The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/7/02

By Matthew

Brooke knows she has to get Deacon out of her mind, but canít. She recalls that Dr. Isabel suggested that she her strong feelings for Deacon may not be hate. Just then, the phone rings. Itís Deacon and he says heís worried about her. He knows she left because of what happened between them. Deacon wants to know what he did to make her leave. She hangs up on him. Brooke says Deacon can never know about the baby. My question is how is she going to hide it? Everyone already knows where she is. She better do a better job of hiding if she wants to pull this off.

Isabel comes back. They continue the session. Brooke says she wishes she could hate Deacon, but in all honesty she doesnít hate him at all. Brooke says their encounter was more than sex, much deeper. They connected on an emotional level. She recalls a post-sex chat with Deacon about how surprising it was they were in bed together. Fun stuff.

Brooke says that Deacon understood her and that was a big part of the attraction. Brooke doesnít know what to believe anymore. I assume she means how Deacon feels about her. Isabel doesnít understand why they canít be together. Brooke tells her heís married. We get a knowing nod from the Doc.

Brooke says she has to respect his marriage. She thought it was over when she slept with him, but Deacon stayed in the marriage. She gets really upset and the doctor tells her to chill. Isabel tells Brooke she needs to cut all ties with Deacon. Brooke tells her she canít do that because heís married to her daughter. Uh-oh.

Deacon goes back inside the beach house after Brooke hangs up on him. He pulls of some cigís and a picture of Brooke. It has the ďBeLieFĒ logo below it. He lights up just as Bridget comes in her scolds him to not smoke in the house. Poor guy, since its California the only place he could probably smoke is in a bar. Bridget tells Deacon whatís been going on at Forrester. Deacon canít believe Ridge would pull the bedroom line. He seems to care WAY too much.

Deacon thinks Bridget should not tell Brooke about the decision to cut her line. It may push her over the edge. Bridget wishes Brooke could see this side of Deacon. Then maybe things would be different between them. Oh poor Bridget.

Bridget tells Deacon to not let this whole thing get to him. Brookeís a fighter like her daughter right? Nope. Rick is more the fighter, which leaves Bridget to be a lover. Hah. They go into a little foreplay. We find out itís been a while since they had sex. Deacon sees a picture of Brooke and wants to get out of there so they continue making out in the bedroom.

Ding! Let the fighting begin. Ridge tells Rick this isnít worth getting upset over. Rick doesnít understand why Ridge would do that since the bedroom line is making money. Ridge says the business is more than just numbers. Ridge slowly clues in Rick how they want to change the nature of Forrester back to the traditional designs rather than the slutty lingerie. Their reputation has been shot because of that line. Rick doesnít think losing a few clients is a big deal. Ridge says that at one time the company didnít need to advertise much because everyone knew how great they were, but that has changed. Rick thinks Taylor and Stephanie put him up to it.

Ridge says heís looking out for the best interest of the company. Rick doesnít think so, but Ridge says that wont effect his decision. Rick wants to see his research on how it wonít hurt the company. Ridge says he didnít do any, but he has decades of experience. He doesnít need a business major telling him how to do his job. He tells Rick heís acting immature and heís disappointed in him. Rick doesnít look up to Ridge anymore. Did you look up to him when you shot him years ago??? Amber chimes in that this isnít cool. Ridge is like ďwhat the hell are you even doing here?Ē Things heat up and Thorne cools it back down. Ridge says he understands that Rick is looking out for his mom, but the decision is final. He shoos him back to school. Rick glares at him. I can already see the battle lines being drawing.

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