The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/24/02

By  Matthew

In Eric's office, Ridge angrily asks that Eric gave him the "reigns" to the company and now he wants them back. Eric says he didn't mean it that way, but he should really rethink the way he is dealing with Rick. Ridge is convinced those were not his words at the meeting. Eric thinks that too, but he doesn't think that matters. He showed he could make a contribution, but Ridge thinks this is a big show to revive his mom's bedroom line. Ridge wonders who would encourage Rick to cause trouble, and vows to take down the culprit.

Eric speculates it could be one of Rick's professors that is doing the coaching. That idea doesn't fly because the person would have to know Forrester extensively. Brooke maybe? Nope, she doesn't have the knowledge for this kind of stuff. What about Connor? No this goes beyond his expertise. Ridge can't think about it anymore, he has to meet Taylor. Eric tells him to let it go, but Ridge says he sees what is going on here.

Amber is still grilling Massimo is his office. Amber believes that Mass is setting Rick up to fail, just like he set up Brooke. Amber thinks that he maybe doing this to protect Stephanie, but Mass says she needs no protection from Rick. Mass says he has every confidence that Rick will do wonderful at the meeting. Amber doesn't buy it and says she has seen guys like him before. There's a buzz as Amber rants some more. It's Rick on the line and Mass puts him on speaker phone so Amber can hear what's being said. Rick passes along how well the meeting went and says they will never underestimate him again. The call ends and Amber is overjoyed. So much in fact, she gives Mass a big bear hug.

Mass says that Rick is a very smart man and shouldn't be underestimated. Amber says it serves Ridge right after the way he treated Rick. I mean Rick is going to be his boss one day. Hmm.okay? She admits that Rick has a hard time thinking about it that way, but it's only inevitable. Amber apologizes for the way she acted before and thanks Massimo. As she leaves she says she doesn't even care if he's using them to get to Ridge. She's too happy to care. Massimo pulls out the picture frames with the picture of Ridge and Stephanie on one side and him on the other.

Amber runs home and congratulates Rick. She wishes she could have seen Ridge's face, but Rick reminds her that this was not about making fun of him. He fills her in on all the details of the meeting. He told Brooke about what happened too and she is pleased. He says with a pro like Mass in their corner, they have a good chance of winning the war.

Rick feels like he could take on more responsibility at Forrester. Before today he didn't feel ready, but he is now. He asks her if Mass said why he was doing all this. She figures it's cause he's still pissed at Ridge for busting his scheme on Brooke. Rick says he must know he would never do anything to hurt Ridge, but Amber says that learning more about the company won't hurt anyone. They share a hug.

Wow Megan's in the Lair. I wonder who she is going to see there?? She immediately finds Deacon and asks if he went to see Brooke. He acts coy, but admits he did. She wants to know how she is. Deacon says she seemed pregnant.and is pretty mad when he says it too. He knows Megan knew about it the whole time.

Megan admits she knows the whole truth. She says it wasn't her place to tell her, and is surprised Brooke would tell him. Actually she didn't; Deacon found out. He says in spite of the news, he isn't going to do anything. He explains why they have to keep quiet and fight their feelings for each other. He takes a swig of some Jack Daniels and says it will be hard but he can do it. Megan realizes how much he loves Brooke. Just then, Bridget comes in and is surprised to see Megan. Megan covers and says she's just checking the place out. She takes off and leaves the two together. Deacon takes Bridget off to talk about something.

Deacon takes Bridget up to the roof. Hmm, haven't seen this since Carmen went sailing over the edge. He set up a fancy dinner table and set for them. It looks really nice, but it must be cold out there. Bridget is flabbergasted. He asks her if she is cold and she shivers a little. He puts a nice white mink around her. Bridget wants to know what they are celebrating. Deacon is celebrating their marriage and he's going to lose himself in her. Hmm, that could be misconstrued. Sorry, guess I have a sick mind.

At Café Russe, Charles the waiter is back. Closed Captioning Lady just calls him waiter, but I remember. Taylor orders whatever Charles was spouting off when we entered the scene. Ridge is off in la-la land and Taylor has to snap him out of it so he'll order. Taylor orders a steak, salad, and a martini for Ridge. Taylor asks if he is okay, but Ridge says he's fine. He thinks Rick is just a pain for now. He's implying it could get worse. Taylor wants to know how it could get worse. Ridge feels that whoever is coaching Rick is using him to get to Ridge. It feels too personal. Taylor thinks it could be Sally, but Ridge isn't sure. He'll look into it later. Taylor wants them to enjoy the evening and put this day behind them.

Massimo shows up at the Café and sees Taylor and Ridge eating. We skip ahead to the two of them dancing closely. Massimo watches from his table. He says it's good Ridge has Taylor with him to help him get through all this. The song ends and the couple sits down. Massimo thinks about the pain he is putting Ridge through, but says it will be worth it in the end. Ridge starts a little ranting about Amber. He knows she got the ball rolling on all of this. Taylor says she really isn't an outside interest anymore. She's got her own butt to cover.

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