The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/9/02

By Matthew

This is a pretty interesting episode today. Enjoy.

Ridge wakes up Taylor by rubbing a rose on her face. It's a short lived happiness because Taylor realizes how late it is. Ridge says the kids are taken care of so there's nothing to worry about. Does Taylor not see patients anymore? Did that end with the whole Tony thing? Anyway Ridge has breakfast for Taylor, in bed. Taylor thinks all this is because of last night. I guess their bed was a hoppin'. Ridge says the breakfast in bed is to butter her up. He wants her to be on the board of directors at Forrester. Oh boy. I can see an outraged Rick already. Taylor agrees with me and thinks Brooke would also be livid. Taylor says she wouldn't always vote with Ridge. Ridge jokes and thinks he could talk her into anything. Ridge thinks that Rick needs a good kick in the butt. I agree. He's been really annoying the last few months, at least.

Taylor isn't sure about the board thing. She thinks it'll just create more tension between Ridge and Rick. Ridge says that there are no other women in the meetings now except Megan who takes notes. Stephanie doesn't come around that much anymore and Kristen's husband is the competition. To add another point to convince her, Ridge says that Taylor is in their key demo: the smart, sophisticated, self-assured woman. Taylor says that if the family votes her in, then she'll do it, but Ridge better not think she's an easy vote. Ridge jokes that she is easy and eventually Taylor agrees.

It's a new day at Spa Ojai. Brooke opens the drapes and grabs her midsection. She tells her baby that soon he'll be obvious to everyone, but she must keep it a secret as long as she can. Just then a knock. Damn, this lady gets more visitors at her "get-away" spa, than I normally do. It's Rick. Rick tells her something serious has happened, but not life threatening. Before he actually tells her what happened, he asks how she is. Eh, the same. Rick notices the clothes she bought and wants to know why she bought maternity wear. UH-OH!

Brooke quickly thinks up an excuse and says she wanted to do something nice for Amber. Nice lie Brooke. Back to business. Rick thinks that the CEO thing has gone to Ridge's head. Brooke thinks that Rick just doesn't understand why Ridge is doing some things the way he is. Rick thinks it's because he's listening to Stephanie and Taylor's bitter judgment of Brooke. He informs Brooke that Ridge cancelled the bedroom line. Wait, I thought Rick didn't want to tell Brooke, because it was too stressful for her. I don't get it!

Brooke can't believe Ridge would do that. She realizes that everyone never really thought she was apart of Forrester. Rick tells her she can bust Ridge's butt for this. He knows she's going through a lot, but she has to come back.

Brooke doesn't think she can take on the family. Brooke can't come home yet. Rick pleads with Brooke to come back and fight for her company. She says that there is no one else to run the company since she can't do it. She realizes she's letting him down, but can't come back. Rick apologizes for laying this all on her and says he'll deal with everyone at home. He promises her that the company will be just like she left it when she's gets back.

Amber fixes Stephanie some tea at Brooke's place. Stephanie realizes that Amber likes to play house, but Amber reminds her it really isn't their house. It's still Brooke's. Stephanie says that at least Brooke is gone so Amber can be a little more at peace. Stephanie wishes Rick didn't idolize Brooke so much. Amber says that Rick sees the good and the bad in Brooke. Stephanie responds that sometimes his love for his mother clouds his judgment. Amber says that she'd rather be clouded by love than hate. She thinks Stephanie's actions are reflective of her hate of Brooke.

Amber clarifies that she understands how Stephanie feels about Brooke, but thinks that Brooke is a good business woman and shouldn't be dismissed so easily. Stephanie asks Amber if she thinks that her (Stephanie) and Eric have a better understanding of what's good/bad for the company than her (Amber.) Stephanie wants to talk about something else and adds that it doesn't really concern her anyway. Amber says she is wrong.

Amber says it concerns Rick so it concerns her. Stephanie says that Rick is young and shouldn't get so worked up. Amber points out that she and Eric were young when they started the company. Stephanie responds that they made a lot of mistakes along the way and got carried away sometimes. She thinks Brooke shouldn't have laid out the inheritance so plainly because there are some things Rick has no control over. Amber thinks that maybe he should. Stephanie can't believe that Amber really thinks a young inexperienced man should be calling the shots at Forrester, just because he's going to inherit part of the company some day. Amber can't believe that she doesn't take him seriously. Stephanie doesn't take anyone who's petulant seriously. (Petulant is referring to getting annoyed over something small.) Amber thinks she needs to stop treating him like a child.

Stephanie doesn't want to upset Amber, and they hug and makeup. Stephanie understands Amber's feelings but asks her to trust them. Stephanie jets and Amber looks a little less than satisfied. Just then the phone rings. It's Rick. He explains that Brooke can't come home. He's going to deal with it himself at the board meeting. He says he just grew up fast. I'll say, like isn't he 10 or so? Man, what can he really do?

Eric meets Zende for the first time. Kristen does the introductions. Eric asks Zende to call him "grandpa" rather than "Mr. Forrester." Zende agrees to and laughs. After the theme, Eric and Zende work on a picture today. Tony comes in with groceries and is happy the two have met. Tony wants to make breakfast for everyone. MMM, breakfast. Eric realizes Zende hasn't met any of his cousins (Little Eric, Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe.) Kristen and Tony realize they left a lot of old food in the fridge before they left to go back to Africa and start tossing stuff. Yeah, we have to do that every month or so. Zende stares on as the throw away so much food. I think it bothers him a lot. They even throw away some cheese that is about to expire. Hehe. "Waste not, want not." Eric notices something is wrong with Zende. Kristen comes over and asks him what's wrong.

Zende explains how the throwing out of food bothered him. They all promise to be less wasteful in the future. Eric asks Zende to forgive them for some of the things they don't know. They go over and look at pictures from Africa.

Later on everone.


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