The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/21/02

By Matthew

Hope everyone had a great weekend, or (like some of us) are continuing to have a good weekend.

I believe we've made it to a new day now in LA.

In Mass' office, Sally wants to know why he continues to torture himself like this. He should just tell Ridge that he is his father and get it over with. He can't because he promised Stephanie he wouldn't, but when he finally does reveal the truth, he must do so very carefully. Nah, I think the quick way is better, like when you get shots or pull a band-aid off. Painful, but it subsides quickly. Sally offers to do it for him, but Mass says he'll handle it. He has a plan and has already put it into action.

Sally is desperately curious about Mass' plan. Apparently, he's been forming it for weeks. He explains that he didn't know how to react to Ridge being declared CEO of Forrester, but soon he realized that all he got was a title, but no real authority. Sooner or later, Rick and Bridget will take over, because they will own the majority of the company. Massimo says the sooner that happens, the better. He's going to set him free (i.e. let him run his company). Basically Massimo is going to train Rick (huh!?) to take over Forrester, so Ridge will get fired and then Massimo can help him (Ridge). Oh lord. Of all the lame-brained schemes I've already written about (except the Clarke using his gay friend to break up a wedding scheme) this is the most ludicrous and just plain dumb plan in the world. Sally asks if Rick knows about this at all. Mass sent him a note (he did? I remember he sent Ridge a piece of pie and a note.) I think Bradley Bell needs a vacation. Sally says that Mass has no idea if Rick wants to run the company. Mass knows he has to get through to Rick, because Ridge's future depends on it. All right, I know it's 1:30, but I need a beer to get through all this.

At Brooke's, Rick is going over more and more papers and files with Forrester information that he needs to learn. He angrily recalls some of Ridge's harsh words from the board meeting the other day. Ridge had said he couldn't run the company if his life depended on it. He slowly realizes that Ridge was right all along and becomes frustrated. The agenda for the next board meeting has some pretty complicated and don't right sucky topics to discuss. Amber comes down and tries to cheer him up, but he knows he is way out of his league on this. She tells him not to give up, because that would let Ridge win.

Amber says this isn't right and Brooke would be furious if she were here. Rick goes through some more files and finds the note Massimo was referring to. He wants to meet with him as soon as possible. Rick wonder's what he could be up to.

We get a close up shot of the agenda for the board meeting. It pretty much has all the crap Rick was referring to. In Ridge's office, Stephanie wonders why Ridge has chosen such heavy topics. He says he just wants to get them over with, but she thinks he may try to put Rick on the spot if he comes to the meeting. Ridge responds that he'll only do that if Rick shoots his mouth off. She agrees that he is too young to be a board member, but Eric (who just walked in) says that he made his point and to leave Rick alone.

Ridge felt justified in everything he did to Rick. He won't reward that kind of behavior. Eric realizes that Rick is upset about the bedroom line, but Ridge says he needs to accept what he did and why. He doesn't think he'll show up again, but if he does, he won't let him sit in. He doesn't think Rick will have much to say about the agenda of topics for today's meeting. Eric gets a glimpse at them and knows what he's up to.

Stephanie hopes that Ridge will serve aspirin and antacid with the luncheon this afternoon. Ridge laughs and Eric says Rick won't find this funny. Ridge says he needs to lighten up. Both Eric and I say that Ridge needs to lighten up too. We find out that Chuck Williams, the financial advisor, is sitting in on the meeting today. Ridge sent the meeting notes over to Brooke's for Rick to look out. He doesn't want him to embarrass himself again. Stephanie thinks Rick won't show up. She leaves for the meeting.

Mass gets a call from Heidi saying that Rick Forrester called and that he's on his way over. Sally says it's one thing for him to come over here, but another thing to get him to do what he wants. She tells him to recall what he did to Brooke so it won't be easy to convince him to trust him. Sally leaves and Mass picks up a copy of that infamous "Eye on Fashion" magazine with Ridge on the front cover.

Rick is sent in Mass' office and he's all suited up again. Rick skips the introductions and he says he knows all about what he did to Brooke. Mass says he was trying to help, but Rick says they don't need his help. Mass says he thinks he may need his help with the meeting this afternoon.

Massimo understands how overwhelming all this might be. He shouldn't be ashamed of the feeling, especially after the last meeting. Rick is surprised he knows about the previous meeting. The real question is when will he be ready to run Forrester? Rick says it isn't his business, but says after he gets done with school, he'll run things. Mass laughs at that prospect. A bachelor's wouldn't cover that. Mass offers to help Rick learn all he needs to know. Rick wonders why he would do that for him. Mass asks if he thinks he deserves to run Forrester one day and proceeds to try and convince Rick to let him teach him everything he needs to know to run Forrester. Hmm.

Watching the opening theme made me realize how many characters this show has, especially for a 30 minute broadcast. I know some people will hate me, but they need to dump Clarke, Sofia, and maybe even Thorne. Those characters, to me, are dead weight right now. I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Megan, since she is new to contract still.

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