The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/8/02

By  Matthew

What's new in the LA world? Probably nothing.

Stephanie finds it strange that Brooke would just take off and give up control of the company like that. She's talking with Eric, in his office, while he does a sketch. Eric thinks she just needed a break. She says that she is worried about Brooke and so is Deacon. Hmm.

Stephanie says that Brooke blames Deacon. She wonders what could be going on. Ridge comes in to ask them if he really is in charge or if he is a puppet for Brooke. Ridge explains what happened with Rick. He's taking it way too personally. Rick sees what happened as an attack on Brooke. Eric says he'll talk to Rick. Ridge tells Eric to tell him to treat the CEO (him) with respect.

Stephanie wanted this whole transition to be easy. Eric thinks the turmoil is temporary. Eric realizes that Kristen and Tony are back from Africa. He and Stephanie reflect on being grandparents again. Stephanie isn't sure how she feels about it, but is excited to meet Zende. She imagines how incredible it must have been when he first got to America.

Man, I wish I was in LA. It's January and you can walk around in a t-shirt. I'm about to freeze my butt off here. At Ojai, Brooke and Dr. Isabel continue their session. Brooke laments at how ashamed she is and how she is a terrible person. Brooke explains how Deacon was going to leave Bridget, but was convinced not to at the last minute. She says that isn't any excuse for what she did though. Brooke says she crossed a line and there's no turning back.

Brooke knows she can't keep the baby a secret. She won't give the baby up though. Isabel is concerned that Brooke feels the baby is her punishment. Brooke says that betraying her daughter is punishment enough. Isabel doesn't think she is unforgivable.

Isabel says that beating herself is no way to deal with the situation. What's done is done and she needs to figure out how to solve her problem. Brooke wonders what the solution will be. The child will want to know who his father is and even sooner the family will want to know who fathered the child. She doesn't see any feasible solution. Isabel says that it is way too soon to be worrying about the baby's future or even what her kids will think about the pregnancy. Isabel says she needs to deal with her guilt and then her mind will be clearer later. She has to forgive herself first before she does anything else. Isabel tells Brooke to look in the mirror. Brooke says she sees a failure. Isabel sees a woman who adores her kids and though she has had a hard life, she has come out on top. She thinks she can do it again. Isabel sees the pregnancy as a blessing. Isabel wants Brooke to focus on the baby and the love Brooke will give him.

The couple in question has come back out from the bedroom and is back out on the couch. I still can't get over all the house swapping these people do. Deacon and Bridget both think the other is amazing. Hmm amazing in what way? Hehe. Bridget takes a more serious note and says she is so comfortable now. Things are really good between them. They kiss more and Deacon sees a picture of Bridget and Brooke. Just then Rick knocks on the door. Actually it's both Rick and Amber and Rick says he has bad news. Ridge did really cut the bedroom line.

Rick explains that Ridge thinks the line shot Forrester Creations' reputation. Amber thinks he's taking the company back to the stone ages. Amber and Bridget want to call Brooke, but Rick wants to leave Brooke out of it. Deacon says they have to do something. Rick says he'll do something and gets the support of everyone there. They're going to tell Ridge that they won't be pushed around since this is their company too.

Yay! More panoramic shots of LA. The music here is a little more fast-pace than normal. Ah, it's Zende's homecoming. He, Kristen and Tony are in a limo riding down a street. Zende is completely taken aback by all the big houses they are seeing. Tony instructs the driver, Bernie, to take them to the beach house now. Hah, I just thought of the movie Weekend at Bernie's. The drive continues and they pass Santa Monica. The outside shots are really good and it almost looks like they really are riding in a limo. I wonder if they'll put Zende on the opening credits. Hmm, nope not this time. I don't think they have enough room to right now anyways.

The three arrive at the beach house and Zende marvels at how large it is for two people. He's really excited to know he gets his own room. Zende gets his first look at the Pacific Ocean. Or as I like to call it, the "Too cold to comfortably swim in" Ocean. They run out to the beach.

Everyone gets back from the beach. Kristen wants Zende to feel comfortable in the house. Zende has dreamed about this for a long time. All the orphan kids dreamed of having a home and a family. Zende says he cried when they left the first time. Zende calls them Mom and Dad. Ahh, very sweet. Sorry for the "disjointedness" of this last scene. I just couldn't some it up very well.

Have a nice Tuesday.

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