The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/10/02

By Matthew

Oh great it's the weekend time!

At the old spa, Brooke is waking up to some coffee or tea. Tsk. Tsk. Caffeine is bad for the baby. Or is it? Or wait, it could be decaffeinated. Hehe. All right, she looks over at the bed and Deacon's in there. Obviously, this is a fantasy. Okay I used to think it was gross that she slept with Deacon, but now I think it's grosser that she has real feelings for him. Deacon holds his hand out to her, but disappears. Brooke says she has to stop thinking these kinds of thoughts about her son in law, but wait he's also the father of your kid.

Dr. Isabel pays Brooke another visit. Brooke explains what happened yesterday when Rick stopped by. Brooke looks like she is doing better. Brooke is worried that Rick won't be able to handle all the responsibilities she left.

Isabel thinks Brooke is worrying about Rick's problems, because it's easier to deal with than her problems. Brooke thinks that is pointless because there is no solution to her problem. Brooke doesn't think the baby is the problem, but it is the result of the problem. She betrayed her daughter and her feelings are sick. Isabel counters that feelings are neither right nor wrong; they just exist no matter how much we don't want them too. Isabel thinks that Brooke can't face Deacon because she is afraid of what might happen.

At the beach house, Deacon is packing up for an overnight trip to Las Vegas. It's some great opportunity. For what, new items for the bar? Nah actually these people he's going to meet may front the money for a new club. Though Bridget doesn't want him to go, she is excited for his great opportunity. Bridget thinks she invest in one of his clubs one day. Deacon tells her no, because he doesn't mix business and pleasure. Oh suave! Deacon grabs a cookie and Bridget scolds him for such a lousy breakfast. She runs to make him some food that he can eat on his way to the airport. Hey he could eat that great plane food! My food was so gross last time I flew, that I was willing to buy a $4.00 Whopper in the airport. Deacon pulls a paper out of his pocket and it's directions to the Ojai spa. Dammit!!

Deacon's driving down the road and throws his cup out the window! Litter bug! Deacon tries to rationalize not telling Bridget about his visit to see Brooke. He pulls out a cancer stick and lights up. He feels like he is drawn to Brooke, but doesn't no why. Barf.

Old smoky is continuing his drive to Ojai. He flashes back to when he and Brooke first felt an attraction. I like to refer to it as the "liquor incident." Then we get some sex scenes. Yay! Back to the real world Deacon. Deacon says he can't stop thinking about that.

Brooke steps outside to get some fresh air. I guess Isabel left. Deacon shows up, I think. It's for real too! Brooke wants to know why he is there. He came to get answers and isn't leaving until he gets them.

Amber pays Bridget a visit at the beach house. She wants to know if Deacon would pick Eric up from preschool. Bridget explains his business trip. Amber says they can pick up Eric, but she knows she and Rick will have a lot to talk about after the board meeting.

Amber says that Rick is just going down there to stand up for Brooke's rights. Bridget is hesitant and wonders if maybe Connor should handle all this. Amber says that Rick has a vested interest in this and he'll make them proud.

Amber calls Rick and leaves a message for him telling him she's at Bridget's and wants to hear how things went. Hah. Bridget is worried that Ridge will throw the book at him because Ridge hates being told what to do. Amber says that all Rick wants is respect and is sure Ridge can do that. Shyeah right.

Ridge says that Rick is totally out of line and refers to him as "baby brother." Hah! C'mon fist fight time! Rick likes my idea and says if Ridge calls him that once more, he better duck. Eric intervenes. Rick says his side of the family deserves to be here. Eric says there are no sides in the family. Well most families have sides. The mom side and the dad side, to name two. Rick says he has every right to be there then. Ridge explains this is just for board members, but Rick wants to know why Taylor is there. Ridge fills Rick in on Taylor's board nomination and acceptance. Rick says that is totally transparent and says that Ridge just wants the extra votes. Taylor gets offended. Stephanie says Rick's voice will be heard, but this is not an appropriate time. Rick wants to be voted onto the board. Ridge at first doesn't believe him, but some thing changes and Ridge lets Rick stay. I think he wants to see him fall flat on his face.

Mr. Durand aka Yves finally shows up. Ridge makes a crack on Rick by asking him if it's okay if they let him in. Ridge introduces Kristen and Rick, but Yves says he has met Rick before when he was little. Yves remembers the motor scooter Rick had with him. That cracks me up; because I know it embarrasses Rick and doesn't make him look older like he wanted. Everyone laughs, but it's not a mean laugh. It's like when a family member tells a story about you when u were five and now you're 18 and don't want to hear it. Everyone else thinks it's so precious. Ridge totally uses passive aggressiveness by saying that Rick has had two whole years of business school at UCLA. Is that a great school for business? I'm not a business major so I wouldn't know.

They continue with the meeting. Ridge wants an update from international, but Rick adds that he'd like to know the reaction to the canceling of the bedroom line. Yves says the customer reaction is slightly negative. They are disappointed that the line is gone, but Couture sales have spiked in the last week as well. It spiked 17% last week over the projection. Rick says that they can't prove it had anything to do with the line being cut, and starts to get upset. Ridge says that he shouldn't attack Yves, because he just provides the info. Ridge asks Yves to continue and tells Rick to pay close attention because there is where the fun starts. Hah! Rick is totally pissed off. Stephanie and Eric give each other worried looks.

Yves talk about some large monetary figures. I don't know what all of it means, but it sounds like a big deal. Rick looks like he is drowning, but tells Ridge he's fine. More numbers are thrown around and Ridge suggests that maybe Yves go over some things to help Rick out. Rick declines, but Kristen says she could use a refresher. Nice Kristen. That was a nice thing to do. Basically Yves says that because they are an international market, they are subjected to changing interest rates and currency conversions. They try to minimize that through derivative financial instruments. I know all three words, just not all together. Rick asks what kind of instruments he means. Yves says they use forward, option, and swap agreements. That went over my head. Rick backs off. Ridge starts asking Rick some tough questions about that swap stuff. Thorne and Stephanie tell Ridge to back off because he has made his point. Ridge tells Rick to go back to the playground, or maybe college? Hiss!

Eric decides to end the meeting and we get a thank God from Kristen. Eric wants Rick and Ridge to stay. Ridge says he has a call to Munich to make and is sure Rick has homework to do. Rick loses it big time. Ridge tells him to back off. He did not build this company and if he ever comes in there and waives Brooke's shares again, he'll roll over him. He should sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride while everyone else makes him rich. He adds that goes double for Amber. Rick storms out. Everyone looks in pain.

Have a great weekend!

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