The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/23/02

By Matthew

Ah, Deacon's home! He realizes that Bridget isn't home. It's not a happy homecoming at all. He can't believe that Brooke would want him to turn his back on his baby and her.

Deacon notices a picture of Brooke on the mantel. He says he has to stop thinking about Brooke and the baby. Bridget walks in. She's happy to see him. She asks him about the trip, but he says he didn't get what he wanted. She says she is sorry.

Deacon says he doesn't really wanna talk about the meeting. Bridget realizes how bad it was. He starts talking about how this is his future. Bridget wonders where all this "life" talk is coming from. Deacon vows to a better husband. They hug but of course Deacon sees the picture of Brooke. He remembers her words to him about forgetting their child and the affair.

At Ojai, the doctor is in for another session. Brooke tells her how Deacon reacted to the news about the baby. Brooke thinks his proposal to her was a shock reaction rather than a serious one. Isabel doubts this because she knows he has feelings for her. Brooke says it wouldn't work because he promised to stay with Bridget. She still thinks that no one will find out Deacon is the father of her baby. How is she going to play it off anyways?

Isabel finds it hard to believe that Deacon will have nothing to do with the child. Brooke says Deacon knows what is at stake. He's sacrificing his relationship for her family and to avoid the scandal. Isabel says he must really love her, in fact, more than any other man has before.

Isabel says she can go home now. Brooke says she isn't ready to answer all the questions she'll get about the baby. Isabel speculates it isn't that, but it's Deacon she is avoiding. She is in denial and needs to face her love for him. She says she can't betray her daughter again.

Mass is actually doing work and asks Heidi, via intercom, to get him some notes for something. She doesn't answer and in walks Amber. Amber says she offed Heidi so she could get in to talk to him. Hah! Nah, Heidi just left for the day or something. Massimo doesn't know who she is and doesn't have time for her anyways. She tells him who she is and he completely changes his attitude. Amber is assures him he won't tell anyone else about their meeting. She's there because she wants find out what happened at the meeting.

Amber came for answers and she's going to get them. Massimo says the only thing she'll get is an armed escort to the street if she doesn't change her tone. She thinks he is a glorified thug and that Rick wouldn't risk his future on his "bogus" advice. Oh just shut up Amber. Mass says he has the experience to help Rick out, but Amber doesn't trust him. She thinks he either gave Rick bogus info or a bribe. She wonders what he did to her husband.

At the board meeting, Rick sits down with his coffee. Ridge takes one last cheap shot at Rick by apologizing to Chuck for all the breaks they'll need to explain the "finer points" to him. Hah. Chuck starts the meeting. They start off with the foreign tax stuff. Chuck refers to a table that has the international income (net and gross) over the last three years. There is a large difference between the net and gross income, which according to Eric is common for international because of their high overhead. Even factoring that in though, there's still a greater net/gross disparity over there, than here at home. Ridge asks Rick why that is true. Rick's happy to answer him. He says it's obvious that the company is losing millions in taxes every year. Rick suggests reinvesting their international profits in France instead of sending the money back to LA. Chuck agrees with Rick and quietly says he was going to suggest that. Ridge doesn't look quite so smug anymore.

Eric says Rick made a good point and they'll have accounting look into it. Rick says he has a few others ideas too, but he can talk to Eric afterwards. Ridge encourages him to speak up now. Rick brings up the whole domestic tax problem. He suggests moving the financial headquarters to Las Vegas to avoid a state income tax. They've already considered doing that, but that was five years ago and apparently it wasn't feasible then. But since they have a boutique there, all they need to do is send the accounting department over there and set up a new office. A family member can check on things every once in a while. Nothing would really change except making 9.3% more each year. Hah! California taxes are a biotch! Moving on, since the family would be traveling more, they need to discuss the company jet. Rick has a suggestion for that too. Actually he has a question. After the crash in Greenland, (man how long ago was that?) did the company set up a LLC? (see yesterday's recap) Nope. Well, that's risky, good thing Lauren didn't sue back then and it's a real good thing they didn't hurt anyone on land when they crashed. The company could have lost it all in law suits. Taylor jumps in and asks Ridge if this is what he wanted to discuss today. Ridge says it isn't. Eric says they need to get accounting on this right away. Eric says Rick did a good job. He gets a stab at Ridge by saying he knows how he feels about these meetings: if you don't have anything to add, you don't belong here. Heh, Ridge didn't add much.

Damn the meeting flew by. Eric asks if there is anything else to be covered. Nope. Stephanie suggests they adjourn. Ridge is a little less than happy. Thorne tells Rick he did a good job. Ridge apologizes to Chuck for his presentation, but he says Rick got most of the high pts. Chuck wonders if Rick is really a junior in college. Okay folks, the stuff he talked about wasn't rocket science. It all seems logical to me. If I were them, I'd shoot my financial planner for not suggesting these things sooner. Or maybe I'd shoot myself for not thinking about it sooner. Chuck says they really should revisit the Nevada idea. Chuck talks to Rick and gives him a card so they can talk about the LLC idea some more. Ridge tells Stephanie and Taylor that Rick set him up and he wants to know how he did it. Taylor tells him it didn't cause any real harm so he should let it alone. Eric tells Rick he's very proud of him. Rick sees Ridge staring at him. Uh-oh if looks could kill!

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