The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/4/02

By Matthew


Well, the beds back in Brookeís office. Since the office hasnít seen enough making out, Rick and Amber decide to go for it. They stop and Rick says he has a lot of learning to do before he becomes CEO. He says that Ridge is doing a good job thus far. Every time that he mentions that Ridge is in charge, Amber gets this sour expression.

Amber thought Rick was mad at Ridge. No, that whole incident was Taylor and Stephanieís fault and of course the bed is back in there. Rick thinks he made his point that no one will make changes to Forrester while Brooke is gone. Uh-oh. Rick thinks Ridge knows how Brooke wants the company run. Just then, Bridget comes in and says that Ridge pulled the bed room line. Cue in dramatic music and surprised looks from Rick and Amber and then a smirk from Amber. I really hope she doesnít turn greedy again.

Thorne asks Ridge how it feels to be in charge. He always refers to him as big brother. That annoys me for the some reason. Ridge says it feels incredible, but heís been training for this his whole life, so heís not nervous. Thorne says that people are already talking about his dropping of the bedroom line. Ridge says it has already paid off. A lot of their old customers are already coming back. Thorne wonders how Brooke will react when she finds out her line was dumped. Ridge says she left him in charge and thinks she has more to worry about now then this.

Ridge says it was a risk, but thinks itíll be worth it. Just then he gets a call from a Princess Charlotte. She is happy to hear that they dropped that horrible lingerie line. She is calling to make a purchase she wants to set up a fitting for next month when sheís in town. Apparently, sheís an old customer apparently who wants to get back in business with them.

Rick believes that is some kind of mistake. Rick isnít sure what Ridge is trying to pull, but heís going to find out. He angrily storms out with Amber running after him. Deacon is wandering around Forrester and goes into Ericís office. He isnít there, but Megan is. Deacon is actually looking for Megan and wants her to tell him whatís been going with Brooke.

Ridge tells Thorne to put the lingerie in storage. Just then Rick and Amber storm in. Rick canít believe that he dropped the bedroom line. He calls him an ungrateful bastard. Ouch. Ridge looks like he could care less.

Megan claims that there is nothing wrong with Brooke. Deacon says he wants to know because he cares. Megan says that he didnít care enough to leave Bridget. Watch it Megan. Deacon starts to walk out, but Megan stops him in his tracks to tell him she knows about his affair with Brooke. Whoa! Deacon says he never meant for it to happen. Megan tells him he canít forget about Brooke. Thatís why heís so worried about her. He still has feelings for her.

Deacon admits to nothing but wanting to make sure Brooke is all right. It bothers Deacon that Brooke hates him. Deacon thinks that nothing came of their encounter. Megan doesnít really agree with him, but doesnít say why. Deacon angrily leaves telling her heís going to get answers. Megan yells at him to not go see Brooke.

At Ojai, Brooke has yet another sex with Deacon dream. She wakes up when someone knocks at the door. Itís psychotherapist Dr. Isabel. For our information, we find out she has a radio show that is similar to Dr. Joyce Brothers. She is the Latina version of her. They sit down and talk. Brooke explains how confidential this must remain. Dr. Isabel says she can help Brooke if she lets her. Brooke hopes so.

Isabel is getting very far with Brooke. Brooke says she needed to get away from her dreams, well more like memories. Brooke explains she wants to forget these memories because the experience has left her pregnant. Isabel wants to know why she canít have a relationship with this man. Brooke screams itís because she hates him.

Brooke apologizes for her outburst and Isabel thinks that it might be best if she comes back tomorrow. Isabel finds out that the father of the baby doesnít know. Isabel goes to leave and tells her that she has strong feelings for her babyís father, but it may not be hate in reality. Oh boy.

Isabel has left and Brooke wonders what sheís going to do. Suddenly thereís a knock at the door. Brooke assumes itís the doctor, but nope itís Deacon. She tries to get him to leave, but he forces his way in there. Deacon wants to know what sheís hiding from him. Deacon tells her not to be ashamed about her passion. They share a romantic kiss, but she pulls away. But that doesnít stop the make out session. Oh wait, it was just a daydream. Brooke starts shouting no a lot. Man she needs some serious help.

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