.

Mass turns the music on and doesn't seem to the notice the big covering over something in the living room. Oh geez. We see a hand, presumably Sally's, turn the lights down or should I say pink. Retch. We see Sally wearing something I think is positively hideous. It's a red dress/something with a boa and all. Mass is flabbergasted and Sally declares she is "code red." Sally changes the music over to something a little faster paced; in fact the song is "Mustang Sally." Hah! Sally struts around to the music and then from somewhere some fog comes rolling in. Mass is watching all this and seeming to like it. She pulls off another curtain and a damn disco ball comes sailing down. Now things are just plain weird. Sally spanks her own ass and Mass tells her to shake it. I don't know whether to be amused or frightened. The last curtain comes down and on the wall is the front of a red mustang with blinking headlights and all. The license plate says "Sally." Massimo cracks up big time and he and Sally fall onto the sofa laughing away their sanity and mind too.

We get back from the break and those two are still laughing. They're hyenas I tell ya! Mass jokes Sally should forget fashion and go on stage. Sally says that Stephanie isn't like them because she can't express her feelings. Her pride is always in her way. Sally leaves to go change into something for the "Grand Finale." Oh god. Mass is wearing the red boa. Just then a knock at the door. Mass answers it and it's Stephanie of course. She seems even more surprised that he is there when she sees him. She can't believe how the inside of the apartment looks. She tells him Sally called her so she came over. She warns him the Sally can be cunning and manipulative and he will only be humiliated if he gets involved with her. He wonders why she cares. Me too. The conversation takes a turn to their relationship and he feels she is just using Eric as an excuse not to admit her feelings and do something about them. She's afraid of what they might have. He calls her a coward and she is taken aback. Eric was the safe choice, but how safe was he really? He lost her company and he left her for a younger woman (women really if you count Lauren and Shelia). She starts to storm out during this revelation. Because she chose him, he had to leave an empty life and she suffered. She says that she knew he'd be fine and he was fine, but Mass says she's been lying to herself all these years. Suddenly, she kisses him and quite passionately I might add. She eventually pulls away, but Mass tells her to not be afraid. She asks him to let her be, but Mass says he'll do whatever it takes to get her back. She leaves. Okay.what an interesting episode only involving 3 characters.

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