The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/25/02

By Matthew

Oh god yes! It's weekend time folks!

Deacon and Bridget are enjoying their dinner and she marvels at the chili. Deacon claims to have made it, but she thinks he's lying. She asks for the recipe, but he says it's a secret. Ah the joking continues and for once I'm in the mood for it. It's a pretty fine week, minus all the bad things I watched on the news. Bridget says that people thought they wouldn't make it, but look at them. Yeah, they've been married close to a year now, which is more than Brooke can say. Speaking of her, Bridget mentions that if Brooke could see them now, she'd freak. This shuts Deacon up fast.

Deacon offers Bridget some hot chocolate nah just kidding, it's Irish coffee. She thinks the night has been perfect and she hasn't been happier before. She still is sad for Brooke who she thinks has never felt this feeling of contentment that she is feeling now. With Ridge, she was always insecure, and the marriage to Eric was a travesty from the beginning. She may have come close to it with Thorne (only after destroying a few lives to get to it.) Deacon isn't sure because she got over him really quick after they split up, but Bridget thinks they may get back together, because feelings like that don't go away overnight. Besides, Brooke has an effect on men, though Bridget isn't sure what it is. Deacon claims not to know because she is his mother in law. Here comes the irony again: Bridget says that with the exception of Ridge, no man has ever been able to resist her.

Bridget puts a CD in the player and plays a song sung by Elvis. What is it with Deacon and Elvis? They dance to the song. I don't the name of it, but I think it's "Vegas Wedding Bells." Deacon sings along a little. He dips her at the end of the song. Big smooch! Now they can go back downstairs to his apartment. He tells her to go on down, because he has to clean up. After she leaves he recalls how Brooke said she would be grateful to him for the rest of her life if he would keep their secret.

Deacon is cleaning up and fantasizes about Brooke giving birth to their child. Yum. They have a beautiful baby girl. Just then Thorne comes in, in a tux, and thanks Deacon for being there, but he can go now. Thorne said he agreed that this was best for the baby. Deacon thought he could do it, but he can't now. Thorne goes over to look at the baby. Brooke says there is no other way and watches as Thorne holds their baby. Deacon snaps out of it when Bridget asks him what's going on. He wants to go downstairs with her, but Bridget wants them to stay up there. She loses the fur coat and, surprise, she's naked underneath. They start making out. Whew! Hot and heavy. We know his mind is somewhere else though.

Sally and Massimo are dining together at Café Russe, so I'm assuming it's the same night and she joined him after yesterday's show. Sally doesn't doubt how far Rick could go with Massimo behind him. Sally knows that Ridge had to be angry after Rick "taught" him a few things at the meeting. She glances over to him and Taylor and says he doesn't look like he has recovered from it yet. Massimo says he has a right to be angry, after all, he's watching his life's dream fade away. She retorts that Massimo did this to him so what's he feeling sorry for him for. Mass states that Eric did this to Ridge by not taking better care of the company before. He lost half his company to Brooke, remember. Sally notices that Ridge has spotted them and thinks something else will be painful very soon.

Ridge glares at them while drinking his wine. He points the couple out and Taylor turns around and politely waves. Ridge tells her not to encourage him, but she didn't want to be rude. She wonders why he is with Sally, but Ridge couldn't care less as long as he stays away from him.

Massimo tells Jerry (his waiter) that the pepper steak is perfect. Get the subtle hints here folks? Actually it isn't subtle at all. Yeah yeah, we know that Ridge and Massimo are son and father, there's no need to kill us with irony. Mass asks Jerry to check and see if they have Vintage Rose Champagne. I guess this is the best kind, but I wouldn't know. Sally proposes a toast to "going all the way." They laugh.

Charles the waiter goes (hey wait Closed Captioning lady is calling him Daniel now) goes to check on Ridge and Taylor's food. Ridge of course, like Massimo, thinks his pepper steak is just right. Ridge likes his food spicy, like his woman. Oh you bad boy! Charles nervously ducks out after that remark. Taylor glances over at Mass and Sal and wonders what they are celebrating. Ridge doesn't want to talk about them. Taylor wants to know why he's still so mad at him. Ridge thinks he is acting all polite, in spite of the fact the he can't stand Ridge, to win him over as an ally. Ridge vows to not let that happen.

Jerry says that Ridge will love the champagne that Mass is sending him. Massimo finishes his note and Jerry hopes they enjoy the rest of their evening. Mass watches as Jerry takes the stuff over. Charles said he didn't know it was a special occasion for them. Ridge looks less than thrilled when he finds out Mass sent it over. Taylor is very happy when she hears what year it is. The note that Massimo wrote says "There are better times ahead." Ridge eyes Sally and Mass who are watching them. Charles and Jerry look pretty happy to just be there. Jerry opens the bottle. Before he can pour, Ridge offers to. He takes the bottle and dumps it in the wine bucket. Taylor is furious and shocked. So are the waiters. Poor Massimo. Ridge storms out with Taylor. The waiters are like "What gives?" Sally tries to console him. So much wasted money.

Megan goes to see Brooke, who looks a lot better now that she's dressed. She tells her that Rick is doing well. On to a more serious subject, Megan tells Brooke she found out that Deacon knows. Brooke says that Deacon really loves Bridget and that's why he is keeping all this a secret, but Megan thinks he's doing all this for Brooke. Megan is sure she is in love with him too. She can't believe she would deny her baby a father and thinks this whole thing is terribly wrong.

Megan knows this is Brooke's decision, but she isn't thinking clearly. Brooke says she wants what is best for her child, but if she tells the truth all the love the baby would have gotten from the family will disappear and Rick and Bridget would never forgive her. The baby would be an outcast. She feels that Deacon is a strong and caring man to do this for her and their child. Brooke feels there is no better solution.

Okay, y'all have a great weekend!

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