The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/10/02

By  Matthew

Massimo welcomes someone named Yves to his office. Yves, as you might guess, is foreign. Turns out Yves runs things out at Forrester International and he's been there a long time too. Hah and Yves asks Mass why he wasn't at some place (San something) this summer. The funny thing is, the closed captioning lady decided to just call it "the coast." Don't they get scripts where they type these things up? Mass says LA has had its attractions lately, but needs Yves to show him the good things. Yves also spends some time in LA, since the Forresters are always flying him out to report to the board. That's why he's here now.

Massimo and Yves talk about the new leadership at Forrester, namely, Ridge. Yves says that Ridge reminds him of Massimo when he was younger. Oh, the irony. Massimo wants Yves to be his eyes and ears at today's board meeting. Well, maybe Yves should actually be on time for the meeting! So unprofessional.

Massimo thinks that Ridge has a lot of potential, but doesn't want to take Ridge away. He doesn't disclose his real reasons for this request at this time. Yves leaves for the meeting. Ciao!

In Ridge's office, he and Taylor are hanging all over each other like most people do in their offices. Taylor is still concerned that the family will think he is giving himself an extra vote by putting Dr. Hayes on the board. Ridge says they'll handle it. Apparently neither Rick nor Brooke knows about his plans. Taylor thinks that Ridge shouldn't antagonize him, especially now since he's mad at him anyway. Ridge won't let Rick's "temper-tantrums" effect his job.

Eric is telling Stephanie what a delightful kid Zende is. Stephanie can't wait to meet him. Thorne has already met him as well; after all, they live next door. Kristen is really happy right now. She thinks that Zende is slowly dealing with all the new scenery. They discuss visiting Zende after the meeting, which shouldn't take long. Apparently, Ridge has been telling everyone about a surprise he has. I wonder what it could be??

Kristen says that Thorne is Zende's new hero. He told him all his surfer stories, even the shark ones. Stephanie laughs and says there were no sharks. Ridge, Taylor, and Megan join them in the board room. Just so you know, we have Megan, Taylor, Ridge, Eric, Thorne, Stephanie, and Kristen at the meeting. Ridge congratulates the new mother. Taylor says that Thomas and the twins are really excited to meet him. Perhaps later today they can all meet each other. They start the board meeting. Ridge welcomes Kristen to her first Forrester meeting in a long time. Ridge sums up the last meeting and the canceling of Brooke's line. He says the line made people think of something else when they saw the Forrester logo. Stephanie says "underwear" and rolls her eyes. I about fall on the floor laughing because it's really funny to hear her say just that all by itself. Megan just glares. Kristen wants to know if Brooke supports this decision or does she even know. Ridge doesn't know if Brooke's knows, nor does his care.

Megan says that Brooke does know about the line being cut, but not by her. Ridge guesses it was Rick. Megan says it was hard for Brooke because it's important to her. Megan doesn't think she'll fight it. She isn't up for it now. Ridge smirks that Rick tried to make a power play by going to Brooke and it didn't work out. Ridge wants to move on.

Rick is sacked out on some notes about Forrester on a table in his and Amber's bedroom. Amber wakes him up and gives him coffee. Okay where are the lines on his face, from sleeping like that? Damn! That would have been so realistic. He's been studying about Forrester all night long. He wants to impress everyone at the board meeting today. He has to take a stand against Ridge. Amber thinks he has been training for this his whole life. Rick thinks he could either blow them away today or get blown away. Amber thinks he'll do great. Rick says he isn't going to let them get away with treating Brooke so wrong.

Rick is duded up in nice suit. Amber thinks they'll have to take you seriously. Technically they don't have to let him in the door. He doesn't own any of Forrester. Amber reminds him that eventually they'll all be working for him and Bridget one day. Amber knows that Eric and Stephanie love him and maybe this won't be bad. They just need to realize that Rick isn't a child anymore. Stranger things have happened. For example, Brooke sending Amber maternity wear. Yeah, that's a big ol' lie. It's not Amber's style, but she thinks Brooke maybe changing her opinion of her. So anything could happen. Rick heads out for the meeting and for some reason shuts the bedroom door behind him. That's weird.

Amber talks to her baby. She says that Rick is acting like a future CEO and will make them all proud.

Ridge gets on with things and slowly suggests that Taylor be appointed to the board. Check the transcripts for specifics, but he slowly builds up this super woman and then reveals it's Taylor. Thorne and Kristen hesitate at first, but eventually they all vote her in. They all congratulate Taylor and then Rick walks in. Ridge tells him they are busy and he should leave. Why can't anyone be mature? Rick says he has a right to be there as majority stock holder. Ridge reminds him he owns nothing of it. Rick says he understands why Ridge would feel threatened. He owns Ridge. Oooh. Big words. Stephanie looks is in pain because I know she wanted this to be easy. Everyone exchanges glances.

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