The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/22/02

By  Matthew


Megan lays the agenda out on the table in the boardroom for the meeting that is starting soon.  She leaves and Ridge says he thinks that everything is ready.  He’s talking to Taylor, who is also going to be at this meeting.  Yeah, she’s a board member now.  What I think is a double standard is that I know she knows nothing about that international economic mumbo-jumbo, so why is she any higher up than Rick?  Because she’s in their key demo, or because she’s older?  Bleh!  Taylor asks him if he has enough agendas, notes, and tax tables.  Ridge has enough for all the board members, but not Rick.  He doesn’t think Rick will be anywhere near the meeting.  She thinks he may have been able to prepare this time, but Ridge finds that highly unlikely. 


Taylor tells Ridge to take it easy on Rick.  Chuck Williams, the old financial dude who isn’t as old as I thought, shows up.  Taylor seems a little surprised that he’s there and she is even more surprised he already has the agenda for the meeting.  I know she can tell Ridge is up to something.  Ridge says Forrester is going through a critical transition period and he doesn’t want to let anything or anyone jeopardize it.  Heh. 


Ridge fills Chuck in about Rick causing problems after Ridge cut the bedroom line.  Ridge wants Chuck to target Rick with as hard as questions as he can.  He wants to humiliate him beyond belief so he’ll never come back.  Poor Taylor , I know she doesn’t like any of this.  Just then, Eric, Stephanie, Thorne, and Megan join them in the room.  Eric says he wants him to meet his youngest son, but Ridge doesn’t think he’ll show.  If he does, he can give him quite the education.  Ridge and Chuck smirk. 


Massimo shouts “No!” a few times like any frustrated teacher would.  I always hated independent study with teachers; they can be so frightening one on one.  The fun topic of discussion is taxes.  I know the writers “dumbed” it down, because it makes sense to me.  Basically Mass is saying that since Forrester has an international division in Paris , they should keep the money they make there instead of “shipping” it home.  Why, you ask?  Taxes.  Income is taxed in France , but if they sent the money back to the States, it’d get taxed by the IRS and California and then again for the income tax in the US .  Basically taxes suck and it’s better to leave the money over in France and reinvest it there.  Rick finally gets it and then asks about the profits made in the US .  Most of the business is done in LA, but they have outlet stores (gotta love cheap clothes) in the Midwest and boutiques (gotta not love cheap clothes) in New York , San Francisco , and Las Vegas .  Massimo suggests moving the financial headquarters of Forrester to Las Vegas because Nevada has no income tax and that would save the company almost 10% in revenue.  Nice.  Rick can’t believe that no one has ever thought of this before.  Mass says that it is time for new ideas and blood at Forrester.  Hah! 


The last item to go over is corporate jet operations.  Okay it’s actually simpler than you think.  If Forrester fully owns and runs the plane they use, then if someone other than employee rides on it and is hurt or killed in a plane crash, the company is liable for millions and insurance won’t cover it.  Lovely.  So to avoid this, they have to eliminate the liability.  They need to establish and LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).  Another company takes over the operation of the plane, which in turn will protect Forrester from law suits.  Mass tells Rick to ask for this at the board.  Rick realizes the meeting is about to start so he gets ready to leave.  Mass tells him to not tell anyone about what they are doing.  Rick promises not to tell and ducks out to the meeting.  After he leaves, Mass hopes this will all work out for Ridge’s sake.  Yeah he’s going to really hate you for this Mass.  


Heidi comes in with a delivery for Mass from Forrester Labs.  It’s a picture, but Mass won’t fill Heidi in at all.  She leaves him alone and he looks at the picture.  It’s a picture of Stephanie and Ridge.  Mass says that one day they will all be together.  He puts their picture in a frame next to his. 


At Brooke’s house, Bridget comes in and makes sure it’s a good time to talk.  Amber is visibly upset.  She’s worried about Rick, since he left to go meet Mass.   He hasn’t called yet and she can’t get in touch with him.  Amber asks her what she knows about Mass.   Bridget thinks he’s a monster and relays the info about what he did to the Logan family.  Amber wonders what Mass is really after.  Bridget knows that he wouldn’t have gone to see Mass if he thought he was dangerous.  Bridget doesn’t think it has to do with Brooke since it happened so long ago.  Amber thinks Rick should be studying, but tells Bridget he may not go.  She tells her the agenda of the meeting was purposefully set by Ridge to intimidate Rick.     


Amber knows Ridge did this all on purpose so he could establish supreme control.  Eric is even behind him so the only one to stop him is Rick.  Just then Rick checks in.  Amber is relieved to hear from him.  He tells her about what Mass did for him, but she is suspicious.  Rick says he’ll call her after the meeting.


Chuck says that Ridge’s ascension to the throne was unexpected, but gladly received.  Stephanie and Eric say it’s what they have dreamed about since they started the company.  Although Rick is unhappy, everyone thinks he’ll come around.  Taylor tries to defend him by reminding everyone how they acted at age 20.  I guess we think we know everything.  The meeting starts and Rick shows up just in time.  He says that Ridge started early and he still has time to get coffee before it starts.  Eric is happy to see Rick there and introduces him to Chuck.  While Rick gets coffee, Ridge and Chuck quietly look forward to pounding him to the ground.  Nice people.   

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